Blood Bowl

The Soup-err Bowl!


"I just hope they play some actual Blood Bowl Jim.  With Scoring, and most importantly, Death!"



  • There will be a $5 fee to register.  This will go straight into prizes at the end of the day!
  • Teams will start at 1,000,000 gold pieces. This is used to purchase your players, coaching staff and re-rolls. Any remaining gold will go into your team treasury to be spent later on inducements, players, or other things.
  • Your starting team must have at least 11 players, and follow the guidelines listed for each team in the appropriate book.
  • The only teams players are allowed to use are Goblins, Ogres, and Halflings.
  • Proxy models may be used. Proxy models must be legal size to use on the Blood Bowl pitch (Cannot have a base larger than one square). Appropriate accommodations need to be made so that each proxy can be easily distinguished from the other players on your team (such as writing the role on the base, using the same model pose for each of that role, etc.)​
  • Each team will play three games, and the teams will be sorted by points. 2 for a Win, 0 for a Loss, and 1 for a Tie.
  • The Team that has the most points at the end of the three rounds is the winner! Tie-Breakers will be determined in this order: Touchdowns, Casualties, Touchdowns Allowed, Team Value.
  • Teams will be allowed to buy and upgrade their team in-between matches.
  • During each game, each player is responsible for having their team, dice, markers and a way to keep track of score and re-rolls, a printed out team roster, and a copy of Death Zone Season One! to conduct the procedure for season play and leveling up.  Having a rules reference on hand also helps.
  • For each game, Teams will use the Random Stadium table in Death Zone! Season 2 and the Blood Bowl Almanac
  • Prizes will go to the top teams in the form of Other Realms gift cards​​

"Whatever it is, it better be entertaining! I'm getting bored already!"

"That's even hoping that the Halflings don't spend the entire tournament tailgating!  But either way, all of you prospective teams, we'll see you out there on the tenth of August!  This is Jim Johnson with Bob Bifford, signing off!"

"Indeed they are, Bob.  But Commissioner Juice seems determined to give every team a chance!  Seeing that the last three champions were Chaos, Lizardmen and Wood Elves, maybe he wants to see something different?"

"Ladies and Gentlemen, you are watching Calbalvision HD.  Once again, I am Jim Johnson along with my partner Bob Bifford, and Commissioner Juice has cooked up a special Other Realms tournament on the Tenth of August!  He has made the call for all Stunty teams to come together for this... Soup-err Bowl... to see who's the best!"

"Stunty? You mean Goblins, Ogres and Halflings?  Those zoggin gitz aren't Blood Bowl Players, they're jokes!  They can't punch, and they can't score!"