Kill Team Mission: Rescue- 6:00pm

      Kill Team Mission 5: Secure the High Ground  - 7:15pm

      Kill Team Mission: TBD - 6:00pm
      Kill Team Mission: TBD  - 7:15pm

So, what do you need to do before Monday?

The Missions

*This month's missions featured below

We are encouraging a fun; try new things out, type of atmosphere for Kill Team Mondays. Although you will won, lose or tie your games, we will not be keeping score. Instead, all players who participate in both games will be entered to win a box of 40K miniatures at the end of the evening! The randomly selected winner will be able to pick any 40K box from our Games Workshop wall valued at $50.00 or less. All you need to do is play in both games for that event. Do that, and you'll be entered to win.

Actually, it's pretty simple.

All you need to do is make a 200 point Kill Team following the rules detailed in the Kill Team book, grab some dice and measuring tape, print out a few copies of your army list, and bring yourself down to Other Realms! We recommend you make a balanced list, because once you start playing, you can't change anything for that day. Between Mondays we encourage everyone to try out new and interesting combinations, because what works in regular Warhammer 40k might not work in Kill Team (and vise versa!).

Everyone has a chance to win!

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month will be Kill Team Monday at Other Realms. We will be playing straight Kill Team rules from the new Games Workshop boxed set [200 point teams]. We will run 2 missions at each event with the 1st Mission at 6:00pm and the 2nd Mission starting at 7:15pm. Players must keep the same kill team forces, leaders, specialists,traits and gear for both games. Leaders will roll on the Leader Traits Table at the start of the 1st game, and will keep that trait going into game two.

Win-A-Box 40k

Kill Team Monday

Want to try to best you opponent using 80 Gretchin? How about with a single unit of fully kitted out Chaos Chosen? Then Kill Team is for you. Warhammer 40k Kill Team features the same action packed combat and strategy as Warhammer 40k on a much smaller scale. You will be tested on your creativity in constructing a small unit of highly specialized warriors, your Kill Team. With this team you will complete different missions, from holding objectives to pushing through enemy defenses and escaping the area. Your success is calculated with Victory Points, which you gain based on that missions criteria.

What is it?

Every first and third Monday join us at Other Realms for....

Check back here for details on the month's missions.

Here is what we are running this month: