NOVEMBER 17​, 2018

Registration begins at 10:30am  

Tourney starts at 11:00am


  • Entry will be $40 per person.
  • Entry will include lunch and an Other Realms Playmat.


  • Between Now and the Tournament, Other Realms will be hosting 3 separate Commander Events (August 31, September 28, and October 26).
  • The winner of each event will receive an Invitation to the Commander Cup.
  • The Invitation guarantees a slot in the Tournament.
  • Invitee will still be responsible for the entry fee


  • 1st: $125 cash and the Other Realms Commander Cup
  • 2nd: $75 cash
  • 3rd & 4th: $60 cash
  • 5th-8th: $45 cash


  • The first 3 rounds of the tournament will be swiss-style. 
    • There will be 8-pods of 4 people.
    • Each pod will be using the Other Realms Commander Points Lists set up for this tournament. 
    • There will be 7 different lists, and each pod will use the same list per round.  \
    • Each round will be 2 hours and will be up to 3 games per round.
    • Each game will use the same list you had in game 1, allowing you to gain more achievements on the list, increasing your points for the round.
  • The swiss rounds will use the Partial Paris Mulligan rules. (A player may set aside any number of cards in their opening hand.  The first time a player does so, they draw the same number of cards set aside. The second time, a player will get back 1 card for each 2 cards they set aside. The third time, they will get 1 card for every 3 they put back, etc.)

  • At the end of the 3 rounds, the 8 people with the highest point totals will move on to the Top 8.
    • In the Top 8 portion, games will be 1v1, best of 1.
    • The winner will advance to the next round. 
    • Life totals will start at 30, with NO COMMANDER DAMAGE special rules in effect.
  • Top 8 will use the “Vancouver Mulligan” rules. (A player may mulligan, taking 1 less card each time they choose to mulligan. When the player decides to keep their hand, if it has less than 7 cards, they will scry 1 before the game starts)


  • Players will be required to submit a decklist prior to the start of the tournament.
  • Tournament officials will be performing random deck checks at the beginning or end of each round.
  • For each deck list violation during the first 3 rounds, the player will lose 5 points, and the card in question will be replaced with a Wastes basic land. 
  • Any deck list violations discovered in the Top 8 will result in a game loss.