The Campaign begins the first week of October and will run until the end of December.

  • The games will be on the 2nd and 4th Monday in October and the 1st and 3rd Monday of November & December.
  • There will be 2 matches each week beginning at 6pm.
  • All Games will played against someone from a different faction from you.
  • Special rules will be applied during each moth.
    • Month 1 - Death World Terrain.
    • Month 2 - Industrial Rules.
    • Month 3 - City Fight Rules.

There is a one time $5 buy-in for store prizes at the end of the campaign.

  • There are also some other prized, including a Challenge Coin that will be awarded for the player in the winning faction for the month with the most victory points.
  • Additional prize support to be announced soon.

  • Each Player creates a 100 point list from the faction of your choice.
  • The faction/roster you choose is maintained throughout the entire campaign.
  • Specialists can be upgraded with experience points and composition can be changed with re-equip points.
    • See below for details on how you will gain those.

Experience Points: Points are used to upgrade Specialists.

  • Points are earned 2 points for each game in, 1 point for each victory point in game, and 1 point for each "Learning Experience".

Re-Equip Points: Re-Equip points are gained after every match.

  • 15 points per match, in addition to 5 points per victory, and 1 point per victory condition.
  • Points can be saved and pooled until use.
  • Re-Equip points can be used to buy new specialists and new advanced type.
  • All regular troop types are free to buy.
    • Example: A Marine Scount is free to buy, but a Marine Scout Gunner and a Marine Scout with a Specialist class must use points to be replace/added to the roster.
  • Rosters can be changed during this part of the after-match.
  • Specialists cannot be changed until permanently loss.
  • The gear on the Specialist may be changed during Re-Equip. 

 Loosing Models: All models that are taken out of action will roll on the Out of Action Table. See Below.

   1 - 2    
    Permanent Loss
   3 - 5
    Just Fine
    Learning Experience (+1 to Exp. Points)