Each month will feature a new battle plan to further the tides of war. In addition to a new battle plan, we will be increasing the points each month, to encourage people to try new options for their army, and to check out and adapt the army they currently have. We will only be using what can be found in the codexes', no proxies or forge world models will be permitted.

If you are looking to get started in Age of Sigmar and don't know where to begin, we encourage you to stop by the store and take a look at one of the many Start Collecting boxes. The first month's event will be able to be played with only a Start Collecting box set and some small modifications depending on the faction, which makes it the perfect option to get started.

  • Tournament will begin at 5pm and will be done by 9pm. We will be running the A Champion Emerges battleplan as shown below. Any questions can clarified at the store
  • Sign ups and list turn in no later than September 24
  • Point limit for this event will be 500 points and you must have at least one hero unit, this makes it so many buy a boxes will be sufficient to run this event. Some however will have too many or too little points so double check your list using the generals handbook
  • We will be doing a raffle for the players who participate for the night for the chance to win a prize for participating in the event. We will also score who won and lost for the night and adding them up at the end of the campaign for a mega prize!
  • Each player will be responsible for bringing their own rule books for to each event, including your army rules. Any other supplies such as dice and measuring tape is also the player's responsibility. The store will supply terrain.
  • Army lists and sign ups will need to be submitted no later than one week before the event. This ensures enough time to make sure each list is legal and follows the points set for the event.
  • Only one army per person, no changing mid season!

The drums of war sound once more in the Realms. Will you be the one to answer the call? The armies of Destruction, Order, Death and Chaos once again vie for the right to rule in this four month event. Join us every month for a new piece of the tournament campaign(See below for tournament battleplans and dates). Each month, we will be organizing a different battleplan to challenge even the strongest of armies. We will be giving out prizes and rewards every month to whoever reigns supreme, and a large grand prize to the overall winner of the event.

Age of Sigmar Monthly Tournament


Month 1 - Saturday, October 8, 2016

5:00pm - 9:00pm

1st Tournament - October 8, 2016

A Champion Emerges