2013  -  James Kelling

2012  -  Grant Threlfall

2011  -  Robert Smelker

2010  -  Mars Jones

2009  -  Daryl Hose

2008  -  Josh Lemire

2007  -  Chris Lambert

2006  -  Chris Lambert

​2005  -  Erik Westmoreland

2004 -   Mars Jones

2003  -  Troy Arakaki

2002  -  Christian Self

2001  -  Todd Aoki

​2000  -  Kyle Arakaki

Congratulations to the winner of the 14th Annual Rogue Trader Tournament  

James Kelling!  

He won a copy of the new 40K Apocalypse Hardcover.  

Battle pictures below!

14th Annual


July 20, 2013

Sign up at Other Realms Ltd beginning June 1, 2013. 

36 slots goes to the first PAID people. 

Cost $15.00

Only Armies from Games Workshop Codex's will be used. 

  • Sorry no Forge World rules, including stamped approved,                                                                   although Forge World models will be accepted.  
  • Sisters of Battle White Dwarf list will be accepted. 
  • No allies.  Your proud force can't get the job done by itself?  Tyranids can't get them so no one does. 
  • Fortifications can be used, although terrain will be set up ahead of time.  So watch out on setting them up, might not fit that fortress in your deployment zone.

There will be 4 rounds, 2 hours each game.  If you cannot play all 4 games, please do not sign up.  If someone leaves before all 4 games are played, they will not be eligible for next years tournament.  It's not fair to the people that get byes  because of drop outs, or the people that didn't get in.

Only one 1500 point army will be used for all 4 games.  No changing list between games.  Please bring 3 copies of your list: 1. judges  2. your opponents  3. you.

You will get judged on your painting.  Armies should have at least 3 colors of paint on them (primer is not a color).  You may still play if your models don't have 3 colors, but you will have a VERY hard time winning the tournament.   Basing counts towards painting score. 

Bring 3 objective markers.  Markers can be as simple as a US quarter to a custom made marker.  40mm base size is recommended.  

Check in/Registration starts at 9am and the first game starts at 10am.