Other Realms is honored to welcome Mark Texeira to Hawaii!

He'll be available to sign books and draw some sketches.

This is your chance to own the gorgeous work of a pro and see him create in real-time!

He wants to make this a special appearance, so here's your chance to commision a sketch:

Pencil head sketch: $90
Pencil torso sketch: $180
Pencil full figure $280

B/W Ink Tone
Head sketch: $180
Torso: $280
Full figure: $380

Head: $280
Torso: $380
Full Figure: $480

And, if you're looking for a sketch cover comic with watercolor and a fully connected background on the frond and back covers - $600.

We look forward to seeing what you and Mark Texeira will create!

Bring your books down this Wednesday, November 8th, from 2-6pm.

We'll see you here!

Daniel Brown of CheeHoo Books will be on hand to witness signatures and submit comics books to CGC.  You may contact Daniel at www.instagram.com/cheehoobooks or email dbkalihi@mac.com with any questions concerning this service.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2:00pm to 6:00pm

Mark Texeira

in Honolulu