December 09 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
What Goes Up a Chimney Down, But Not Down a Chimney Up?

Ever wonder how a character generally depicted as a portly, jolly, white-bearded fellow stayed portly, jolly, and white-bearded going up and down all those chimneys?
What December 26th must be for that guy.
The dry cleaning alone...

  • Players are to bring forth a 400 point Silver Age Named Theme Team, where one character has to be on the portly side and all the other characters cannot have a point value higher than 75 apiece.
  • At the end of each player's turn, add 10 victory points to their score if the portly character has ended the turn on a different elevation from the one they started.
  • So yes, for the masters of math, if a game provides enough turns and that character changes elevations enough, that character could score more points than the opposing team build.  Still, that's a lot of turns.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed.

December 02 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
How does a Jolly Fellow in Red Deliver Gifts To Everyone In a Single Night?

It's uncanny how someone famous for his size covers so much ground in relatively so little time.
Over the years, there have been many an explanation for this much embraced feat that defies the reality of theoretical physics.
Answers have been postulated from traveling in the same direction as the planetary rotation, to having duplicate versions doing the work simultaneously, to simply... magik.

This week's scenario follows up on that thinking with a theory of its own.

Teleportation!  This is an act that defies both time AND space!

Come down this Sunday at noon,  with a Modern Age 400 point theme team and challenge your ability to cover as much ground as possible.

Each player will be assigned three teleport disc markers to be placed on the map along with the three basic object tokens.

At the start of each turn, the active player must take a FREE action to move one of those markers exactly 5 squares in a straight line without doubling back (orthogonally or diagonally).  This move ignores all game aspects of terrain and characters.  At the resolution of that or any other action, if it ends under any figure, place that figure on any matching teleport disc.  If the other matching discs are both occupied, then no placement is made.

If a character can actively use the Phase/Teleport power at the time of the teleport disc occupying its same square, the controlling player rolls a d6.  A 5 or 6 lets the controlling player choose which of ANY teleport disc the figure goes to.  2 , 3, or 4 will continue as normal.  A 1 places an action token on the figure with no placement.

These markers do not impede Line of Fire, either as blocking or hindering terrain.
However, any character moving off of these markers have their printed Speed value cut in half.
The NOtes list will be active.
ID cards are not active.

November 25 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Turkey Hunting

Happy Thanksgiving!
You will eat your way through Thanksgiving Thursday.
You will storm your way through the big stores on Black Friday
You will shop your way through the small shops on Small Business Saturday.
Before racing online for Cyber Monday, What will you do Sunday?
Of course not, it's Sunday!  It's Heroclix Sunday!  It's the most important part of the whole weekend!

Players are invited to assemble a themed turkey team... wait that doesn't sound right...

  • Players are invited to assemble a 400 point Silver Age named-theme team.
  • On that team, ONE figure must be a bird-related character. 
  • This figure can either have a bird-name or actually look like a bird (with feathers, a beak, or at least an honest approximation).
  • This character will be the "turkey".
  • The "turkey" will have the following traits:
    • Gobble, Gobble:  If this character deals less than 3 damage, that character can use Steal Energy (protected from OUTWIT) for that attack.
    • Tom Fowlery:  After an attack misses this character, this character can automatically break away, will gain Earthbound until next turn, and take an immediate action to move up to half of its printed speed
    • Food Coma:  When this character is KOed, heal all opposing characters (except the opposng "turkey") within 6 squares, 3 clicks and place an action token on each of them.
    • Residential Pardon:  If this character is still on the board at the end of the game, the controlling player gains 100 victory points.

  • The NOtes list will be active.
  • No ID cards will be allowed.

November 11 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Veteran's Day Critical Celebration!

Happy Veteran's Day!

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month, players are invited to gather their forces in respectable competiition.

  • Teams need to be assembled as 500 point Silver Age squads worth of named theme team.  At least one of those characters must have the Soldier keyword.
  • Purple Heart: Once per game, after a Soldier character has been damaged, when that character starts a turn in their respective starting zone, heal that character to their second click at the end of that turn if they did not take an action that turn.
  • Honor the Fallen: After a Soldier character is KOed, any non-Soldier character friendly to that KOed Soldier can take an action without taking pushing damage until the end of their next turn.
  • All rolls of eleven will result in a critical hit!
  • The NOtes list will be active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

Unmasked By Scooby and the Gang

Hey Scooby!  Where are you?
Each player needs to assemble their version of Scooby and the gang.  Must have only 6 figures, one from each of these requirements.  Each figure will be designated to a specific character.

  • Fred - have front-loaded Leadership power
  • Daphne - must be a red-headed figure (with red hair, not an actual red head like Red Hulk)
  • Velma - have the Detective keyword OR the Scientist keyword AND be able to use Perplex
  • Shaggy - be able to use the Combat Reflexes power AND the Leap/Climb power (they do not have to been on the same click).
  • Scooby-Doo - have the Animal keyword and have a non-human-like sculpt
  • Masked Villain of the Week - have the Monster keyword starting with Shape Change and a point level in double digits or less
  • Optional: Mystery Machine - have the Vehicle keyword (having a vehicle will allow a team to break the only-6-figures rule, but only for this one additional figure)

If a team has characters that look like the actual Scooby gang, that team will gain an additional 100 victory points.
Scooby Team Up!

  • Scooby-Doo, where are you? - Shaggy gets the trait: POWER - place a friendly Scooby withing line of fire adjacent to this character.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang - Fred gets the trait: POWER - move all adjacent friendly Scooby gang characters as a free action up to half of their speed value.
  • Scooby-Dooby-Doo!: Scooby gains a trait to use Super Senses.  When the opposing Monster makes a MOVE action, the first 4 squares is towardsthe opposing Scooby.
  • Jeepers!: Daphne gains a trait to use the Probability Control power as a POWER action.
  • Jinkies!: Velma gains the carry ability, but only to carry the entire Scooby gang at the same time.
  • Meddling Kids!: When Fred and Velma are adjacent and friendly to each other, all members of the Scooby gang gains the Capture ability to target the opposing Monster.
  • Zoinks!: When Shaggy and Scooby are adjacent to each other, they can carry the other without penalty, and they can break away automatically for MOVE actions.
  • It's a M-M-Monster!: Monsters can use as a free action, the Mind Control ability with 3 targets (minimum 5 range), but only to force opposing characters to take movement actions.
  • Players win when they defeat the entire opposing gang of meddling kids.  If a player's team captures an opposing Monster figure and scores it in their starting zone, that player gains 100 victory points. Neither team's Monster figure can attack the opposing Monster figure.

NOtes list is in effect.
Bring your own figures, dice, tokens, maps, and Scooby Snacks (last one is optional).

Marvel Secret Wars Battleworld Marquee

Prepare to enter the patchwork world of Secret Wars: Battleworld!  Marvel Universes combine to form the collective Battleworld planet in this brand-new HeroClix 5-figure booster set! Dominate the tabletop with powerful “Barons” of each Battleworld domain! Explore uncharted territory with exciting characters from the Marvel Universe as you have never seen them before!

This Sunday at noon, players are invited to participate in the Secret Wars Battleworld marquee event!

  • This will be a two-booster 300 point sealed event.
  • Play with what is pulled.
  • Requirements:
    • Yourself
    • Dice
    • Tokens (action and object)
    • Spare Change for the buy-in
    • A friend or five.

Robots in Disguise

Quick question:  Autobot or Decepticon?

  • Players are to assemble a Modern Age 400 point team, where at least one figure has to have the Robot keyword and start with being able to use the Shape Change power (this specific character can be Golden Age).

  • The Robot character(s) has the following traits:
    • Transform And Roll Out: Whenever this character makes a successful Shape Change roll, this character can automatically break away and sidestep up to 3 squares away
    • You Would Have Made a Fine Decepticon: If this character can still use Shape Change, POWER: make an attack roll targetting a single opposing character with attack value modified by +1.
    • That's Not a Car:  If this character fails a Shape Change roll AND takes combat damage, all opposing characters gain +1 to their attack targetting this character until end of turn.

  • At the end of each game, each player gets a 25 victory point bonus for each KOed opposing Robot character and 25 for each surviving friendly Robot character(s).
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards will not be allowed for this event.

Marvel Secret Wars Battleworld Pre-Release Event!

The Multiverse has collapsed!  Out of the nothingness comes a patchwork planet formed from the remnants of lost worlds!  The Marvel Universes combine to form the collective Battleworld planet in this brand-new HeroClix 5-figure booster set!

There will be something for everyone in this booster set with support for existing themes like Avengers (1,000,000 BC), Asgardians (The Thor Army), and Spider-Man Family (Spider-Island), as well as plenty of brand new shared traits, new Battleworld themed teams, and more never-before-clixed characters like Alex Wilder, Crystar, Erik Killmonger, and Stick!

Cost: Buy-in with a Two-booster sealed event.

Tokens (action and basic object)
Friends to join in the fun

This will be a three-round event.
Top place players will get first shot at buying up the remaining boosters.

Can you survive Battleworld?

September 30 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Clix Your Own Reality

Question: What do the following have in common?
Mirror Universes.
Alternate Realities.
Other Realms... 

Answer:  This week's theme of the week for Heroclix (like you didn't see this coming)!

  • Players are invited to bring a 400 point Silver Age team featuring at least 6 characters not in the typical mainstream reality of either Marvel or DC comics (at least 4 if they are part of a named theme team), but they must be from the present day.
  • The figures can be from any alternate reality, independent series, or other line of Heroclix-related games.  They cannot feature characters with either the Past or the Future keywords.
  • So examples of available figures can include the following sets:
    • TMNT
    • Assassin's Creed
    • Undead
    • Star Trek
    • any of the movie-based sets
    • Yu-Gi-Oh
    • Lord of the Rings
    • The Hobbit
  • Other examples of available figures will also include figures from the mainstream lines like the following:
    • Thrillkiller
    • Bombshells
    • Batman the Animated Series
    • What If figures
    • Elseworlds figures
  • ID cards are allowed, but they may only bring in characters that meet the scenario pre-requisites.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.


September 23 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT

It's the world of Pokémon (in Heroclix)!

