"Great, just what we need.  More coaches telling me I'm punching too hard.  How will it work?"

"Then I'd tell you to get a better apothecary!  It's almost time to play Nuffle's game, BLOOD BOWL! We'll see you on the pitch!


  • Players of all experience levels are welcome!  
  • It's a casual day of play, but we ask that you sign up online to save your spot, as seats will be limited. 
  • It is encouraged that players bring their own Teams and dice, but there will be some loaners on hand.
  • Juice and a few others will be on hand to help teach the games, and will be available to answer other questions.

"Good Day, Sports fans! For the First time in three years, we welcome you back to Other Realms for some Blood Bowl news on Cabal Vision HD!  I'm Jim Johnson, and alongside me is my partner, Bob Bifford.  We're finally back Bob!"

"Not yet, Bob.  The Juiceman has called for a 'Training Camp', whatever that means.  It seems he is meaning to train current and prospective new coaches on the new rules that came out during our down time!

"What If I told you that dead players are still on the table?"

"That's it, Jim? Sounds kind of boring"

"Yeah, I thought The Juiceman would never call us back to the booth.  Is it finally time for another season?"


Blood Bowl Training Camp 
(Come learn the current edition of Blood Bowl!)

July 30, 2022

10:00am - 4:00pm

Blood Bowl

Training Camp