Every Team will make it into the play-offs!  Seeding will be based off of W/L/D Record, then tie breakers will be based off team value.

  • The top teams may have byes, depending on the number of teams in the league.
  • Play-offs will consist of one game, single elimination rounds.
  • Games that end in draws will go into a third half and play to sudden death, first team to score wins!  Or at the end of that third half, the team with more players left standing wins!
  • Prizes will go to the top teams in the form of Other Realms gift cards!

"And I'm Bob Bifford!  Remember- Nothing gets between a coach and his BLOOD BOWL!"

"I'm kind of surprised, didn't he and the Rot Gobblers lose to Coach Emery and his Kold-Blooded Kombatants in the Final last season?"


Blood Bowl "Hit even 'arder!" Season 3


BLOOD BOWL SEASON 3 "Hit even 'arder!"

This season will be similar to last season in the following ways:

  • Teams will start at 1,000,000 gold pieces. This is used to purchase your players, coaching staff and re-rolls. Any remaining gold will go into your team treasury to be spent later on inducements, more players, or other tricks.
  • Your starting team must have at least 11 players, and follow the guidelines listed for each team in the appropriate book.
  • Only the teams found in the base rule book, Death Zone Season One!, Death Zone Season Two!, Blood Bowl Almanac supplements and from the Teams of Legend PDF located on the official Blood Bowl website may be used.
  • Proxy models may be used. Proxy models must be legal size to use on the Blood Bowl pitch (Cannot have a base larger than one square). Appropriate accommodations need to be made so that each proxy can be easily distinguished from the other players on your team (such as writing the role on the base, using the same model pose for each of that role, etc.)

December is Pre-Season and Team Registration!

There will be a $5 fee to register your team into the league.  This will go straight into prizes at the end of the season!

Initial team rosters and registration fees are both due by Friday, January 4, 2019.  Late sign ups risk not being able to play, or suffering a 'Late Team' Penalty of 100k gold.

The earlier you sign up the better!  Due to the nature and complexity of league tracking, we are going to be setting up a localized drive via google-sheets to track team players, money, improvements and any injuries or casualties. Each manager (that's you) is responsible for keeping track of their players (that's the models), current treasury amount, star player points, and any other relevant stats necessary for your team. After you register, we will send a packet to your email inviting you to our google-sheets page and giving you any more specific details necessary.

Each team is allowed 4 pre-season games they allowed to record for the purposed of increasing hype for their team, which will carry into the season.  Teams will reset to their 1,000,000 Team value at the end of the pre-season period.  You can play more games past that, but they will account to nothing more than practice.

Christian "The Juice-man" will be down most Mondays during the month to help with teaching how to play as well as how to conduct a season game!

The Season starts Monday, January 7th!

Season begins in


Here's some details for your games:

  • There will be a schedule, and each team will have 2 weeks to complete their scheduled match up.
  • Teams will be divided into two divisions, in which they will play each team in said divisions once, and one team from the other division once.
  • Match results must be reported to Juice by 6PM the Sunday of the second week.
  • During each game, each player is responsible for having their team, dice, markers and a way to keep track of score and re-rolls, a printed out team roster, and a copy of Death Zone Season One! to conduct the procedure for season play and leveling up.  Having a rules reference on hand also helps.
  • You must also have a way to update your team, whether it's online or offline, you must be able to keep track of what changed.
  • Teams are allowed to sign star players as detailed in Death Zone! Season Two rule book.  But if they do, it must be reported to Juice and announced, as the player will become unavailable to be signed or paid for using inducements to the rest of the teams.
  • If a team signs a sponsor (As detailed in Death Zone! Season Two rule book), they must represent the sponsor somehow during their games, whether it's wearing a sticker with the name written down on it, up to whatever the coach can come up with.
  • Other Realms Sponsorships are the same as last season, but with the added restriction of the sponsorship will only last one week, and a team cannot be sponsored by the same OR Team member more than once.
  • The Bounty System returns! Players can put up gold to target players on other teams with whatever stipulation.
  • Teams must use the Random Stadium table for their games, in the case of a team wanting to make it their Home Stadium, as described in Death Zone! Season Two rule book.  If a team has a Home stadium, they must have the name of the stadium somewhere near the board when playing on it.
  • Teams are allowed one "Friendly" Skirmish every two weeks to earn gold and to level up players.  However, it won't affect their win/loss/draw record, and any casualties they sustain during these game will apply as normal.


"Looks like it's going to be a pretty fun team Jim! And if I heard correctly, there's going to be a large variety of teams joining!  And you know what that means-"

"Many types of deaths?"

"Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and everything in between, welcome back to Cabalvision HD.  I am Jim Johnson, along with my partner Bob Bifford.  After the roaring success of last season, Commissioner "Da Juice Man" is bringing the glorious sport of Blood Bowl back for a third season!"

"Shh Bob, I heard he's still salty about that.  Anyways! Commissioner Juice has announced a bunch of changes for this season, in his attempts to 'shake things up'".

"YES! More violence!"

"Anyways, we hope to see many hopeful coaches sign up soon!  We'll be seeing you in January!  I'm Jim Johnson-"