Listed below are current, regular in-store activities. The tables are available at other times throughout the week in 4-hour increments.  We have multiple game rooms and tables available.  It is best to call ahead to see how full any particular day is. Space available is on a first-come, first-served basis.  All parties must be present before a table may be used.

Regular In-Store Activities - see below for specific dates and times for meet-ups and demos

Tuesday 5:30 to closing

Boardgame night with Christian.  All are welcome.  Christian is ready to teach, demo and play any game from our growing game demo library.

Wednesday 6:00 to closing

Dungeons & Dragons Encounters.  Come on down and try your luck with our Dungeon Masters.

Thursday 5:30 to closing
Star Trek Attack Wing and/or Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Games and/or Robotech Tactics and\or Star Wars Armada.  All players are welcome!  

Friday Evenings 6:00pm to closing
Friday Night Magic - check the FNM schedule for play type.  All Magic players are welcome!  Participants will receive special promo cards.  

Saturday 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Our dedicated team member, Christian, will be highlighting a different game.

Saturday 6:00 - closing

Star City Saturdays - check the SCS schedule for play type.  All Magic players are welcome!  Participants will receive special promo cards.

Sunday 12noon to closing

Heroclix/Dice Masters - check the Heroclix schedule for play type.  All Heroclix players are welcome!  Participants will receive special promo items.

We are always looking for qualified people to run demos and tournaments for in-store events. If you are interested, please contact Charles Whitesell at the shop. We will be more than happy to help set up and hold your “official” games with prize support from various companies.

Our in-store game space is available for table top play.   We have open gaming and special gaming events every month. This schedule will change as new games are released and your tastes change. 

Check our events calendar for upcoming tournaments and special gaming nights. See below for a schedule of Meet-ups, Demos and Leagues. 

Don't be afraid to challenge someone you've never met to a game. It can be a rewarding experience.


In Store Gaming