​​​​​Friday, July 27, 2018

We are getting the party started at 9:00pm

Join us for a special midnight release of the new

Warhammer 40K Kill Team 

All participants will be entered to win a copy of the core boxed set of

Kill Team at the end of the night.  

We will be playing and showing demos of the new Kill Team rules from 9pm until midnight.  

At midnight you can purchase your Kill Team products.  

Bring down your favorite Kill Team Squad to try out.  We will keep you updated here as we find out more info on rules.


9:00 pm     Doors re-open to attendees - you may pre-purchase your Kill Team Product

9:15 pm     WH 40K Kill Team Demos and playtesting begins

12:00 am   WH 40K Kill Team Battles End

12:01 am   Prize Drawing

12:05 am   Purchase and/or pick-up your WH 40K Kill Team Product

12:30 am   Doors close 

Don't miss out on this chance to be the 1st on the island to pick-up


​See you there!

Place your preorders now at the store in person, or call 808-596-8236, or email us at

Kill Team Boxed Set $130.00
Kill Team Core Manual $40.00
Kill Team Fangs of Ulfrich (Space Wolves) $60.00
Kill Team Krogskull's Boyz (Orks) $60.00
Kill Team Data Cards $15.00
Kill Team Squad Carry Case $35.00
Killzone Sector Mechanicus $80.00
Sector Imperialis Basilicanum $100.00
Sector Imperialis Sanctum $75.00
Sector Imperialis Administratum $50.00
Sector Imperialis Ruins $35.00


Have a look at the new Warhammer 40K Kill Team and start forming your squad: