SILVER - Jordan

6th Annual Iron Brush Miniature Painting Contest


December 09, 2017

11:00am -5:00pm

MASTERS PAINTING CONTEST - Congratulations to Micah Santos in his his first year of eligibility!

BRONZE - Duane

GOLD - Tim

Thank you to everyone that entered.  We had amazing entries which made the judging very difficult.


  • 11:00am - 1:00pm   Iron Brush Miniature Painting Contest submissions
  • 1:00pm   - 4:00pm   Public vote casting for MASTERS Painting Contest entries**
  • 4:00pm   - 5:00pm   Iron Brush Judging and vote counting for Masters
  • 5:00pm                    Winners Announced for Iron Brush and Masters Contests


  • $1.00 per entry


  • Open Category: Enter a single figure, squad, vehicle, diorama, monster etc... from any manufacturer
  • Max Size: Entire entry including base should be able to fit into a 14” square box
  • Artist: Entries must be painted by the person entering them


  • Entries will be judged primarily on painting skill. technique and overall look
  • A well painted single figure will win over a not as well painted squad or diorama
  • Your base will be judged as part of the entry, it needs to be as well finished as your figure(s)


  • GOLD: $100.00 Other Realms Gift Card
  • SILVER: $50.00 Other Realms Gift Card
  • BRONZE: $25.00 Other Realms Gift Card

MASTERS PAINTING CONTEST** - separate from the Iron Brush Painting Contest 

  • Paticipants are by invitation only and/or 2 x 1st Place Iron Brush winners
  • Judging is by votes cast by the public
  • This is your chance to judge the JUDGES and past Iron Brush Winners
  • Prizes: Nothing - Just bragging rights! (and their name on a pretty plaque)

Miniature painters unite!

Bring down your paints, miniatures, models, and brushes.  We will be holding an open workshop in The Forge all day for any who wish to paint, build, or watch.

Here is a chance to ask questions and share tips with other miniature painters and builders. Whether you are just beginning and would like to learn more, or you are a veteran who would like to exchange ideas, there will be something for all.

We will have an airbrush spay booth set up, you can learn about airbrushing and give it a try. 

Talk minis, talk colors, talk conversions....   Hope to see you there!


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS of our 6th Annual Iron Brush Miniature Painting Contest!