L5R Launch Tournaments

November 25th - Imperial Summons

2:00pm - 6:00pm

The Imperial Summons event invites players to train their skills with full decks.

  • This open play event will take place after each clan’s Keeper or Seeker role is determined at the Winter Court World Championship, so players can become familiar with this additional deck-building requirement.
  • Players will need two or more Core Sets to construct full Dynasty and Conflict decks of 40 to 45 cards while using a clan’s newly assigned role.
  • Help your fellow samurai make important card choices and discuss your favorite clan’s role in Rokugan as you prepare for upcoming tournament play!

December 9th - Way of the Rings

10:00pm - 2:00pm
Finally, the Way of the Rings tournament will introduce players to fun competitive play.

  • Test your skills with your full decks against other competitors in preparation for recurring in-store events starting in 2018!
  • This concise tournament will pair players against different opponents for a few rounds, giving you valuable experience before recurring Organized Play comes to your local game store!