Players are to assemble a 400 point Silver Age team, where  there must be exactly 6 characters on the starting squad.

  • 5 of the characters must have the Animal or Monster keyword.
  • The last may not have the Animal or Monster keyword.
  • The non-animal/monster character will have the following traits:
    • I Challenge You!: POWER - Target non-animal/monster character within line of fire.  Both characters choose a friendly animal/monster characters not chosen in the previous Challenge and place them next to themselves.  The challenger animal/monster character takes an action to attack the opposing animal/monster.  If the challenged animal/monster survives, that figures attacks the other animal/monster.  After both actions are completed, placed both animal/monsters in their respective starting zones 


  • The game ends when a player has all of its animal/monster characters KOed.
  • Characters may still attack each other as normal.
  • NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

September 16 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Marvel Heroclix: Days ofFuture Past Month 2 - Constructed

Yes, it's time for another opportunity to deal with the Days of Future Past.
It is the future.
New York City has become a nightmarish environment run by mutant-discriminatory Sentinels.
The only chance for the world not to be engulfed into war lies with the few surviving mutants to take the ultimate chance 

All players are invited to participate in the second part of the Days of Future Past storyline event.

  • This will be a part constructed, part sealed event.
  • Players will be allowed to bring up to 200 points of X-Men related figures.  These will include those characters with a direct tie to one of the many X-titled comics, or characters who have been a repetitive presence in the many series.
  • Players will purchase any one single 5-figure booster.
  • Teams will be 300 point Modern Age squads, with 125 points from the pack and the difference coming from the figures brought to the game.
  • So no figures will be allowed on a team beyond the 200 points brought to the game and the 125+ points that is assembled from the pack.
  • Should a pack not feature enough points to be equal or greater than the 125 required, that player must play with at least 4 figures from the pack and the remaining points are supplied from the 200 points worth of figures brought.
  • One ID card will be allowed per team.
  • The NOtes list is in effect.

September 09 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
How To Score Points In Football-clix

Time to put a little football in Heroclix (or is that a little Heroclix in the football?)!
Players are invited to assemble an 11 figure 500 point Silver Age theme team where 10 have to be less than or equal to 50 points, with the last being any number of points within the team build restriction.  There has to be exactly 11 figures starting on the team.  No more.  No less.  Only one bystander token will be allowed per team.
All players will need a scorecard - this will be supplied.
The player that completely KO's the opposing team gets the full 500 whether or not that player had that many points.
Each time a figure damages 3 or more characters simultaneously, add 2 points to the scoring player's victory total.
If a figure suffers knockback from an attack the active player adds 3 points to their victory total.
KOing a figure will add an additional 7 points to the scoring player's victory total along with the figure's points.
KOing a figure in one shot, will instead add an additional 8 points to the scoring player's total with the figure's points.
No ID cards unless allowed by a figure on the team (and only one of those are allowed).
The NOtes list is active.

September 02 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Putting Things in Reverse

"Esrever ni krow laid eht nrut taht stceffe lla.  Enil neerg rieht tsap dekcilc nehw d’OK era dna kcilc lanif rieht no trats sretcarahc."

If Zatanna Zatara recorded a Heroclix scenario, what would that sound like?

"Active the NOtes list is.  When passing appropriate starting line, dial ends it does.  Multiple starting lines with appropriate point values still align."
If Yoda spoke with Bizarro, what would that conversation be like?
Bizarro says "Bizarro Loves bystander tokens and ID Cards.  Hates this scenario!"

Bizarro loves this scenario!  No bystander tokens and ID Cards.
Varying starting lines will still align with appropriate point values.  Dials end when clicking past the appropriate "starting" line.  The NOtes list is active.
Characters start on their final click and are KO’d when clicked past their green line.  All effects that turn the dial work in reverse.

Characters with the word “Bizarro”, "Zatanna", or Zatara" in their name are played as normal
The subliminal messages found in this backwards email has an event where players bring a 400 Silver Age team this Sunday at noon.



This week Heroclix will be taking a little break due to Hurricane Lane

Crafting War With Hoarded Figures Resisting A Lie Ants Heard

Tired of running out of points?  Frustrated by wanting to use larger point figures, but only having smaller point scenarios?  Dreaming about filling half the map with miniatures?  Who out there just wants an epic battle?
Here is everyone's chance to play at the awesome level with the bigger incarnations of comic book creations or swarming the field with more figures than many players own.

  • Players can assemble a 1000 point Silver Age theme team.  You read that correctly.  1000 whole points of Heroclix mayhem will be available for clix destruction!
  • Bring out the ridiculous point level powerhouses that only saw light of day on the shelf.  Dig out the horde of Heroclix that no one else can summon.
  • Why not do both?  There should be points enough for all.

  • Now as novel as it would be to run a swarm team, it is a rare horde that can take full advantage of the one thing that they clearly have over their opponents; namely their numbers.
  • To make things interesting for the swarm, there will be some tweaks to a certain power.
  • Actions will be set at 5 per turn, but Leadership will be allowed to stack additional actions beyond the +1 bonus normally allotted.  That's right, each successful Leadership roll will result in an additional action not restricted by the rule of three!  However, each Leadership roll that results in a 1, will take away one action for the turn.
  • Bring extra d6 dice for each figure with Leadership.  Leadership dice rolls will be rolled simultaneously to speed up the game.  Where the dice land will determine which character the roll belongs.  The die landing the furthest to the left will belong to the character furthest to the left, and the next die will belong to the first figure to the right of that one.  If characters are in the same column as each other, the die will belong to the figure furthest away from their starting zone, followed by the next furthest away until all the characters in a column are assigned a die.  Characters who are not chosen to roll for Leadership must be declared so BEFORE the roll.

  • The 1000 point army MUST have an apparent identity, which generally is a theme team.  If a team has no matching keywords for a standard theme team, send a request to see if that list will be acceptable (name of figures and quantities and reasoning why are required).  Be very convincing, like this-needs-to-be-an-actual-thing convincing.

  • Now, to make things even more interesting, the characters with Leadership will be able to use the following ability:

  • Stay in Formation!:  When this character takes a MOVE action, any adjacent characters may move along as long as at the end of the movement, they are in the same adjacent position they were when they started.  All characters moving in this fashion must move as if they all have the standard foot icon, regardless if they actually have any other symbol.  Characters moving this way cannot take any further action (free or non-free), but will only take away one action from the action total.
  • Breakaway rolls are still required, but gain +1 if part of a Formation move.  If the breakaway roll fails, the adjacent figure(s) cannot move, but the non-adjacent figures will still be able to move with a movement penalty of -2.


  • Format will be determined by the number of players.
  • Do not go too crazy.  There is a time limit. 
  • The NOtes list will be active. 
  • Colossal Figures larger than the 2x2 based ones will be allowed but will have their movement reduced to zero, unless it is the last friendly figure on the map.

Marvel Days of Future Past Month 1 - Sealed

The cover of Uncanny X-Men 141 is one of the most iconic pieces of art in all of comics – the cover to part 1 of Days of Future Past quickly communicates to the observer what a dire situation the X-Men are facing.

Players will get a chance to play at their local gaming store to earn Days of Future Past Wanted Poster ID cards.
If players amass enough points across the entire event to become the winner of the entire Storyline OP Event and earn a terrifying and never-before-Clixed Tri-Sentinel!

  • Players are invited to this event featuring a 2 booster sealed game. 
    • The players will purchase one booster of either Deadpool and X-Force OR Xavier's School AND one booster of any other set available on the shelves! 
    • This will bring Marvel's mighty mutants into a mix with the mayhem manifested by this muddled mashup!

  • Players will assemble a 300 point team with at least 100 points coming from the X-related booster pack.
  • No outside game elements are allowed.  Tokens may be used to represent any bystanders or objects created by the figures pulled from the packs.
  • This will be a three-round event.
  • Bring down your dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Comic Book Covers

The Honolulu Comic Con weekend has arrived!
Time to test out how much of a comic fan there is in a Heroclix player.

  • Players need to assemble the best comic-accurate cover team for a 300 point Silver Age team.  
    • Only standard monthly comic covers are allowed.  No TPBs, posters, novels, or ads.  
    • The exception to that would be if the TPB, poster, novel, or ad employs the same cover art as a monthly issue.  
    • Proof of individual issue will be required (actual book would be awesome, but a digital image will suffice).  
    • Closest matching costumes will be accepted in lieu of inexact comic cover matches.  
    • The team played must be part of the same team depicted on the cover and not include the opposing character(s).  
    • Though not all characters on the cover have to be on the team, a team must feature a minimum of 3 recognizable characters (bystanders do not count toward this requirement).  
    • A team that perfectly matches a cover (exact number of team members + exact costumes) will be recognized as a theme team, even if there is no matching keyword, and each member will gain +1 to their defense for the game.
  • NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards will not be active.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

DC Comics HeroClix: Batman TheAnimated Series Release Day

  • Players are invited to participate in a sealed 300 point Batman The Animated Series 2-booster event.
  • This will be a 3 round tournament.
  • Standard tournament rules apply.
  • Play with what is pulled.
  • The only outside elements allowed for this event will be dice, tokens (action and basic object), and maps.

Casual No Prize Day

After surviving the larger than large WizKids Open, everyone deserves a relaxing week to recover.  So this time, playing at the OR, the scenario will reflect an anything goes format.  Let the craziness commence!

  • Players can assemble a 1000 point Golden Age theme team.
  • Actions will be set at 5 per turn, but Leadership will be allowed to stack additional actions beyond the +1 bonus normally allotted.
  • The NOtes list will be inactive for this event.
  • There will be no restrictions.  ALL game elements will be fair to play

Wizkids Summer Open

click here for more details

Wild Battlefields

For so long, the weekly scenario determined a player's team build, but what if the scenario did not happen until the game started?
Players need to assemble a 400 point Modern Age team.
At the beginning of each game, both players roll a d6 apiece.  The sum total will determine the scenario. 
Buckle up.  It's going to be a bumpy ride.
2.    Pair In Pain - ALL doubles are critical misses (including double sixes - no critical hits this game).
3.    Things In Threes - 3 times a game, each player may choose to add a third die to the attack roll and choose 2.
4.    The Four - Teams with exactly four figures will gain +1 to their stats while all four figures remain on the board.  No replacements of anything.
5.    High Five - Flyers gain +1 attack for close combat attacks and +1 defense for range attacks.  Flyers take knockback from all close combat attacks.
6.    Six Step - Movement is capped off at 6 squares per figure in a turn.  Placement of figures is also capped at 6 squares.
7.    Magnificent 7 - Successful attacks on a roll of a 7 turn off all powers showing on the target's dial until next turn.
8.    Must be f8 - Use of a PC re-roll with the same result, will (if for an opposing figure) put an action token on the PCer or (if for a friendly) remove an action token from that targetted figure.
9.    9Sense - d6 rolls that need a 5 or 6 for success, will succeed on a roll of 4.  Dice may not be replaced.
10.  Good In10tions - Successful attack rolls with a result of 10 or greater result in knockback double the damage dealt that cannot be ignored.
11.  Elevenation - The elevation level that figures are on replaces their printed damage.  Damage cannot be reduced below 1.
12.  Boxcars - ALL successful attack rolls are critical hits.
The NOtes list is active.
ID cards are allowed.
Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Who Is the Betrayer?

There is a Traitor Among Us! 

Something is very wrong among the Heroclix teams.
Turns out that each team has inserted a spy onto the other team.  Who could it be?  Can the traitor be eliminated before it's too late?  When will the traitor be revealed?  Will the traitor turn the tide? 
Players will bring a 500 point Modern Age team.  Each figure on the team has to be a 100 point piece.  Nothing greater, and nothing less.

  • Prior to each game, every figure's name will be written on separate pieces of paper.  These names will be set aside.
  • At the beginning of each player's turn four, that player will draw one name from the opposing player's pool of names.
  • At any point afterwards, each player may choose to reveal the name to gain control of the named figure for the remainder of the game.  Until that happens, players continue to control their original pieces.
  • If this reveal is declared during the opposing player's turn, like as the named figure is about to be given an action, the active player loses that action from the total number of actions that turn, and any adjacent figures are given an action token (no pushing damage).  The revealed traitor will be given an action token by the non-active player.  If the traitor has already been given an action that turn, no reveal can be made.
  • Declaring the reveal on your own turn, allows the traitor to be given actions as if the figure was a part of your team.  Any actions tokens on the figure will be cleared at the turn's end.
  • Any bystanders generated by the named figure will also switch sides.
  • Revealing the traitor will not break theme team, but the traitor will not be allowed to use Theme Team Probability Control ability.

  • Should a player choose not to reveal the traitor, at the game's end, that player gains 50 victory points.
  • Should a traitor figure be KOed before revelation, no bonus points are awarded and game continues as normal.
  • If the traitor is KOed after revelation, the player who brought the figure to the game gains 50 point

  • The NOtes list is active.
  • No ID cards are allowed.
  • Bring your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

One Click at a Time

There is nothing like an old-school slugfest.

  • Players are to assemble a 300 point Silver Age team with no more than 6 characters, none of which can have more than 6 clicks of life. 
  • All successful hits have their damage reduced to one click of unavoidable damage to the target(s).
  • Damage values may not be modified in any other way.
  • Object damage may not modify close combat damage and range combat damage is reduced to one.
  • Misses place an action token on the attacker, with no pushing damage. If the attacker already has two action tokens, that character takes a click of damage.
  • The Mystics and other like team abilities do not work for this event.
  • Retaliation powers do not work in this event.
  • Dials may not be turned in any other way, so no healing (this includes regeneration and support and certain team abilities), Steal Energy, Poison, external damage from maps, or dial resets.
  • Knockback will still force characters to move back the number of squares equal to the initial damage that was supposed to be taken.
  • Falls will do 1 click of unreduceable damage.
  • Critical hits and misses still apply their damage effects after action resolution.

  • The NOtes list is active. 
  • ATAs are active.
  • No bystander tokens are allowed.
  • No characters that generate other characters are allowed.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens, and maps.

Playing Im-Pair-ed

Looking at the ties that connect people, one would think that two connections would be better than one (seven degrees of Kevin Bacon...).   Time to put that theory to the test.

  • Players need to put together a 300 point Modern Age theme team with at least 4 characters, where ALL the characters need to have TWO matching keywords. 
    • The characters can have more than two keywords, but each must have two that match everyone else on the team.

  • Special scenario for this game:
    • Once per game, after the first figure on their team has been KOed, X number of friendly characters can be given a power action (no pushing damage) to heal that figure X clicks and place that figure back in their respective starting zone.

  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

One Clix to Bring Them Together

People like the tent-pole strategy where a team is built around a single character.
Examples of this include Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Josie and the Pussycats.
In historical Heroclix games, this has revolved around choosing a powerhouse figure and supporting that character with other cheaper figures with powers that can enhance the powerhouse.

This week will be a little variation off of that strategy.

  • Players assemble a 300 point Modern Age team.
  • On that team, players will choose a single figure with X number of (at least 3) keywords. 
  • For each keyword that character has, the team must feature another character with that same keyword.  So the team will have a total of X+1 characters.
    • Example: 
    • Player A chooses Mantis (AI30, 50pts) as the main character.
    • She has the following keywords; Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Martial Artist
    • Her team can include:
      • Moondragon (AI06, 60pts) - Avengers, Defenders, Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity Watch, and Martial Artist
      • Cosmo (AI39, 70pts) - Animal, Annihilators, Cosmic, and Guardians of the Galaxy
      • Agent Venom (wkM15-009, 120pts) - Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, SHIELD, Soldier, Spider-Man Family, and Thunderbolts

  • Those four figures add up to 300 points of Modern Age goodness (and theme teamed to boot, and no, theme team is a challenge, but not a requirement)
  • Special rule for this event:
    • If the main character is KOed, all surviving friendly characters will be given an action token (pushing damage will only be applied if survivng character already has 2 action tokens).
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • No ID cards are allowed for this event.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and objects), and maps.

Bringing the Girls Together

Nothing quite like an event where people of different backgrounds brings their friends who brings their friends who brings their friends...

  • Players are invited to assemble a 300 point Modern Age team, where there must be a minimum of 4 characters and all characters must be female.
  • To challenge the team building, each character must have a keyword that is shared by another character and that other character must have a different keyword that is shared with a different character, and so on.


  • Example:
    • The figure Domino (90 points) has the keywords, Assassin, Six-Pack, Soldier, Spy and X-Force.
    • Mystique (60 points) has the keywords, Brotherhood of Mutants, Spy, and X-Men.
    • Lila Cheney (25 points) has the keywords, Celebrity, New Mutants, and X-Men.
    • Skids (40 points) has Morlocks, Mutant Liberation Front and New Mutants and X-Factor.
    • Feral (60 points) has Animal, Morlocks, and X-Force.


  • Team total = 275 points. 
  • ID cards are allowed as long as they involve female characters
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and objects), and maps.

Now You See It...

Sleight of hand, card tricks, Harry Potter...
Who doesn't like a little bit of magic?
Players are invited to the mysterious spectacle that is the Other Realms Heroclix Sunday by bringing a 300 point Modern Age team where all characters using the following powers will gain the related bonus abilities:
Mind Control - gain a +1 bonus to defense against characters that were hit by Mind Control this game (cumulative)
Phasing/Teleport - if there are no action tokens on this character, give this character two action tokens to ignore an attack (pushing damage applies)
Shapechange - after a successful Shapechange roll, the defending character may make an immediate attack on the "attacker"
Smoke Cloud - after using Smoke Cloud where one of the markers is in this character's square, place this character in any other marker square
Super Senses - immediately after a successful use of this power, this character may be placed into an adjacent square within line of fire
Teams do not have to feature characters with all of these powers, but every character on the team should have at least one of these powers on their starting click.
The NOtes list is active.
ID cards are allowed per tournament rules.
 Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Marvel Avengers Infinity Release Day OP (Sealed)

Celebrate the release of Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity with a Release Day OP Event!
See who will survive a battle of the powers cosmic!

  • Players are invited to participate in a two-booster sealed event featuring the newly released set Avengers Infinity!
  • This set is bigger than all previous ones with the inclusion of a colossal or vehicle figure in every booster!
  • Rules are straightforward. 
    • Buy two boosters, pop the packs, assemble a 400 point team, and challenge all who dare cross your path!
  • What's not to love?
  • Standard tournament rules apply.

Games will be bigger.  The figures will be bigger.  The event is as big as a sealed event can get.

Round Of Destruction With Enormous Superheroes

Time to take the miniature out of the miniature game. 

Players are invited to bring a 500 point Modern Age team.

..and now for the part that will make this event really special...

  • ALL characters have to be either a giant or a colossal.
  • All blocking terrain is destroyed when moved through (bring a lot of rubble markers).  Movement will receive a -1 penalty for each blocking terrain destroyed in this matter (rule of three applies).
  • Non-wall blocking terrain can be turned into heavy objects as a free action if adjacent and you don't need super strength to hold it.  Leave a rubble marker in the space of the blocking terrain.  This will also work on elevated terrain (a rubble marker in set in its place and the elevation level of the square is considered to be one level lower).
  • Knockback is applied to all hits, but clix damage from knockback is ignored (unless it's from critical hits).  If a knockback path crosses a square of elevated terrain, give the knocked back character an action token (no pushing damage).
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • NO ID cards.

Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity Pre-Release

Players will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the figures from the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity set before official world-wide release!
Brace yourself for what might be the BIGGEST HeroClix release of all time! Avengers Infinity Colossal Booster Bricks have a 2×2 Clix Base Figure in EVERY BOOSTER!  It’s a HeroClix set unlike any other!

Rock the tabletop with cosmic beings like the Living Tribunal, brand new heroes like Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, or classic vehicles like the Spider-Mobile!

With 25 big-figs to collect, there’s something for everyone.
Now all there needs to be are giant footprint markers...
Everyone needs to brace themselves for a colossally good time!  This will be an epic sealed event.  Purchase two boosters.  Assemble the best 300 point team with characters big and small.

  • Rules are simple.
  • Play with what is pulled.  No outside elements will be allowed in the game aside from dice, tokens (action and basic object), and maps.
  • Three rounds of mirth and mayhem.
  • Keep in mind these are $15.99 per booster.  Players will need two of these for the event.

So who's ready for Infinity?

Avengers Infinity War - Assemble the Gauntlet

“Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet — the evil Thanos.  On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality.  The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment.”
Comics.  Movie.  Heroclix.  That synopsis covers it all.
Players are invited to bring a 400 point Silver Age team.

There will be 6 special objects placed on the map (wonder what those will be?).  Spots will be announced at the start of each game.
To "find" one of those special objects (pick them up), the character attempting must have a matching color among their powers, occupy the same square, then take a FREE action to roll 2d6.
Add +1 for each power that matches the color of the object (no rule of three for this roll).
If the total equals or is greater than 20, that character gains the object (that object is placed on the character card).
If an object is held by an opposing character, a friendly character may challenge the other for control of the object.
Challenging characters must be adjacent to each other.
Give the challenger a FREE action.
Both roll 2d6.
Each character adds X where X is equal to the number of powers with the matching color of the object (the character holding the object gets a +1 bonus for ownership).
The greater number wins (challenged character wins ties).
Once a character has picked up an object, the object will provide specific abilities.
Should a team acquire all 6 objects, they win the game and gain 100 victory points.  Otherwise, they have to win the old-fshioned way.

  • Other rules still apply.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed per standard rules.
  • Bring your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

A Bug's Life

Bug zapper mosquito #1:  Harry, no!  Don't look at the light!
Harry the Mosquito:  I can't help it.  It's… so… beautiful...
Harry the Mosquito:  Woo hoo!

Players need to gather a 400 point Silver Age theme team where at least one character must  have a name be of an insectoid background.

Just to not put the onus on the players to figure out what is insectish, here is a list of available "bug" na.

  • Bug (of course)
  • Ant
  • Bee
  • Beetle
  • Fly
  • Hornet
  • Mantis
  • Moth
  • Grasshopper
  • Wasp
  • Yellowjacket

Spiders and scorpions don't count...They're arachnids (8 legs don't make an insect - Heroclix emails - entertaining and educational)!
nor do worms...They're... worms (same leg problems as arachnids, except less of them)!

Keep in mind,the characters with the names have to be of an insect sensibility too, so though moths are allowed, mammoths are not.

Exceptions to the name restriction includes:

  • Swarm
  • Hive

Whoever is the lead "bug" on the team is the team's lifeline.  If that character goes down, the game ends and the other player gets the win despite the score.

The NOtes list is active.
ID cards are not active.
Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Follow the Leader

Minions!  Minions have been on this planet far longer than we have.  They go by many names, Dave, Carl, oh, that one is Norbit.  He is an idiot.  They all share the same goal: To serve the most despicable master around.  Finding a master was easy.  Keeping a master, that's where things got tricky...    - Minions (2015)
Players are to assemble a 500 point Modern Age team with at least one chraracter having the Leadership power.

  • The Leadership power will also have the following ability:  Do As I Say, Not As I Do!:  Power Action - All other characters that have 1) a shared named keyword with this character, 2) their real name = Various, and 3) are within 8 squares of this character, may be given a single action where all those characters can move the same number of squares in the same direction up to the speed value of the slowest character taking this action.  Those moving characters do not gain an action token for this action, but they cannot take another action after this move.  This power may not be outwitted 
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed as described in standard tournament rules.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Meant to Equip

Email = electronic mail
Ecommerce = electronic commerce
Equip = electronic cleverness?

Players are invited to assemble a 300 point Modern Age team where characters are allowed to have equip characters and objects as part of their team.  No more than one equipment can be assigned per character as per rules.

  • All characters will gain the ability:
    • Wresting it from Your Grasp - If this character does not have an equipment, take a power action to target an adjacent character with an equipment.  Both players roll a d6.  The one with the higher roll gains the equipment (in cases of a tie, the equipment stays on the original wielder).  Characters who have the equipment designated for them, add +1 to that roll for this action.
  • The NOtes list (aside from equipment) is active.
  • ID Cards are allowed (up to two cards per team).Bystander tokens are not allowed.

Easter Fool's Day

It's the crossover you never thought you needed!
Easter meets April Fool's Day!
What does this mean?

Players are to assemble a Silver Age 400 point theme team where each player has to have at least 4 characters on the team and one of them must be a recognized "fool" or intentionally funny character from the comics (and no, being the butt of a joke doesn't count, they must start with a joke, not end up as one).  Simple rule of thumb is figure out whether that character is known for doing jokes.
Examples of "fools" can be:

  • Deadpool - what a surprise...
  • Spider-Man - been doing it his whole career
  • Joker - it's the JOKER!
  • Harley Quinn - oh c'mon, she HAS to be here
  • Booster Gold - bwahahhah...
  • Blue Beetle - ...hahahah!
  • Iceman - 'cause that frozen toilet...
  • Human Torch - who wants a hotfoot?
  • Beast Boy - it's not easy being green
  • Plastic Man - he just is
  • Boom Boom - little firecracker surprises
  • The Trickster - you try to loosen up a group like the Rogues
  • The Joker's Daughter - like father like... waitaminute...
  • The Jester - another painfully funny bad guy
  • Slapstick - this one is a cartoon-powered comic character
  • Speedball - another funny guy that bounces
  • Ambush Bug - no keywords with this one, but go read his book
  • Mr Mxyzptlk - no keywords either here

Once gettting their fill of the "fool", players will need to get a feel for the field.

Each player will "hide" 5 egg markers on the map.  No egg can be within 3 squares of another or 5 squares of a starting zone.  Eggs do not count as terrain.  Eggs cannot be destroyed.

While on an egg, a character may take a power action to search for an egg by rolling a d6.

1.  Lay An Egg - No egg gets picked up and remove an egg marker from this character's card.  Opponent gets to "rehide" it and place it back on the map.  If this character has no egg to remove, the present egg marker will be relocated according to the opponent's choice.  Egg replacement rules are the same as initial placement ignoring starting zone restrictions.
2.  It Was Just Here - No egg gets picked up and move the present egg marker one square to the opposing starting zone (one other adjacent square of opponent's choice in case this is not possible).
3.  No Egg Here - No egg gets picked up here either.  Nothing happens.
4.  Steal An Egg - Choose an opposing character in line of fire with an egg marker.  Take the egg off that character's card.  Both players roll a d6.  Higher roll gets the egg marker and places it on their character's card.  Ties will have no effect and the egg stays with original character.  If there is no other character with an egg, nothing happens.
5.  Hoard An Egg - Pick up the egg marker and place it on this character's card.
6.  Who Needs An Egg - Pick up the egg marker and place it upon any character's card.

A character will gain +X bonus to all stats where X = number of egg markers on that character's card.
Any character taking 4 or more damage after an attack will drop an egg into an adjacent square (active player's choice).  That square can be occupied by another character or rubble terrain or an object.
A critical hit also results in the targetted character dropping an egg into an adjacent square (active player's choice).
A critical miss also results in that character dropping an egg into an adjacent square (opponent's choice).
At the end of each game, players add 25 points to their victory point total for each egg on their character cards.

The NOtes list is active.
ID cards are not allowed.
No bystander tokens.
No characters that can generate bystander tokens.

Let's Get the Band Together

"God of Rock, please give us the power to blow people's minds with our high voltage rock." - Dewey Finn, School of Rock

Players will search long and hard to gather the specific elements that will make up a music band worth 400 points of Modern Age .
Say what?
That's right.  Heroclix is making music (at least the figurines are going to give it a shot).

  • Each team must have a figure representing the folllowing roles (one per):
    • The Lead Singer - any figure sculpted to look like they are shouting or at least look like they have something to say (mouth open).
    • The Drummer - any figure with Flurry, or with a pair of sticks.
    • The Guitarist - any figure with a guitar, an axe, or a stringed instrument.
    • The Horn Players - any figure blowing on an instrument or has a sculpted horn(s).
    • The Groupies - any figure that has the potential to generate another character (multiples of this figure are allowed to start the game).


  • NOtes list is active.
  • No more than two backstage passes, er, ID cards are allowed per team.

Wizkids Winter Open

for details click here

Sorry, no Heroclix this Sunday

The WizKids Open is taking over the store and for this Sunday, it will be ALL Dice Masters all day long!  If you were ever curious about the games played after 'clix on Sundays feel free to come down anyway and check it out.

In any case though, fear not, since the 'clix players will get their chance the following Sunday!  That's the week where it's Heroclix's turn to take over the Realms!

Feel free to use this time to prepare for the March 18th event, by buying as much Heroclix as possible from Other Realms (unabashed and shameless plug)!  Meanwhile, you can still sign in advance of the event at the store and avoid the logjam that will happen at the onset of the tournament.

A Numbers Game

What's your lucky number?  Do you believe in luck?

  • Players will bring down a 400 point Modern Age team where the number of figures starting on a team (no less than 3, and bystanders do not count to that number) will be that team's lucky number.
  • Anytime a player rolls that number for an attack roll and the roll hits the target, that result will be a critical hit in addition to all other game effects.
  • The number still has to hit the target defense before the critical hit effects take place.
  • However, if that number comes up as a miss, then that character suffers the effects of a critical miss (there is good luck and then there is bad luck).
  • The number does not change even when friendly characters are KOed (the number is locked at what it was at the game's start).
    • Examples:  A 7-figure team will roll a critical hit on a successful attack roll of a 7, but will trigger a critical miss should that 7 be a miss.  A 4-figure team will have to deal with the same thing except that team's number is a 4.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed.

February 25, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Celebrity Clixmatch!

Who remembers a rather violent stop-motion animation MTV series, famous for parodying sports entertainment events, depicting various celebrities engaging in highly stylized professional wrestling matches?

  • Players are invited to bring a 300 point Modern Age team.
  • Each team needs ONE character with the Celebrity keyword under 100 points.
  • Once a Celebrity character makes an attack on another Celebrity character (it's on!), both characters will only be allowed to target the other Celebrity character. 
    • No other character (friendly or opposing) will then be able to target either Celebrity character until a Celebrity is KOed (No interference!). 
    • Passive (those that do not target) powers are allowed. 
    • Reporter (Paparazzi) characters are allowed to target Celebrity characters with abilities/powers, but still may not target with an attack on either figure.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed.
  • Bring your dice, tokens, figures, and maps.

February 11, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
X-Men Xavier's School Marquee

After long days, weeks, even after a month or so, the much anticipated series X-Men: Xavier's School is available.

Players are invited to challenge their instinctive team building talents in a 2-booster sealed three round event utilizing the newly released boosters from which series this event is named! 

Shocking surprise aside, players need only bring their dice, tokens (action and basic object), and sufficient funds to power their pathway into the action of the event.

 No outside game elements will be allowed aside from the items on the aforementioned list.  Play with what is pulled.

February 11, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Best 2 Out of 3

Which team is better to play?  All the indecision that plagues everyone will get its very own spotlight this week.

Players need to assemble TWO 500 point Modern Age teams, where each team has to be a named theme team AND themed with each other.  Keyword limitation for this event is that the theme cannot be Avengers or Justice League.
The first round players will choose one of their teams to play.
The second round players will choose their other team.
The third round players will pick which of their teams to play.
A highlander rule will be in effect, where the same character may not be utilized on both teams (this includes the sideboard) even if a player does have multiple copies.  If there is a sideboard, the two teams cannot share the same sideboard figures.  Treat characters as if they have a silver ring and both squads are together.  The only exception to this rule are characters that generate copies of themselves.
The NOtes list is active.
Only ONE ID card will be allowed per team.  That card may not be used on the other team build.

February 04, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Marvel X-Men Xavier's School Pre-Release!

Time to come down where the big game is being played.  It will be a time of discovery, a point of tight rivalry, and an event where many points are scored.  Super bowl?  What?  This all about the Heroclix Pre-Release event!

Players will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the figures from the Marvel HeroClix: X-Men Xavier's School set before official world-wide release!

Xavier’s School is the premier destination for mutants looking to understand their powers and the role they’ll play in a society where humans and mutants live together peacefully.

This Pre-Release event is the first place you’ll get to learn about how these mutants battle on the tabletop!

  • Players will purchase two boosters for the three round event and assemble a 300 point team utilizing only game elements found in the packs.
  • The only outside elements allowed are dice, tokens (action and basic object), and Modern Age maps.

January 28, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Some Assembly Required

What does it take to make the perfect robot?  Every animatronic tinkertoy needs a little of the basic requirements.
A strong body (what hump?)
An ability to recognize others (No, it's pronounced "Fronkensteen")
A creator (It's ALIVE!)
Adaptability ( If you're blue, and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go where fashion sits... )
A sense of self ('UTTIN' ON THE 'IIIIITZ)

  • Players will assemble their teams as if each character is a part of the robot. 
  • 400 points worth of Modern Age spare parts should provide the template for the automaton.


  • The parts should include at least 5 characters that each have one of the following attributes.
    • A character with the Armor or Monster keyword (the body)
    • A character whose card text refers to another character by name (the recognitive ability)
    • A character with the Scientist keyword (creator)
    • A character that has the Shape Change power or Regeneration (adaptability)
    • The team must be a theme team (a sense of self)


  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are not active.
  • Gameplay will be the standard 3 round tournament.

January 21, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Protect the Good Name of Heroclix

Here is an event where every team represents the player, and each team has a chance to drag someone's name through the mud.
Players will need 400 pts worth of Silver Age goodness.  Fairly straightforward.  Here is the part with player representation as each player needs to build a team using the letters of their first name.  Each team has to have a character with a name whose first letter matches a letter from the player's name.  Example: David could bring an Avengers team featuring Donald Blake (33 points), Ant-Man (43), Vision (95), Iron Man (125), and Daredevil (100).  Total points equals 396.

Exceptions may include acceptable shorter versions of the player's name.  From the previous example. Dave would be an acceptable replacement for David.  Dave's new Avengers could then be comprised of Doctor Druid (104), Alexis (65), Victoria Hand (40), and Ex Nihilo (190) for a new total of 399.
Bystander tokens are allowed for this event but players may only use 1 out of every 4 clixable figures.
The NOtes list is active.
ATAs are not allowed.
Special objects are allowed.
ID cards are not allowed.

January 14, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Challenges and Achievements

The New Year represents all types of new opportunities for personal accomplishments.

Players will assemble a 1000 point Silver Age team, where they must accomplish at least one of the following accomplishments listed in addition to eliminating the other team.
Each player will gain 50 points for achieving one of each of the subsequent accomplishments, once during each game (except for achievements e & j).
a) KO the highest cost opposing figure (if there is a tie, opponent chooses target) BEFORE KOing any other figure
b) KO an opposing colossal figure with a colossal figure
c) KO a non-bystander token character with a costed bystander token character
d) Force the same dice roll to be re-rolled 5 times (you have to be the source for the re-rolls)
e) If there are no opposing figure(s) on a 4th elevation square of the map, gain 15 points for each friendly figure on that elevation at the end of the game
f) End a game with surviving characters that have at least one copy of each of the dolphin symbol, the wing symbol, the giant symbol, the colossal symbol, the tiny symbol, and the vehicle symbol
g) One attack roll - KO a figure that has at least 7 clicks of life (KO a character with the first attack on it)
h) Make 8 attack rolls in a single turn
i) Pick up a Relic 6 special object and use it
j) Re-roll one of your own critical hits and re-roll one of the opponent's critical misses (50 points for the hit and another 50 for the miss)
Players will be allotted 5 actions per turn.
The NOtes list is active.
ID cards are allowed.

January 07, 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
New Years Resolutions

The New Year spawns all kinds of potential and of course, resolutions that everyone makes and hopefully does not break.

Players are welcome to make a 500 point Modern Age team alongside a few promises.  At the end of the game, for each promise kept by that player (confirmed by the opponent), that player gains the designated points.

Here is the list of potential promises to keep.

  • Villainous Resolutions - 25 points each (except for the Cheetah Promise)
  • The Cheetah Promise:  Make no Blades/CLaws/Fangs attack with less than 4 resulting damage (10 points for each attack).
  • The Deathstroke Promise:  At the start of the game promise to KO a specific opposing figure, chosen before first turn. 
  • The Luthor Promise:  At the start of the game, promise that a chosen friendly figure will NOT get KOed.
  • The Magneto Promise:  For teams starting with more than 5 figures, promise to make a separate successful damaging attack with each friendly character.
  • The Wrecking Crew's Promise:  Be responsible for destroying most of the walls (map must have printed walls) after ALL walls have been destroyed.

Heroic Resolutions - 50 points each (teams have to start with a figure that starts with the specified power or ability to be elligible to earn these points)

  • Mr. Fantastic's Promise:  Have all characters that can use Outwit, promise not to use it for the game.
  • The Superman Promise: Have a character with Hypersonic Speed, promise not to use it for the game.
  • The Silver Surfer Promise: Have a character with the Power Cosmic or Quintessence, promise not to attack unless another character has attacked it first.
  • The Watcher Promise: Have all characters that can use Probability Control, promise not to use it for the game.

Wins will still be determined first by KOing the opponent's pieces from the game, then by victory points, which is where these bonus points come into if time ends.

Keep in mind that resolutions are like good intentions, and you know what they say about good intentions...

The NOtes list is active.

December 31, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Bringing in the New Year with a Bang

The New Year is right around the corner and it's time to announce its arrival properly with fireworks

  • Players are to assemble a 500 point Silver Age team, where every character has to have Pulse Wave!  That's it.  No complex scenarios.  No complex team builds.  Bring all the characters that can make a spectacle of themselves.
  • The NOtes List is active.
  • Colossal figures will be fair game for this event.ID cards are allowed, but the sideline must be populated by characters that have Pulse Wave.

December 24, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Heroclix Sunday collides with Christmas Eve!  You KNOW who's coming to town!  Let's see who's been Naughty or Nice.

Gather all the clix figures you can find to make a 500 point Silver Age team, where each team must have one figure representing Santa Claus.

  • The Santa figure must be a 100-or-less point character that has one or more of the following attributes:
    • The sculpt is chubby.
    • The figure is dressed in nearly all red.
    • The figure has a beard.
  • The designated Santa Claus figure will gain the following abilities:
    • Santa cannot gain Naughty or Nice Tokens.
    • Santa's Line of Fire is never blocked, but any action utilizing this ability will be considered a double-power action and have the appropriate action markers placed on Santa.
    • Santa cannot attack a character with only Nice Token(s).
    • When hitting a character with a Naughty Token, after actions resolve, he places an additional action token on the target (this will have the effect of Incapacitate).

  • The following actions are Naughty and will result in a Naughty Token being placed on a Character Card:
    • Targetting a Santa Claus figure - targetter gains 2 tokens
    • Outwit - Outwitter gains a token
    • Perplexing an Opposing Character or itself - Perplexer gains the token
    • PCing a Critical Hit - This is for any version of PC - PCer gains the token
    • Any use of Steal Energy (taking from another to help yourself is SO tempting but SO not in the spirit) - SEer gains the token

  • The following actions are Nice and will result in a Nice Token being placed on a Character Card:
    • Support/Healing of any kind (Except Regeneration. Its not naughty, but it is self-serving.) - healer gains the token
    • Carrying a friendly character out of adjacency - carrier gains the token
    • PCing a Critical Miss - PCer gains the token

  • At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6. On a 5-6 you may remove a Nice token from any friendly character to also remove a Naughty token on the same character.
  • During game play, as long as a Santa is still active on the table, at any point in your turn you may do the following:
  1. Remove up to 3 Nice tokens from a character and increase that character's attack value by 1 for each token removed.
  2. Remove up to 3 Naughty tokens from any opposing character, reducing their defense by one for each token removed.

The NOtes List is active.
No ID cards for this event.


December 17, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
There Are Always Two (or was that only Sith?)!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has hit the theaters this weekend.  To celebrate, everyone gets to choose a Jedi and a Padawan, or a Sith and an apprentice.

  • Players are invited to bring a 400 point Modern Age team. 
  • Each team must have either have a Jedi and Padawan pair of characters with the remaining characters being only those with the Soldier keyword (each Soldier must be under 76 points), OR a Sith and Apprentice pair of characters with their remaining characters being only those with the Robot keyword (each Robot must be under 76 points).
  •  The Jedi and Padawan characters must have two of the following powers on their dial (the Padawan must be lower point cost than the Jedi).
    • Defend (Jedi are defenders of the peace)
    • Energy Shield/Deflection (that lightsaber thing...)
    • Force Blast (when a Jedi thinks that stuff looks better father away)
    • Leadership (all those generals in Episode II)
    • Leap/Climb (Jedi Skills 101)
    • Telekinesis (when a Jedi thinks that stuff looks better closer)
    • Super Senses (sense a disturbance in the Force...)
  • The Sith and Apprentice characters each must have two of the following powers on their dial (the Sith must have Mastermind and/or Mind Control - the Apprentice may have only one of the list powers if it shares a named keyword with the Sith)
    • Battle Fury (Kylo Ren and computer panels...)
      • Combat Reflexes (Kylo Ren suspending blaster fire)
    • Mastermind (Emperor Palpatine - pretty much says it all)
    • Mind Control (Really, this should be a dark side power though it's always used to as a Jedi mind trick)
    • Quake (Darth Vader in a hallway filled with rebels)
    • Shaoe Change (Senator to Chancellor to Emperor - Darth Sidious/Palpatine wears many hats)
    • Stealth (Darth Maul "At last, we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last, we will have revenge.") 
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID Cards are not active.


December 10, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Heroclix Race

The Honolulu Marathon is this week!  In a stretched play on words , this week's event will be all about the race (well, sorta)!

  • Players are to bring a 400 point Silver Age team where each character must have the foot symbol on their dial (marathons and feet kinda go together) and each character must have a named race listed among their keywords or have a race as part of their name.  Bringing all the backgrounds together for a challenging team build is the name of this game.
  • These race keywords must refer to the figure's genetic origin (not baseline Earth human) and not a representative country or city.
  • Even if the figure is obviously of a different race from baseline human, but it does not have a race keyword, that figure does not count.
    • Examples:
      • So Sakaaran would be okay, but Wakandan would not.
      • Kree and Skrull are fine but Metropolis and Gotham City are not.
      • Thor as an Asgardian diety is fine but Zeus (who is an Olympian diety, but has no Olympian keyword) is not.
      • Gordanian, Thanagarian, Martian Manhunter are all acceptable for characters with names matching their race.
      • Ruling Caste Dominator is acceptable, but Starro the Conqueror: Dominator is not (name does not refer to its race and has no keywords about race).

  • This is not to say that a theme team has to be only about a racial keyword.  A theme team can be based off of any keyword, but to be allowed for this event all figures must have a racial keyword though they may have mismatched racial keywords.
    • Example:  An Avengers team may have Thor and Valkyrie (Asgardian) and Ms. Marvel and Crystal (Inhuman).

  • The NOtes list is active. 
  • ID cards are limited to bring in only characters with the above requirements.

December 03, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Theorizing about the Big Bang Team

Here is a novel observational bit from a long-running sit-com.
Raj Koothrappali: Doctor Gablehauser
Gablehauser: Doctor Koothrappali
Leonard Hofstadter: Doctor Gablehauser
Gablehauser: Doctor Hofstadter
Sheldon Cooper: Doctor Gablehauser
Gablehauser: Doctor Cooper
Howard Wolowitz: Doctor Gablehauser
Gablehauser: Mister Wolowitz

  • Players will get to see how many doctors they know for a 400 point Silver Age team. 
  • All figures have to have a doctorate (or at least made everyone believe that they have one). 
  • They must have the word(s) "doc", "doctor", or "dr." in their name. 
  • There must be at least 3 "doctor" characters per squad (Sheldon, Leonard, & Raj - challenge yourself to include two more docs for Amy & Bernadette to have a complete roster beyond the original 3). 
  • The only exceptions allowed will be a character that have the word(s) "mister", "mr.", or "miss", or "ms." instead of the doctoral title. 
  • There can be only one "mister" (Howard) and/or "miss" (Penny) on the team and the "mister" has to have the Scientist keyword as well.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed to bring in characters that meet the naming requirements.

Sheldon: Leonard is upstairs right now with my archenemy.
Penny: Your archenemy?
Sheldon: Yes: the Dr. Doom to my Mr. Fantastic, the Dr. Octopus to my Spider-Man, the Dr. Sivana to my Captain Marvel...
Penny: Okay, I get it, I get it...
Sheldon: You know, it's amazing how many super villains have advanced degrees. Graduate schools should do a better job of screening those people out.

November 26, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT

Family Time

With Thanksgiving here, seems like a good time to reflect on the gathering of family.

  • Players are invited to assemble a Silver Age 300 point team where all members of the team have to be related to each other.
    • So couples, parents and kids (both by blood or adoption), grandparents and grandkids, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, even divorcees will all be allowed on the team.
    • Plus, just because a version of a character is related to another, doesn't mean all versions are (real names will matter here).


  • Every team must have at least three figures on it (bystander tokens do not count toward this total).
  • Robot creations do not count in this scenario (so no Dr. Doom and his Doombots).
  • Interestingly, robot relations will (go figure - they still have to be robot married relations) count in this scenario.
  • The NOtes list active.
  • ID cards are allowed but only to bring in characters that are family-related to the team.

November 19, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT

DC: Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls release day sealed

As the year heads into the holiday season, this Sunday will see the fresh arrival of the new DC set, Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls!

The DC Comics HeroClix: Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls Boosters includes the coolest icons of girl power in the DC Comics Universe from classic characters like Wonder Woman to "newer" characters like Harley Quinn and her hyenas (go Bud and Lou!). HeroClix fans will get to enjoy all-new versions of the signature character of Harley Quinn, the increasingly popular DC Bombshell versions of beloved DC heroines, and some of the extra-dangerous members of the infamous Suicide Squad. Whether you’re in the streets of Gotham, outer space, or Arkham Asylum, Harley and her crew will help you bring action and mayhem to the HeroClix tabletop like never before!

Here is your chance to get an early shot at the new set in Heroclix!

  • Players are invited to partake in the newest release from DC in a 300 point two-booster sealed event.
  • All that's required for anyone wanting into this event is to bring down a pair of dice, some tokens (action and object), a calculator, and some spare change to buy into the event.
  • Maps will be provided.


  • Buy two packs. 
  • Any purchase beyond those two packs are purely optional and will not be allowed in the game (though buying more will be considered a healthy exercise of personal purchase powers).
  • Make a 300 point (or less) team and challenge all who would sit across the table.
  • Only that which is pulled from the packs will be allowed in the game, aside from the aforementioned dice and tokens. 
  • 3 rounds of HQ & GG sealed, what could be better on a pre Thanksgiving Sunday?

November 12, 2017 - Wizkids Open 2017
For details visit:

November 05, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Sorry, no event this Sunday

Next week - Wizkids Heroclix Open!

October 29, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Dressing Up Your Heroclix For Halloween and Trick or Treating

Halloween is officially just around the corner, in case the candies, costumes, haunted houses, and the theme music didn't give it away.

For the length of October, the Heroclix crew has been treated to a few challenging scenarios to embrace the eve of All-Saints Day.

  • Players will be expected to assemble their very own theme teams commemorating the night that is Halloween.
  • Gathering a team of 400 points worth of Silver Age figures (all the characters ever sculpted with none of the other game elements) each player needs to assemble their best Halloween themed team. 
  • The creative choices will be left entirely up to the player, though the validity will be left entirely to all the other players.

  • Before the event begins, all players will present their teams and the theme behind it.
  • Each player will then rank each team and pick their top 3 themed teams from those participating (no player can choose their own team).
  • The top voted teams will gain extra victory point bonuses per game.
  • Theme team bonuses will be awarded to those teams with at least one vote.
  • Specific voting rules will be announced the day of the event.

  • In addition to the electiion-style team builds, each player will "seed" 5 pumpkins onto the field, with each being positioned 5 squares away from each other and any starting zone.
  • These pumpkins are indestructible and are treated like immovable heavy objects.
  • As a free action once per turn, when a character is positioned on a pumpkin, they may make a "trick or treat" roll (1 d6).
    • 6:  Pumpkin Bomb -  The character may use a 4 range 1 damage Pulse Wave as a free action until the end of the turn.  Remove this Pumpkin from the game
    • 5:  Pumpkin Patch - All Pumpkins become blocking terrain until the start of this player's next turn.  All figures on a pumpkin are placed in their starting zone.
    • 4:  Pumpkin Pie - The character gains Regeneration and may use it for this turn as a free action.  Remove this Pumpkin from the game.
    • 3:  Pumpkin Seeds - Place a new Pumpkin in a clear square on the map within 4 squares of this Pumpkin.
    • 2:  Carved Pumpkin (Scary pumpkin!  Run away!) - The opposing player may immediately move this character up to its speed value.
    • 1:  Rotten Pumpkin - The character has an action token placed on it.  This does pushing damage if it's a second token.  Remove this Pumpkin from the game.

  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

October 22, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Return to the Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year when lanterns are carved, pies get baked, and again, Linus sits fruitlessly awaiting one wishfully great arrival!  Yes, once more it's time of the pumpkin. 

Each player will assemble a 300 point Modern Age team.  

All standard rules will apply except with regard to objects.

In addition to the basic objects placed (no blue bordered objects or other costed objects this time), each player places 3 special object markers (pumpkins) on the map with no marker within 5 squares of each other or starting area. 

These objects may only be carried (treat like a light object for carrying purposes, after all they're just pumpkins) and neither can they be used in an attack nor be targeted by Telekinesis nor destroyed (indestructible pumpkins).  Pick-up and object drop rules are still the same for this scenario.

Only one pumpkin may be carried at a time during a single action.

While carrying a pumpkin object, characters gain +2 to their defense, gains the Earthbound/Neutralized power and has their remaining movement reduced by half (BIG pumpkins).  If an object is successfully dropped in an opposing starting zone, the respective player gains 30 points. 

If the carrying figure is targeted by any successful attack, the object is dropped and rolls 3 squares to the centerline of the map (blocking terrain will deflect this object towards the middle of the map).  Traditional Heroclix scoring is applied (KO as many opposing figures as quickly as possible), however, if a player successfully drops 4 special object pumpkins in the opposing starting area, that player wins automatically.

The NOtes list is active, but ID cards and vehicles will not be allowed.

Bring your figures, dice, tokens, and maps.

October 15, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Undead Rising

Some days the KOed just won't stay KOed.

Players will need to assemble a 400 point Modern Age team. 

  • There must be at least 3 non-bystander characters (sideline does not count) on the team.
  • Whenever a non-undead character is KOed, score the points, then replace that character on its final active click in the spot of its being KOed.  This character gains the "undead" trait and a marker to indicate its new status.
  • At the start of each turn, the active player rolls a d6.
  • On an even roll, one undead character will heal one click.
  • On an odd roll, for that player's turn, one undead character may given an action by the active player (printed movement is halved before action is taken).  This will count against the player's action total.
  • Any player KOing an opposing non-undead figure with an undead character gains double points for the KO.
  • Undead characters are all treated as opposing characters unless they are being given an action.
  • Undead characters are scored as normal victory points when being KOed.
  • Game ends when all non-undead characters are KOed or time ends.
  • Colossal figures are not active for this event.
  • The NOtes list is active.

October 08, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Undead but Unalive

What happens to life after KO?

  • Players need to purchase 3 Heroclix Undead packs and bring down a 4 figure 300 point Modern Age team.
  • The packs will be opened and the figures placed on their respective sideline.
  • Whenever a friendly character is KOed, roll a d6. 
    • On an even result, nothing happens. 
    • On an odd result, choose a sideline Undead fiigure to spawn in the spot of the KO. 
    • This figure is part of the team.
  • The game ends when all the original figures are KOed, though there may still be Undead figures.
  • KOing the Undead figures will still count to victory points.
  • Bystanders are not welcome as starting figures or summoned figures.
  • NOtes list is in effect.

October 01, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Not As Simple As Black & White

Ever see some of those classic black & white monster movies?

  • Players need to get a 400 point Modern Age team, where each team needs just ONE figure with the Monster keyword and no figure can be above 150 points.
  • All other characters must have a figure that is primarily black or white (or both).
  • The non-monster characters will gain the abilities:
    • IT'S ALIVE!:  Give this character one unavoidable damage to heal an adjacent friendly Monster character. 
    • KILL THE BEAST!:  If there are three or more non-Monster characters adjacent to an opposing Monster figure, give ALL friendly adjacent non-Monster characters an action token apiece to deal the opposing Monster one  unavoidable damage.  This will count as one action against the player's total for the turn.

  • The object of this scenario is to take out the opponent's monster. 
  • Once a designated Monster character is KOed, the game is over and the other player wins the match. 
  • Points will still matter, but the games' win/loss record will be determined by the Monster. 
  • In the event where time runs out, points will be the determining factor of the win.

  • Bystander tokens and characters that generate bystander tokens are not allowed.
  • ID cards are not allowed.
  • The NOtes list is active.

September 24, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Storm Season

With all the devastation unleashed by the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, this week's event will attempt to similarly test all the participating teams' resiliency to the unfettered power of Mother Nature (or a certain mutant goddess, or a familiar Norse diety, or even reckless dice rolling).
Players need to assemble a 400 point Modern Age team.  Maps chosen for this event must be recognized as outdoor maps.
At the beginning of each player's turn (except for the first), that player rolls a d6.

The results will have the following effects;

  1. Hurricane Gusts:  The player rolls a d6. All characters and standard objects are moved that many squares toward the current player's starting zone.  Knockback damage takes effect.  Should an object collide with a character during this action, the character suffers that object's thrown damage and the object is removed from the game.
  2. Lightning Strike:  Immediately make an attack roll with an attack value of 10 and a penetrating damage value of 1 targetting the largest-sized character on the map.  If there is a tie in size, the highest point character among the valid figures becomes the target.
  3. Crosswinds:  All figures lose the Flight ability until the start of this player's next turn and all characters and cannot use the Carry ability.
  4. Earthquake Tremors:  All figures adjacent to blocking terrain or are in indoor terrain take an action token.
  5. Evacuation:  Each player chooses one character on their respective teams and places that character back in their respective starting zones.  If there is only one figure left on either team, ignore this effect.
  6. Eye Of The Storm:  Nothing happens.  Everything is calm here (for now).

The NOtes list is in effect.
ID cards will be limited to one per team.
No more than one special object will be allowed per player per game.

September 17, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
A Mutant Police State

In What If... PROFESSOR X HAD BECOME THE JUGGERNAUT? vol 2 #13, it is Xavier who gains the unstoppable power of the Juggernaut, and sets into motion the conditions that eliminate the other super-heroes of the time, throw the world into a nuclear war, and leave the mutant population as the dominant force in the world.

Though it is not how the book ends, it is the focus of this week's scenario.

  • Players need to assemble a 400 point Modern Age team where any character with the Brotherhood of Mutants or X-Men keywords will gain the Police Team Ability and possess Exploit Weakness in addition to their existing team abilities and powers.
  • The NOtes list active.

Create your team and create your own ending to the book.

September 10, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Mismatched Clix

Ever throw a bunch of stuff together and hope for the best?  Well, guess what's happening this week? 

  • Players pool together a 500 point Silver Age team, where no character can have a matching keyword and no character can have a printed damage value higher than 3 points. 
  • At least one vehicle figure is required for the team (this can be fulfilled with a figure that generates a vehicle bystander). 
  • Only vehicles will be allowed to carry other figures for this event.   
  • Theme team bonuses will be awarded only to players for creative team builds by all participating players (yes, your theme team bonus will be determined by everyone else).

The NOtes list is in effect.  ID cards are not allowed for this event.

September 03, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty ThorRelease Day OP (Sealed)

The Mighty Thor calls down the lightning in his triumphant return to Marvel HeroClix! Discover new characters, weapons, and more in this colossal booster release!

Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor storms onto the scene with new ways to equip powerful weapons, and plenty of characters we haven’t seen in HeroClix in a while! This set features many Asgardian allies like Sif, Balder, and The Warrior’s Three, in addition to many classic Thor villians including Loki (the Trickster!), Skurge (the Executioner!), The Enchantress (the Narcissist!), and Hela (the Goddess of Death!). Longstanding HeroClix favorite The Incredible Hulk returns, alongside Throg (Thor-frog) and Thorbuster Iron Man (where armor hits the hammer!).

And with the return of Colossal Super Boosters in this set, look for large friends like Groot (large version, not baby version), and monstrous foes like Surtur (BIG fire demon) to command the battlefield. Build new teams with sub-themes including Asgardians (more Thor-people), Avengers (more ... Avengers!), Eternals (more people genetically generated by space gods!), Serpent Society (more snakes!), and Masters of Evil (more bad guys!).

For the first time ever in HeroClix – Asgardians and their enemies will have the Legendary Wielder trait, allowing them to utilize their signature weapons and artifacts. If they fall in battle, beware your opponent equipping the weapon that you brought to the game!

Each booster brick contains 8 standard 5-figure boosters as well as 1 Super booster. Each Super booster contains a Colossal HeroClix figure, and an object that can be used on a force without a Legendary Wielder!

Who will defend Asgard and the Ten Realms from all foes (and the occasional friend)?

Celebrate the Wednesday release of Marvel HeroClix: The Mighty Thor with a Release Day OP Event.

  • This is a 2-booster sealed event utilizing the new Mighty Thor Heroclix series.
  • Players can only play with what is pulled from their packs.
  • No outside game elements are allowed aside from dice, action tokens, basic object tokens, and maps.

August 27, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
All Rarities

Sometimes it feels like the figures are in a caste system, where some figures are born as common, others are uncommon, and so on.  This week, prepare to "caste" away those boundaries!  Figures of all rarities unite!

  • Players are to assemble a 400 point Modern Age team, where each figure must be unique in its rarity.
  • There can only be one common figure, one uncommon figure, one rare figure, one super-rare figure, one chase figure, one limited-edition figure (LE), and one prime figure.
  • LE figures will account for convention exclusives, LE prizes, super booster figures, and mail-away exclusives.
  • Common figures will include Fast-Forces Packs figures and Starter set figures.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

August 20, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
DC Comics HeroClix: Invisible JetColossal OP (Sealed)

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane speeds through the skies and onto the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event! This new vehicle figure can move though the map undetected, and strike down foes when the time is right. The Invisible Plane is also able to be played as Special Terrain on the map with unique abilities in addition to a brand-new Terrain Dial!

This Colossal OP Event, will feature special bystander tokens of Justice League of America members as apes from the JLApe: Gorilla Warfare story!

Each participant in this special organized play event will receive a double-sided Ape Superman and Ape the Flash bystander token that can be added to any of your teams, without requiring a character to generate them!

Players are invited to participate in an Elseworlds sealed event (1 or 2 boosters will depend on product availability).  Players must play with what is pulled from the packs.  No outside game elements are allowed in this event outside of basic object tokens, dice, action tokens, maps, and the bystander token.  Point total will be determined at the event.

August 13, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Switch Six

Ever have a hard time keeping track of someone?  Well hold on to your dice, 'cause 'clix is quickly going to go chaotic!

  • Players are to assemble a 600 point Silver Age team, where there has to be exactly six figures on the squad.  
  • Each of those figures will have a number (1 to 6) designated by their player.  
  • A form will be passed to all participants to record which character is designated to which number. 

  • After the first two rounds, at the end of each turn, both players roll one d6.  
    • Each of those players will take their corresponding numbered figure and switch places with the opposing player's numbered figure.
    • Should a figure's base be larger than a standard one that occupies a single square, one part of that figure's base must occupy that square with the remainder positioned to occupy any legally open squares.  
    • Should the positioning become an illegal one, due to printed terrain or occupied spaces, both players ignore the first result, roll again, and then use the new result.

  • Example: At the end of player one's turn, player one rolls a 3 and player two rolls a five.  Player one takes the figure designated 3 and player two takes their own figure designated 5, and places those figures in each others' squares.  Player one still controls their #3 figure, and player two still controls their #5 figure, but they start the next turn in different positions.  Player two begins their turn.  At the end of player two's turn, both players roll a d6 and repeat the process.

  • Should a figure be KOed, place a corresponding number marker in that last square.  Any time that figure's number is rolled, the other player must place their figure in the KOed spot.
  • This effect ends when either player is reduced to a single figure or when ten minutes remain for the match (announced by event moderator).
  • Bystander tokens will count as one of the six figures for the team, but each team cannot have more than one such token.
  • No characters that generate bystander tokens or other characters will be allowed (this includes vehicles).
  • This switching effect will affect those characters that cannot be moved or placed.
  • The NOtes list is active for this event.
  • ID cards are not active for this event.

August 06, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT -
Raging Over Clix

Ever read a book where Wolverine loses it?  Or Hawkman?  Or the Hulk?  Or Batman?  Or Drax?  (Boy, that's a sizable list of berzerkers) Keep in mind that those are just the heroes...

The whole book is usually about working out a resolution to the rage, finding a way to calm down the berzerker, or just pounding it out until someone calls "uncle"..

  • Players get to do just that by bringing a 500 point Silver Age team, where one figure has to start with the Battle Fury power. 
  • Multiple characters can feature the power, but only one must be designated as the "raging one". 
  • That character will have the STOP click ability on the final 4 clicks of Battle Fury or on any click of Battle Fury, whichever is less. 
  • So if a figure has 3 clicks of Battle Fury at the start of the dial, then all those clicks will gain the STOP click ability. 
  • If a character has a full dial of Battle Fury, the STOP click ability only exists on the final four clicks of its dial. 
  • The game ends when a designated character with the Battle Fury power is KOed, or the round runs out of time.
  • NOtes list is active.

Modern Age Rolling Out ClixWindup

This week it's time to hone those Modern Age team build skills.  Time to crank out the convention-level KOing Heroclix hit-squads!  The meta-game of the convention tournament scene will be in full effect!

Players are to assemble a 300 point Modern Age team.  All standard tournament rules apply.

  • Modern Age resources are available.
  • Possession/Equip characters are available.
  • Modern Colossal figures are available.
  • Modern Vehicles are available.
  • Modern Team bases (if any) are available.
  • Modern ID cards are available.

Events will be timed to 45 minutes apiece.

  • Once "Last Round" is called, games end after the final action of the second player.
  • Only Modern Age maps, ROC maps, and Grid Reality maps are allowed.
  • Each player must bring 3 of their own maps to the event, selecting one per game.
  • The D-027 Felix Faust figure will be banned from this event.

This is it. Time to play like a professional.
This is the Modern Age Standard Tournament.
Be ready for everything!

DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds-15th Anniversary Release Day OP (Sealed)

The 15th anniversary celebration continues!  Celebrate the release of DC Comics HeroClix: Elseworlds - 15th Anniversary set with a Release Day OP Event!

Players are invited to participate in a 2 booster sealed event featuring the newest set, Elseworlds!

  • No outside game elements will be allowed.
  • Players can only play with what is pulled.
  • Basic objects are allowed.
  • Players will need their dice, tokens (action and basic object), maps, and enough to purchase two boosters of Elseworlds.

Acting Like a Boss by Sending In the Flunkies

With the popularity of the scope and power of the 1000 point hero event of last week, it's time to visit the other side of the coin.  To coin a Marvel phrase, "Bring On tje Bad Guys!"

  • Players should hire together a 1000 point Silver Age theme team squad. 
  • Each figure has to be a defined, recognized villain character, not one who is an anti-hero, a reformed villain, or a force of nature.
  • This prevents use of such characters like: 
    • The Punisher, Poison Ivy, Magneto, (uses villainous methods to eliminate "bad guys")
    • Galactus, Phoenix (force of nature)
    • Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, White Queen, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, etc (reforned villains)
    • Suicide Squad, Thunderbolts, Black Adam ("reformed" villains)
    • In-Betweener, Mistress Death, Hela, Pluto, Hades, and the Seven Deadly Sins (Beings that transcend good or evil)
  • Actions will be limited to 5 per turn (6 with a successful Leadership roll).
  • To make things interesting, only characters under 76 points may make any type of attacks, until one of those characters (doesn't matter which side) gets KOed.  When that happens, ALL characters of all point levels are free to attack.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • This event is timed, so take actions with urgency.

Possibly A Big Lack Of Respectful Empathy, Yes?

Avengers vs X-Men, Batman vs Superman, Marvel's Civil War (not once, but twice!), Injustice Gods Among Us, Kingdom Come, dinnertime among the Guardians of the Galaxy...

Any issue of the Spider-Man Team-Up series...
What do they all have in common?
Crazy combat cosplay?  Could be...

Actually, picture heroes in an epic brouhaha beating up each other over a little disagreement or misunderstanding (well, maybe not so little)!  What other comic story theme is more classic?

  • Players will need to assemble a squad of lawfully good heroes (no anti-heroes, heroes of ill-repute, pedestrians, villains, forces of nature, or other misbehaving personalities of questionable character).
  • Team build will be 1000 (yes, that's right) points of Silver Age awesomeness! 
  • Actions will be limited to 5 per turn (6 with a successful Leadership roll).
  • The twist to the event is that no character can attack until the lowest point character from either team makes a successful attack. 
    • To clarify, at the start of each game, only the lowest pointed character on either team can make any attacks. 
    • Once such an attack is made, the gloves come off and everything is fair game to attack by any other character. 
    • So until either low point figure from either team successfully attacks any other character, no one else can attack. 
    • In case of a tie for low point figure, the player of the team will declare one of those figures as the "low point" character for the squad.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • This event is timed, so take actions with urgency.

What If Sealed WasConstructed - Marvel HeroClix: Dormammu Colossal OP (Constructed)

The What If series has featured a myriad of intriguing combinations of stories and characters.  It only makes sense to run an event to match the crazy combinations of the set for the Marvel HeroClix: Dormammu Colossal OP.

Doctor Strange’s mystical foe, Dormammu returns to the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event. The ruler of the Dark Dimension can be summoned to your tabletop this summer in the Marvel HeroClix: Dormammu Colossal OP Kit. Additionally, connecting into the Marvel HeroClix What If? set, the Punisher and Spider-Man have been turned into serpent men, from the pages of What If?: The Marvel Heroes had Lost Atlantis Attacks!

Each participant in this special organized play event will also receive a double-sided Serpent Punisher and Serpent Spider-Man bystander token that can be added to any of your teams, without requiring a character to generate them!

  • Players are invited to participate in a 400 point sealed/constructed Modern Age event. 
  • Players are allowed to bring up to 200 points of characters for their team to the event.  At least 200 points must come from the single What If booster purchased that day for the event.  The remainder of points are to come from the 200 points of characters the player has brought to the event. 
  • Up to 4 sideline characters will be allowed for this event (these figures do not count against the 200 points of figures brought).
  • No other outside game elements are allowed (equip characters, ID cards, resources, etc).
  • The NOtes list is in effect.

Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and standard object), and maps.


  • Regarding this Sunday's event, for clarification purposes,
  • At least 200 points must come from the What If booster, and the remainder of points can be constructed from any Modern Age set. 
  • There can be 4 sideline characters added to the force beyond the 200 point maximum restriction.  Those also can be from any Modern Age set.
  • ID cards are NOT allowed.


King of the Hill

  • Players will bring their 400 point Silver Age teams to try an conquer "The Hill".
    • 'The Hill' will be a 4x4 space in the centre of the map (regardless terrain type).  Any map that has blocking terrain occupying all four of those squares are inelligible.
    • When a player begins their turn and only friendly characters occupy The Hill, they score 1 point.  This scoring happens before any free-actions and "beginning of the turn" triggered abilities can be activated.  Bystander tokens will not count as occupying characters.
    • First player to 5 points wins.
  • KOed characters return to their original starting zones on their last click.
  • Victory points are scored for each KO as normal serving as tiebreakers and for ranking purposes.
  • No multi-base figures will be allowed for this game.
  • No ID cards.
  • NOtes list is active.  ATAs are allowed.
  • Bring along your figures, dice, tokens, and maps.

June 18, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT - 
Giving a Little Warning

“Don't be silly, Dawlish. I'm sure you are an excellent Auror, I seem to remember you achieved 'Outstanding' in all your N.E.W.T.s, but if you attempt to — er — 'bring me in' by force, I will have to hurt you.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

  • Players bring over a 400 point Silver Age team, where only one of the figures can have a printed damage value over 3.
  • That declared figure will have the following trait:
    • Warning: the first successful attack by this figure on any character except for one with this trait, is a Mind Control attack, dealing no damage and gaining control of the targetted character for one action.  
  • Feedback damage from this Mind Control is ignored. 
  • If the first attack is a close combat attack and involves an object, the object is dropped in the holder's square.  
  • Subsequent successful attacks on that character by this figure will be treated as normal.

June 11, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT - 
Marvel HeroClix: What If? - 15thAnniversary Release Day OP (Sealed)

Marvel Heroclix is now 15 years old!  Time to celebrate its staying power with a proper set release commemorating the game, and what better way to do that than with a release day event?

  • Players will participate in two-booster sealed event featuring the new 15th Anniversary Marvel Heroclix set, What If.
  • Bring down dice, tokens (action and object), and enough to purchase into the event.

June 04, 2017 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT - 
Wondrous Women

A certain iconic Amazonian DC character is about to have an awesome weekend, with a dedicated day for her, a big-budget movie, and a Heroclix Gravity Feed Set out for sale!

  • This week's event seeks to continue that awesomeness with a 400 point Silver Age event this Sunday at noon. 
  • All teams can only have female characters.  If a character is unspecified as to the gender, that character may not be played.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed, but only those that bring in female characters.



All players are required to have a WizKids Info Nestwork [WIN] account name to enter the tournament.  If a player signs up for the tournament and does not have a WES account, they must create an account prior to the start of the tournament.  All players will have their WES account registered to the tournament when the tournament starts if they have not pre-registered ahead of time.  

Pre-register at: