"It's almost time, Bob, just be patient for a little bit longer!  I can hear it now, the teams are getting blood-thirsty, and so are the crowds!  I can't wait to see what this season has in store for us!  Until the season starts in January, I'm Jim Johnson..."

Attention all coaches! 

Coach "Da Juice man" is calling for a big training day for all teams! 

Bring your team down to Other Realms and test them out against other coaches! 

Want to learn how to play Blood Bowl?  There will also be a table where new coaches can learn the ropes from a seasoned veteran!

Want to test a new team or just play casually?  There is space for you too! What are you waiting for? 

Get your cleats and we'll see you on the pitch!

October 20, 2018 

10:00am - 5:00pm

Here's some details for your games:

  • There will be a schedule, and each team will have 2 weeks to complete their scheduled match up.
  • Match results must be reported to Juice by 6PM the Sunday of the second week.
  • It will be round robin, meaning each team will play each other once
  • During each game, each player is responsible for having their team, dice, markers and a way to keep track of score and re-rolls, a printed out team roster, and a copy of Death Zone Season One! to conduct the procedure for season play and leveling up.  Having a rules reference on hand also helps.
  • You must also have a way to update your team, whether it's online or offline, you must be able to keep track of what changed.
  • Teams are allowed to sign star players as detailed in Death Zone! Season Two rule book.  But if they do, it must be reported to Juice and announced, as the player will become unavailable to be signed or paid for using inducements to the rest of the teams.
  • If a team signs a sponsor (As detailed in Death Zone! Season Two rule book), they must represent the sponsor somehow during their games, whether it's wearing a sticker with the name written down on it, up to whatever the coach can come up with.
  • Teams must use the Random Stadium table for their games, in the case of a team wanting to make it their Home Stadium, as described in Death Zone! Season Two rule book.  If a team has a Home stadium, they must have the name of the stadium somewhere near the board when playing on it.
  • Teams are allowed one "Friendly" Skirmish every two weeks to earn gold and to level up players.  However, it won't affect their win/loss/draw record, and any casualties they sustain during these game will apply as normal.


Blood Bowl

Training Day

Every Team will make it into the play-offs!  Seeding will be based off of W/L/D Record, then tie breakers will be based off team value. Here's how the playoffs will work:

  •     The top teams may have byes, depending on the number of teams in the league.
  •     Play-offs will consist of one game, single elimination rounds.
  •     Games that end in draws will go into a third half and play to sudden death, first team to score wins!
  •     Prizes will go to the top teams in the form of Other Realms gift cards!
  •     There will also be awards to Teams that meet certain criteria...


"And I'm Bob Bifford.  Remember, nothing gets between a coach and his... BLOOD BOWL!!!"

"Ahhh, Jim that is too much technical talk for me!  Can we get to the action already?  I wanna see a filthy rat get punched!"