Tuesday, September 18, 2018

1:00pm to 8:00pm

Mark Texeira

in Honolulu

Other Realms is honored to welcome back

Mark Texeira to Hawaii!

Mark will be hanging out to sign books and draw some sketches.

This is your chance to own the gorgeous work of a pro and see him create in real-time!

He wants to make this a special appearance, so here's your chance to commision a sketch:

Pencil head sketch: $110
Pencil torso sketch: $250
Pencil full figure $350

B/W Ink Tone
Add an extra $100

Head: $220
Torso: $490
Full Figure: $540

We look forward to seeing what you and Mark Texeira will create!

We'll see you here!

Daniel Brown of CheeHoo Books will be on hand to witness signatures and submit comics books to CGC.  You may contact Daniel at or email with any questions concerning this service.