• Maximum 16 players (8 teams) - slots go to the first PAID people.  
  • $10 buy-in for each player
  • 1000 points per person - sign up with a team already created or if you don't have a partner, we will pair you up once all army lists have been received


  • Top team takes home a copy of the new Horus Heresy Boxed Set!!!
  • Additional prizes include Other Realms Gift cards and other Games Workshop items

Three (3) - 120 minute rounds (random ITC mission and score sheet to be distributed before games begin) 

  • 10:30am -  Registration 
  • 11:30am -  Game 1 begins 
  • 3:00pm -  Game 2 
  • 5:00pm -  Break - pizza will be provided
  • 6:00pm -  Game 3 
  • 8:30pm -  Results and Prizes 

Submit army list by November 16, 2015 to Other Realms

(in person or email to 

  • Teams will be considered as allied detachments for the purposes of game play. 
  • Teams will have individual warlords, warlord traits do not apply to teammates models. 
  • Psychic dice and deny the witch dice will be rolled separately for each team member. Warp dice can not be pooled between team members. 
  • Special Characters: All instances of Unique/Named Characters on a Team must be unique. For example: a Team cannot field Inquisitor Coteaz twice. This also applies to upgrades to squads (e.g., Boss Snikrot, Sergeant Telion, Justicar Thawn). 
  • Wargear: Unique items and wargear are considered unique within each Army and may only appear once on each table. For detachments that purchase unique wargear during list construction, this means that each instance of unique wargear can only be purchased once per Team. For detachments that generate unique wargear before the game begins, the Army level restriction applies. For example, a Team using Codex Tau can only have one total instance of a Puretide Engram Neurochip, while a Team consisting entirely of Chaos Deamon players can only have 1 Portaglyph per Army/table. 
  • Non-Force Org Units: Units from various sources that DO NOT take up a Force Organization Battlefield Role may be taken in addition to units allowed by the Warhammer 40K Team Tournament Force Organization chart as long as the unit prerequisites are met (e.g., Dark Eldar Court of the Archon, Ork Mek’s, Space Marine Command Squads, Farsight Enclaves Commander Team). This also includes multiple units bought in a single Force Organization Battlefield Role (e.g., Chaos Daemon Heralds, Iyanden Shadow Council). 

Scenario 1: Tacticality 

Dawn of War deployment 

  • Each team rolls a D6 for each team member and adds the results. The team with the higher combined number wins the roll to go first and chooses deployment zones as per normal. 
  • After deployment zones have been determined, each player places 1 objective. Each objective may not be placed within 18″ of another objective or within 6″ of a table edge. 
  • Seize the Initiative, night fight, and random game length as normal. 
  • Reserves as normal. 
  • Victory Condition 1: Objectives. The team controlling the most of these at game’s end wins this victory condition. Control of objectives is standard per the Rule Book. 
  • Victory Condition 2: Marked for death! Each team designates a unit from each enemy player’s force as marked for death (so, one unit in each team member’s force will be marked for death). The team that destroys the most of these units wins this victory condition (a total of 2 possible per team). 

Scenario 2: Bang Bang! 

Hammer and Anvil deployment. 

  • Seize the Initiative, night fight, and random game length as normal. 
  • Reserves as with modified deployment. The team that goes first chooses one of the long board edges to be their reserves table edge. 
  • Victory Condition 1: Take and Hold! The team with the most scoring units with at least one model partially within 6″ of the table center wins this victory condition. 
  • Victory Condition 2: Pick on the Weak! Each team designates one of the other team’s player’s forces as the weakest link. Whichever team earns the most Kill Points from that player wins this victory condition. 

Scenario 3: Battle Royal! 
Modified deployment.

  • Each player rolls a D6, the player rolling highest chooses which table quarter they will deploy in. The player with the next highest roll chooses next, until each player has a table quarter. For equal rolls, those players reroll until there are no ties. Once deployment quarters are determined, players deploy in the order they chose sides. Once deployment is determined, both teams roll a D6 for each teammate. The team with the higher result goes first. This means you may find yourself with enemies to each side of you, and very close. Be sure to think about the enemy deploying along the table quarter edge! There is no limit to how close you can be to each other! 
  • No seize the initiative. Night fight, and random game length as normal. 
  • Reserves come in from any board edge of the controlling player’s deployment zone. 
  • Victory condition 1: Kill Points 
  • Victory Condition 2: Table Quarters. To hold a table quarter, a team must have a scoring unit in a table quarter and no enemy units in the table quarter. The team with the most Table Quarters wins this victory condition. 

Bonus Points: Every mission will have these 3 bonus points. 

  1. Head Hunters! If you destroy one or more of your enemy’s HQs you earn this point. 
  2. Our boys are coming home in one piece! If half or more of your team’s troops, rounding up, survive the battle you earn this point. 
  3. Hold the Fort! If no enemy units are in your deployment zone(s) at the end of the game, you earn this point. 

Victory conditions will be 500pts each, 250points to each team for tied victory conditions. 1003 points are possible per scenario. 

We use Swiss Pairings, meaning that players with the same record play each other. Pairings within a bracket are randomly determined first round (friends and club mates can request not to play each other first round) and then by strength of schedule thereafter. For final rankings, the field will be stratified by accumulated Victory Points.


November 14, 2015 - all teammate armies will be considered "allies of convenience" and ignore the allies table. this means that armies can not use each others transports or join their units. it also means armies like tyranids can join team with anyone without suffering the one eye open rule.

November 21, 2015

10:30am - 9:00pm