Saturday, November 12, 2016

11:00am - 6:00pm

same day as the

17th Annual Rogue Trader Tournament

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS of our 5th Annual Iron Brush Miniature Painting Contest!

SILVER - Michael Azer


  • 11:00am - 1:00pm   Iron Brush Miniature Painting Contest submissions
  • 1:00pm   - 5:00pm   Public vote casting for MASTERS Painting Contest entries**
  • 5:00pm   - 6:00pm   Iron Brush Judging and vote counting for Masters
  • 6:00pm                    Winners Announced for Iron Brush and Masters Contests


  • $1.00 per entry


  • Open Category: Enter a single figure, squad, vehicle, diorama, monster etc... from any manufacturer
  • Max Size: Entire entry including base should be able to fit into a 14” square box
  • Artist: Entries must be painted by the person entering them


  • Entries will be judged primarily on painting skill. technique and overall look
  • A well painted single figure will win over a not as well painted squad or diorama
  • Your base will be judged as part of the entry, it needs to be as well finished as your figure(s)


  • GOLD: $100.00 Other Realms Gift Card
  • SILVER: $50.00 Other Realms Gift Card
  • BRONZE: $25.00 Other Realms Gift Card

MASTERS PAINTING CONTEST** - separate from the Iron Brush Painting Contest 

  • Paticipants are by invitation only and/or 2 x 1st Place Iron Brush winners
  • Judging is by votes cast by the public
  • This is your chance to judge the JUDGES and past Iron Brush Winners
  • Prizes: Nothing - Just bragging rights! (and their name on a pretty plaque)


GOLD - Micah Santos

5th Annual Iron Brush Miniature Painting Contest

MASTERS PAINTING CONTEST - Congratulations to Jeff Jacobson...again!

Thank you to everyone that entered.  We had amazing entries which made the judging very difficult.

BRONZE - Michael Azer