In the Grim Darkness of The Far Future There is Only War...


Entrance Fee: NONE! - This day is on-the-house at Other Realms.

All level of players are welcome! 

  • If you're new to 40K 8th edition here is a great way to get your feet wet, we will give you a hand on the rules and army building. 
  • The event is not so much a tournament as it is a chance to get in some fun small battles!
  • Experienced players come down to play each other and/or help out new players.

Schedule- We will run 4 War-Zone mini battles during the event each lasting 1.5 hours

  • 10:30am Army List turn in
  • 11:00am Battle I
  • 12:45pm Battle II
  • 2:15pm PIZZA TIME
  • 2:45pm Battle III
  • 4:30pm Battle IV
  • 6:00 End of Day 

You may participate in any number of the Battles. 

Opponents will be chosen for each battle.  You may even change your army for different battles however armies must be chosen before pairings and missions are given out.  Please bring an army list(s) of your forces for the day. Download roster sheets here or simply photocopy them right out of your rulebook. 

PizzaHeck yes!!

  • Battles make you hungry, we will be taking a Pizza break at 2:15pm for all participants.

Prizes - You bet ya!!!

  • At the end of each battle all participants will enter the Other Realms Prize Roll Off!
  • High roller wins a choice of any ($50.00 or less value) item off our 40K Wall of Power. 
  • Victory or defeat, everyone has a chance to win. 
  • The more battles you play, the more times you can participate in the Prize Roll Off.

  • Best Painted -  All participants in Battle IV will be judged on their painting skills.  To be eligible to win your entire force must be painted and based.  Best painted army winner will walk away with a cool prize!   

Rules - Battles will be played on 4X4 boards. 

  • There will be 4 War Zone battles during the event. 
  • You may participate in any number of them. 
  • You have the option to change your army for each battle if you want to.  Your army must be chosen before pairings and missions are assigned. 

We will be using Power Points for army construction, this method makes for easy and quick army composition. 

  • Your army may include up to 30 Power Points worth of units.  - UPDATED 08/15/17
  • The following unit choices are allowed:
    • HQ 1-2 you must choose at least 1 HQ unit 
    • Troops 1-4 you must choose at least 1 Troop Unit
    • Elites 1
    • Fast Attack 1
    • Heavy Support 1 
    • Sorry No Flyers (Battlefield Role) or Lords of War
      • Rules Clarification No Flyers: This applies only to Battfield role flyers.  All other units with fly are good to go.  Examples: Dakkajet is a no but Deffkoptas are OK,  Stormtalon Gunship is a no but Land Speeders are OK. - UPDATED 08/15/17

  • You may also have up to 3 dedicated transports. 
  • Each army is allowed 3 Command Points. 
  • You may only use the 3 basic stratagems from the core rules: Command Re-roll, Counter-Defense and Insane Bravery. 
  • Please be prepared with an army roster for each army you want to play with. 
  • 3 copies are recommended - 1 for you, 1 for your opponent as a courtesy, and 1 for the event coordinator.  
  • Missions/objectives will be given out at the start of each War-Zone battle and will be different for each battle.  ​

August 19, 2017

10:30am - 6:00pm