Not sure how to play?  Come on down to the shop and our team will explain the rules and get you started in your own game.

Bring down your own 100pt team or we have a few teams available if you don't have minis.


​12 noon - 3:00pm

​​​​​​Saturday, August 18, 2018

Registration begins at 10:00am

$5.00 Buy-In for Prizes & Pizza!

Reserve your spot at the store today. Maximum of 22 players.


10:00am - 10:30am      Registration
11:00am  - 12:15pm      Round 1
12:30pm  -  1:45pm       Round 2
  1:45pm  -  2:30pm       Lunch
  2:30pm  -  3:45pm       Round 3
  4:00pm  -  5:15pm       Round 4
  5:15pm   -  5:30pm      Prizes

Kill Team Guidelines

  • Maximum 20 Model Command Roster
    • Must be modeled WYSIWYG 
    • Note: you can have multiple leaders and specialists in your roster but only 1 leader and 3 specialists can be included in the Kill Team for the game
    • Only Level 1 Specialists can be used
    • Wargear cannot be changed ​
    • Must be modeled WYSIWYG

  • 100 point kill teams
    • Choose 100 points from your Command Roster for the current mission (may change from mission to mission)
    • Minimum 3 models Maximum 20 models per kill team
    • One Leader must be included
    • Three other Specialists can be included
    • Cannot include more than the maximum of any particular model, as detailed on its datasheet.
    • All models must share a Faction keyword

  • Note: Proxys can be used, but must be same base size and model size must be similar to the original. 
  • Painting is encouraged but not Required (but really... it's only 20 models)

Fillable PDF Command Roster can be downloaded here:

Have a look at the new Warhammer 40K Kill Team and start forming your squad: