Marvel Avengers Black Panther and the Illuminati  Prerelease

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Taking It To the Streets

For all the Infinity Gauntlets, Anti-life Equations, Infinite Crises, and Power Cosmic level threats nothing does more for the reputation than a good ol' fashioned street fight.
Players are invited to assemble a 400 point Modern Age team.
All characters must have the following traits:
Point value cannot exceed 75 points.
Printed Damage value cannot exceed 3.
No character can use the following powers:
Pulse Wave
Hypersonic Speed
Super Strength
No character can have the following team abilities:
Power Cosmic
Green Lantern Corps
Kingdom Come
Masters of Evil
Bring down your dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Detecting a Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds latest movie about an iconic character with wit and personality hits this weekend!
That's right, Deadpoo... er... Detective Pikachu makes its ambitious CGI appearance with shock and awww.
What better way to celebrate this than with a Heroclix scenario?
Players are invited to hunt down a pocket monster or two with a Modern Age 400 point team.  Each team must have at least 3 characters with the Animal keyword and can only have ONE character without the Animal Keyword.
The trainor character gains the following ability:
I Choose You: POWER - make an attack roll on an opposing Animal with an action token.  This attack deals no damage.  A successful attack captures the target (place target on the trainor's card).  At the start of each player's turn, roll a d6.  On a result of 6, one of the captured animals in the opponent's control breaks free and is placed in the nearest starting zone.
Should a player captures all of the opposing Animals, that player wins the game.
If a trainor is KOed, all captured Animals get released and are placed in any starting zone.
Each captured Animal will count as 75 victory points.

Cinco de Mayo

The annual celebration of the Mexican holiday is right around the corner.  What better way to celebrate the festive event than with a Heroclix scenario?
Players are to bring a 500 point Modern Age team.  If a team has exactly 5 characters on the map at the beginning of the turn, roll a d6.
Until the next turn a result of:
1. Overeating/drinking - Opposing player chooses one of your characters and places it in any starting zone
2. Being Neighborly - Opposing player moves each of your characters 2 squares in any direction (ignoring characters)
3. Underdog Achievement - If a friendly character hits an opposing character with a higher point value, damage stat gains +1
4. Day of Inspiration - All friendly characters gain +2 to their speed stats
5. May the 5th - Each die roll resulting in a 5 will heal a friendly character one click
6. Celebrate Mexico - All friendly characters gain +1 to attack and defensive stats until the start of their next turn
The NOtes list is active.
ID cards are allowed.
This will be a three-round event.
Bring your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Rarity Week: Uncommons

  • Players are invited to put together a 400 point Modern Age uncommon figure team.
  • Rules are simple. ALL figures on the team must be an uncommon figure.
  • That's all there is.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards will be allowed to bring in uncommon figures only.

Easter Egg Hunt

  • Players are invited to bring a 400 point Silver Age team.
  • At the start of each game, players will each place up to 8 egg markers face down on the map. No egg marker can be adjacent to another square occupied by another egg or within 3 squares of a starting zone.
  • All characters upon ending a move atop of a face down egg marker, can declare a number between 2 to 5, then roll a d6.
  • Should either a 6 or the called number show up on the die, the player can place the marker face up in their "basket".
  • Should a 1 get revealed, the opposing player may place that marker on a different square (following the same rules as the initial placement).
  • Any other reveal, the marker is placed face up on the map.
  • All face up egg markers on the map become light object tokens.
  • A character will be allowed to pick-up up to two egg markers as objects.
  • An egg marker held as an object will still count as a found egg for the controlling player at the end of the game.
  • An egg marker used as an object in an attack does not get destroyed after the attack and drops onto an adjacent square next to the target.
  • Should a character successfully make a close combat attack on another either holding onto an egg marker or standing on top of the marker, that character can choose not to deal damage, but add an action token to the hit character (no pushing damage) and take the egg.
  • A critical hit will also allow the controlling player to take an opened egg (if there is no opened egg, then an unopened egg may be chosen) from the targetted character's player's basket.

As a free action, a character may choose to open an egg in their basket (turning it face down) or held as an object and roll a d6.
6: That character gains +1 to all of their combat stats until the start of their next turn.
5: That character gains +1 to their attack value until the end of their turn.
4: That character gains +2 to their speed value until the end of their turn.
3: That character gains +2 to their range value until the end of their turn.
2: That character gains +2 to their defense value until the start of their next turn.
1: Nothing happens - rotten egg.

  • At the end of the game, players will tally up the total number of eggs they have accumulated and add 10 victory points to their total.
  • Any unopened eggs will add an additional 5 victory points on top of the total.
  • Should a player gather ALL eggs on the map, they automatically win the game.
  • Up to 4 ID cards will be allowed per team. If that character was holding an egg when it has to leave, that egg drops onto the square the character was standing.

ROC State Championship

Click here for more details!

DC Rebirth Pre-Release

DC Rebirth is DC Comics most recent reboot of the entire DC Universe that re-imagines many of the most iconic heroes and villains in a stunning, new light! This exciting interpretation of the DC Universe includes new iterations of the usual suspects from the Justice League, JSA, and Teen Titans as well as new and exciting themes like Deathstroke’s Defiance, Justice League China, and the Dark Trinity of Bizarro, Red Hood, and Artemis!

Long-time HeroClix fans will be ecstatic to see many never-before-clixed characters like Power Girl, The Signal, Colonel Poison, Bumblebee, Cyclone, Commander Steel, Shade the Changing Girl, Jessica Cruz, and Flex Mentallo alongside their favorite, iconic characters!

This will be a 2 booster 300 point sealed event - Cost: 2 boosters.
Play with what is pulled.

Hired Heroes

  • Players are invited to put together a 400 point Modern Age team and 200 points worth of Modern Age figures with exactly 4 characters each.
  • Each team will be assigned a counterpart on the sidelined team. The counterpart must share a keyword and not exceed the point value of its partner on the map.
  • At the start of the game, each player will place the 400 point team in their starting zone and set the other aside on the sideline.
  • Once per game, each active character can "hire" its counterpart on the sidelined team. The character takes a power action to replace itself with its counterpart. That counterpart will stay on the map as part of the current team. At the beginning of the player's next turn, the following happens:
    • that figure leaves the game
    • the original figure returns to the departed figure's square
    • the returning character takes a click of damage, unless no attacks were made by the counterpart.
    • the opponent is "paid" 10 points.
  • Action tokens, equipment, and objects carried by the original character do not transfer to the counterpart and vise versa.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

Rarity Week: Commons

  • Players are invited to put together a 400 point Modern Age common figure team.
  • Rules are simple. ALL figures on the team must be a common figure.
  • That's all there is.

  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards will be allowed to bring in common figures only.

Welcome to Saint Pat-Clix Day

  • Players are to assemble a 317 point Modern Age green team, where all figures must have a majority amount of green on their costume, or have green skin tones.
  • Exceptions to this rule involves any characters of Irish background, who can also be Golden Age.
  • NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards can only bring in green characters, or those of Irish background.

2019 Winter WizKids Open - Cosmic Confluence - Sealed

click here for more details

  • Welcome to the Winter 2019 HeroClix Cosmic Confluence WizKids Open
  • A series of officially sponsored gaming events beginning March 2nd, 2019!
  • Prepare to do fearsome battle in the Regional Championships for HeroClix!
  • Winter 2019 HeroClix Cosmic Confluence WizKids Open events will take place world-wide.
  • Play amazing games, win convention exclusive prizes, and support local game stores at some of the biggest WizKids gaming events of the year!
  • We’ll see you there!

Girl's Day Celebration!

  • Players are to bring a 300 point Modern Age team, where ALL figure sculpts have to be female (including any bystander tokens).
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards will be allowed to summon female characters only.

February 24 2019 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Thanking the Academy

  • Players are invited to assemble a Modern Age 300 point team to participate in a Battle Royale event where at least one character must be in a formal outfit - suit or formal dress.
  • This "well-dressed" figure will have the following ability:  Nominated: POWER - Move the "Oscar" one square.
  • At the center of the map, a special object (the "Oscar") will be placed. This object cannot be destroyed, picked up, or placed. This object will be considered hindering terrain.
  • Whenever a player deals X clicks of damage to any single opposing character, move the "Oscar" X squares to that player's starting zone.
  • The "Oscar" ignores all terrain features.
  • Any player may at the end of their turn, may bribe the Academy (give a victory point to each opposing player) to move the "Oscar" two squares to their starting area.
  • If the "Oscar" starts a turn in a player's starting zone, that player gains 10 victory points.
  • Standard tournament rules apply.
  • Bring down your dice, figures, and maps.

February 17 2019 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT

  • Players are invited to assemble a 400 point Golden Age team where there must be a minimum of 5 non-bystander figures, AND none of their keywords, generic or named, can match.
  • Each team will be allowed up to just one figure with no keywords.
  • NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards can only bring in figures that do not have matching keywords to the rest of the team, on map or sideline.

February 10 2019 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Release Day OP (Sealed)

Celebrate the release of Marvel HeroClix: Earth X with a Release Day OP Event!

  • Players are invited to play in a sealed event featuring the newest release, Earth X!
  • Each player will be able to purchase two boosters and play with whatever is pulled!
  • All that is required is dice, tokens (action and object), some money for the packs, and yourself, of course.
  • This will be a three-round event.
  • Here is your chance at the new figures from the dystopic future of the Marvel Universe!

February 03 2019 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Groundhog Day

The annual question is about to be answered - Will there be 6 more weeks of winter?
Only one way to find out...

  • Players are invited to bring a 400 point Silver Age team.
  • One character on each team must have the stealth power.  This character will be designated as "the shadow".
  • Until the shadow takes attack damage (is "seen"), it gains +1 to its speed and attack values.
  • Once that damage happens to an opposing "shadow", winter kicks in for that team, where all opposing characters with two action tokens cannot have any of their values modified.
  • Characters with one of the following words in their name can ignore the effects of winter.
    • Cold
    • Cool
    • Freeze
    • Frost
    • Ice
    • Snow
    • Storm
    • Weather
    • Winter
  • Try to keep to theme - none of this polICEman stuff.
  • NOtes list is active.
  • Only one ID card allowed per team.

Marvel: Earth X Pre-Release

The newest set from the Heroclix world is about to debut!
Get your hands on the new Marvel HeroClix: Earth X up to two weeks before official release!
Welcome to the Marvel HeroClix: Earth X Pre-Release Event!

Earth X wasn’t just any comic series – it was a dystopian vision of the Marvel Universe future where EVERYONE had gained superpowers. It showed the world how the iconic heroes would have to cope with everyone having powers, and what is the ultimate portent of such a happening.
Syndrome: "And when everyone's super... no-one will be." 
     - Yeah, yeah.  He's not really part of this story, but incredibly, it fits!
This exciting interpretation of Avengers, Inhumans, Spider-Man Family and many more super-powered fan-favorites finally make their way to the HeroClix tabletop with the classic Earth X aesthetic!

Long-time HeroClix fans will be excited to see characters that haven’t been made in quite some time, as well as never-before-clixed characters like The Skull, Stegron, Alistair Smythe, and many more!

Look for brand-new Equipment-Objects included with certain characters in this release!
Players are invited to join in a 300 point sealed event featuring the previously unreleased figures of Earth X!
Each player will purchase 2 boosters to participate in the event.
Players may only construct teams from what is pulled from their packs.
Dice - a couple of d6s.
Tokens - both action and object
Maps - anything Modern, but something can be provided if you don't have anything
Calculator - so the complicated math-stuff is not so complicated
Spare change - enough to purchase a couple of boosters
That's all there is to it.

Clix of Many Hats

Ever find it strange that a single character can be a part of so many different titles and teams at the same time?
It's why Spider-Man has so many adjectives - Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational, Web of...
Then there are all the teams he's joined - Avengers, Fantastic Four, Future Foundation, Outlaws, Spider-Force, Web Warriors, and Amazing Friends.
Probably why the Clone Saga became a thing...
Wonder if the same can be done in 'Clix?

  • Players are invited to bring... not one, not two, but THREE different Modern Age 400 point theme teams, where there must be ONE figure common to all of them.
  • Each of those teams must feature a different keyword than the ones used by the other teams.
  • You can use a generic keyword for only up to ONE of the teams.
  • The other two must feature a named keyword.
  • That single common figure cannot be under 75 points and no greater than 150 points.
  • At the start of each game, each player will pick a team that has not yet been played in this event, and see how well it does for that round.
  • At the end of the event, all three teams should have been played.
  • If a player KO's the opposing common figure, an additional 50 points will be added to their victory total.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed.


Ever have that anticipated dread of something horrible coming in the future?
Something puts you on alert, or some plans are overheard, or perhaps it was an error made and the repercussions have not yet come.
So you wait.
Then you wait some more.
Then it doesn't come.
Or perhaps it comes in spades - like a cataclysmic disaster, a catastrophic mishap, or even a surprise party!

  • Players need to assemble a 500 point Modern Age theme team.
  • Players will gain an anticipation marker for every two successful hits their team makes.
  • At the start of each turn after the third round, a bombardment will be declared, where a square will be randomly determined as the impact point (this will be announced at the store).


  • Any figure on that square, will take 3 damage that cannot be reduced below 1.
  • Any figure adjacent to that square will take 2 damage that cannot be reduced below 1 and be knocked back 2 squares.
  • Any figure two squares away will take 1 unavoidable damage and get knocked back 1 square.
  • Missile knockbacks will happen regardless of damage taken.

  • Any object or marker in the target square will be destroyed. 

  • Before the bombardment is declared, any player may declare a panic attack to negate that bombardment by using an anticipation marker and giving at least three characters an action token apiece.
  • If a player does not have an anticipation marker AND at least three characters that can take an action token, then the bombardment cannot be averted.

  • The NOtes list is in effect. 
  • ID cards will be allowed.

