3rd Annual KitBash Miniature Build + Paint Competition!


You combine models from at least two different box sets to create one awesome model.


  • Drop off entries at the store starting June 11th and no later than end of day June 19th.  
  • Fill out our entry form with your name, phone number, email address and complete kit details.  
    • This information is for internal use only to keep track of the miniatures and will not be viewed by the public.
  • Entries will be on display from June 19th - July 2nd.  
  • Winners will be announced on July 3rd as determined by our Judges.     


  • Create a model using 2 or more different boxed model sets.
  • Entries can be single figures, mounted figures, units and/or vehicles.
  • Open to all 25mm – 32mm scale models. ​No size limit as long it is in the 25mm - 32mm scale range.
  • Any model company is acceptable.
  • Must be fully painted (after all it is a Build + Paint competition).
  • Mini(s) should be based as well unless it’s a single vehicle.

will be by our Iron Brush judges in the following categories

  • Uniqueness (maximum of 5 points)
  • Complexity (maximum of 5 points)
  • Painting skill (maximum of 10 points)


  • $100.00 Other Realms Gift Card


KitBash Miniature

Painting Contest

Entry Drop Off • June 11 - 18
Display • June 19 - July 2

Winner Announced • July 3