Loretta and Charles "The Mom" and "The Dad" with Reece "The Son" - The crazy kids who started Other Realms while attending the University of Hawaii full-time over 30 years ago.

Erik "The Viking" -  Previous occupation was a "volunteer" to The Man.  Comics, comics and more comics!  Even more so, the Indie titles.  I am a product of the 90's McFarlane/Lee/Liefeld age, but grew up relating with and loving the Eastman/Laird's TMNT and Dave Sim's Cerebus even more. 

    I love to draw when I make the time and would draw you something if you ask (and are patient...LOL). I am currently creating/writing/drawing my own comic book work-in-progress.  I will also talk (at great length) with anyone about my love of The Original Trilogy, The Prequels, TFA, how R2-D2 is the true hero and savior of the Star Wars Universe and the importance of Jar Jar Binks.  Long Live George Lucas!

Nicole "Nikki" - The smile says it all!

OK, Skottie Young and Casey (the two awesome people in the middle) are not part of our team but it's a cool picture!

Gerard and Ben "Magic Hoodlums"- I wanted to say a little something about these two MTG guru's, but there is nothing little about them.

Marco "Marco"- A long time member of the Other Realms family, I have been around to watched the shop grow from its humble beginnings.  I am an Other Realms roadie.  I drive, help set up and tear down when the shop does the cons.
I enjoy all things sci-fi and fantasy. I paint minis, draw and play WoW.  I like to read Usagi Yojimbo and Groo and like my comic book hero’s; I am proficient with a sword… spear… bow… rapier…

Fox Kajiwara -  Yes, that is his legal first name.  

Angel "Katanachan" - Born in a Galaxy far far away...called Maine.  I am the resident pink-haired comic book elf of Other Realms.  When I am not cosplaying with my award winning cosplay group, I can be found drinking tea and reading my favorite Marvel Comics or kicking butt in my game of choice.  Between console games like Kingdom Hearts and Overwatch and tabletop games like Dice Masters, I am almost always playing something.  When I'm not doing all of the above, I am in school full-time in a double major in Psychology and Women's Studies.  This elf loves to talk about all things geek, so come and say hello!

Darren "The Human Comic Encyclopedia"- The mysterious one. Yeah, we will probably never get a picture of him.

Christian "The Juice" - 100% Boardgames, Not from Concentrate



Meet Our Team