upcoming season of bashing and smashing is my friend and co-host, Bob Bifford. Take it away Bob."

"Fantastic question Bob. We have some serious loot to give out to our top place holders this year. Among the shiny stuff, we have a rare Winter Pitch Board, a limited supply Skaven Team Dice, and I hear Other Realms is even giving away credit to their store to the best of the best! How exciting! The teams always seem to get extra blood thirsty when there's loot on the line... That's all the time we have for now folks! Until next time, I'm Jim Johnson..."


For our first season of Blood Bowl we will be using league rules as detailed in the Death Zone Season One! supplement. For any questions on rulings, please refer to the rules included in the base game and the Death Zone supplement. Any further questions can be emailed to Jacob at jacobk@other-realms.com.

Registration to participate in the league is MANDATORY! Sign-ups and team roster must be submitted by January 21, 2017, any later sign ups might not be eligible to participate, or at minimum will suffer a 'late list' penalty.  Due to the nature and complexity of league tracking, we are going to be setting up a localized drive via google-sheets to track team players, money, improvements and any injuries or casualties. Each manager (that's you) is responsible for keeping track of their players (that's the models), current treasury amount, star player points, and any other relevant stats necessary for your team. After you register, we will send a packet to your email inviting you to our google-sheets page and giving you any more specific details necessary.

Here are the details for the league:

  • Teams will start at 1,000,000 gold pieces. This is used to purchase your players, coaching staff and re-rolls. Any remaining gold will go into your team treasury to be spent later on inducements or other players.
  • Your starting team must have at least 11 players, and follow the guidelines listed for each team in the appropriate book.
  • Only the teams found in the base rule book, Death Zone Season One! supplement and from the Teams of Legend PDF located on the official Blood Bowl website may be used.
  • Proxy models may be used if your player model has not been released yet. Proxy models must be legal size to use on the Blood Bowl pitch (Cannot have a base larger than one square). Appropriate accommodations need to be made so that each proxy can be easily distinguished from the other players on your team (such as writing the role on the base, using the same model pose for each of that role, etc.)

Blood Bowl "Blood on the Pitch" Season 1 - Game 4


"So that's all well and good Jim, I've never been one for technical talk. Why talk with your mouth when you can speak with your fists I always say. On to more important details. What could our eager managers hope to win this season? Granted they're still around to win that is..."

"Good evening sports enthusiasts everywhere! I am Jim Johnson, here to welcome you to another season of carnage and mayhem. That's right, Blood Bowl is back in action. While you were all resting up, we were planning out this season in excruciating detail! There are more ways to rend and tear than ever before! Here to tell you about this

ourselves to put out the call to any team managers out there who think their team is tough enough to make it in the big leagues! So brush off your helmets (which are completely optional), get your cheerleaders into gear, and phone your nearest apothecary, because we have all the details for you right here, right now. Let's take a look shall we?"

"Thanks Jim. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Blood Bowl is finally back, and boy, do we have something special in store for you all. Our newest sponsor 'Other Realms' has decided to open up their pitch for any team who feels they have what it takes to go all the way to the top. So, Jim and I have taken it upon

Once a month we will be hosting the 'league' game at Other Realms. These games will most likely fall on a Saturday and will take up a decent portion of the day. You should expect to be playing most of the day, and will most likely be playing two games against two separate opponents. Along side your team models, you should bring your own set of dice and markers (to keep track of scoring), a print out of your team roster with any bonuses or negatives listed, a copy of any reference or rule material needed, and a way to update your team after each game played (whether you update online immediately or update the online reference at the end of the day is up to you, but you need a way of knowing what has changed between games)

Between the league games, you are allowed to play other people in the league in 'friendly' skirmishes. Not only is this a great way to practice and become proficient with your team, but playing these matches will earn your team gold and experience! But be warned, though these games can earn you Star Player Points and some gold, any injuries or casualties are permanent!




April 29, 2017 - 11:00am


"And I'm Bob Bifford. Remember if you can't fix it with bashin, it ain't worth fixin. See you all in January!"