Every first and third Monday join us at Other Realms for....

Kill Teams is hosted Players play on a 4 by 4 table of terrain set up by our store. There are two games, the first starts at 1800, and maximum round time is 1 hour. The next game will start by 1915. 

Army Composition & Rules:

Army Composition should be composed of 15 Power Points and only 1 Patrol Detachment. All current Indexes and Codexes are valid; Forge World Special Units and books are not being used.  All Standard 40k rules are used, including Coherency. Scenarios are being determined by week, and please keep in mind these are living rules and will be adapted as new books are released.

What is it?

So, what do you need to do before Monday?

Want to try out Warhammer 40k but are too intimidated? Not sure where to start? Perhaps you’ve managed to get a box of Plague Marines but do not have enough to run a full game, or maybe you’ve been worried that there are too many rules? Or maybe you just do not have four hours to throw down for a full Warhammer game. If any of these apply to you, Other Realms Kill Teams may be the way to go!

Kill Teams is a smaller version of 40k, a chance to test out new units or maybe beta test the rules and even just try the game out.  There are composition restrictions to help ensure fast and fair play of our format, see those below. As many of you may know, with the release of 8th Edition, the old Kill Team rules were invalidated, but per the request of many of our 40k players we have decided to adapt the rules as best we can and continue our initiative to help new players and host “40k in 40 minutes” style of play.

Casual Play!

We are encouraging a fun; try new things out, type of atmosphere for Kill Team Mondays. Although you will win, lose or tie your games, we will not be keeping score.