June 24, 2017

10:00am - til we are done!

Steam roller

Aloha all, there hasn't been a Steamroller in quite some we will be running one on June 24th!

  • Registration/check-in begins at 10am and dice roll by 11:30am.
  • Bring one or two 75 point lists from the same faction.
    • There are no character restrictions, but the warcaster/warlock for each list must be different.
    • You are required to play every list you bring.
  • Each player will have a one hour Deathclock to complete each round. If you have a timer or a phone/table you can use, please bring it. Jamie/Matt will provide the rest.  Note Deathclock is the only variant in effect so far.
  • We will follow standard Steamroller 2016 rules from the downloadable PDF on the PP website (…/…/SteamrollerRules2016.pdf).
    • If there are any allowances you’d like me to consider, please let me know in advance. I’d like to keep these to a minimum so we can all expect to start from the same point and be held to the same guidelines. 
  • Scenarios will be taken from the Steamroller 2016 packet.
  • Prize support will be up for winning! 
  • ERRATA will be in effect as players are allowed to use Warroom and Warroom automatically updates.
    • All other official PP released rules will be in effect (this includes the Theme Forces released in No Quarter or officially by PP on their website).
    • No CID rules will be used as they are not finalized a released by PP.
  • You may use Warroom or officially released cards from PP (including those printed from PP's official errata releases).
  • This will in all likeliness be the last SR16 in Hawaii, as SR17 releases on July 17th.