Fighting for the Future

Something is coming soon.
Well, that is a pretty ambiguous and generic description.
Of course something is coming soon, something is always coming soon.  The question to ask is what is it?
Perhaps the powers of Heroclix can ascertain that unknown.
Players are invited to assemble a 400 point Modern Age theme team where at least one character has to have the Future keyword.
Bring your own figures, dice, tokens (action & object), and maps.

December 23 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Making the NOtes list and checking it twice...

Since a larger-than-life sort of character is coming to town, everyone has put together their wish list.
What's on yours?

  • Players are invited to bring a Modern Age 300-point team to the table.
  • As an extra bonus (for being Clix players, as opposed to being bad or good), a player may choose to include ONE item from the NOtes list to use on their team.
  • This item will not be affected by the Modern Age restriction.
  • These items will still be affected by the traditional team construction rules governing that gaming element.
  • Be prepared to explain to your opponent all concepts regarding said item (no running roughshod over other's lack of familiarity).
  • All other non-chosen items on the NOtes list will be active, as they pertain to each player.
  • ID cards will be allowed.


December 16 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Days of Future Past Battle Royale Chaos Draft

Why is it that everytime time travel comes into play, the intention is to fix things knowing what went wrong, but the result ends in chaos creating new problems?

There is the Days of Future Past event that has spawned SO many variant results.
There are the stories of Rip Hunter, Booster Gold, Cable, Bishop, Immortus, and Kang to name a few.
Then there are the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, and Flashpoint stories.
That said, think its time for a familiar event with a little bit of chaos!

Players are invited to this Sunday at noon to bring yourselves down to a compete in a Battle Royale event.

  • With the purchase of a single 5-figure booster, players will enter a draft event where ALL available 5-figure boosters in the store are valid options.
  • Each player, upon opening the pack, will choose a single game element with its respective card from the booster and pass the remainder to the next player on the right. This continues until the booster is exhausted of all contents.
  • Using those figures players will assemble a 300 point team to compete in a 4-6 player tournament.  If there are more players, a second Battle Royale event will be established.  If there are multiple pods, players will be assigned randomly.

Each pod will be played to a last-figure-standing format, but scoring will be weighed according to standing AND KOs.

  • 1st place is awarded 200 points.
  • 2nd place is awarded 100 points.
  • 3rd place is awarded 50 points.
  • 4th place is awarded 30 points.

KOed figures are awarded as normal points.
Standings will be organized according to a player's total victory points.

Upon the completion of the event, all pieces will be placed into the central pool. The players will then in an order determined by their victory standing, will get to select a piece from the pool. Other prizes will be offered into the prize pool as well, including certain Convention-only specials.


  • a pair of d6s.
  • tokens (action and basic object).
  • enough money to buy a booster.
  • something to record your personal points (if not, something can be arranged).
  • Play only with what is drafted.
  • No outside game elements are allowed.

December 09 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
What Goes Up a Chimney Down, But Not Down a Chimney Up?

Ever wonder how a character generally depicted as a portly, jolly, white-bearded fellow stayed portly, jolly, and white-bearded going up and down all those chimneys?
What December 26th must be for that guy.
The dry cleaning alone...

  • Players are to bring forth a 400 point Silver Age Named Theme Team, where one character has to be on the portly side and all the other characters cannot have a point value higher than 75 apiece.
  • At the end of each player's turn, add 10 victory points to their score if the portly character has ended the turn on a different elevation from the one they started.
  • So yes, for the masters of math, if a game provides enough turns and that character changes elevations enough, that character could score more points than the opposing team build.  Still, that's a lot of turns.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are allowed.

December 02 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
How does a Jolly Fellow in Red Deliver Gifts To Everyone In a Single Night?

It's uncanny how someone famous for his size covers so much ground in relatively so little time.
Over the years, there have been many an explanation for this much embraced feat that defies the reality of theoretical physics.
Answers have been postulated from traveling in the same direction as the planetary rotation, to having duplicate versions doing the work simultaneously, to simply... magik.

This week's scenario follows up on that thinking with a theory of its own.

Teleportation!  This is an act that defies both time AND space!

Come down this Sunday at noon,  with a Modern Age 400 point theme team and challenge your ability to cover as much ground as possible.

Each player will be assigned three teleport disc markers to be placed on the map along with the three basic object tokens.

At the start of each turn, the active player must take a FREE action to move one of those markers exactly 5 squares in a straight line without doubling back (orthogonally or diagonally).  This move ignores all game aspects of terrain and characters.  At the resolution of that or any other action, if it ends under any figure, place that figure on any matching teleport disc.  If the other matching discs are both occupied, then no placement is made.

If a character can actively use the Phase/Teleport power at the time of the teleport disc occupying its same square, the controlling player rolls a d6.  A 5 or 6 lets the controlling player choose which of ANY teleport disc the figure goes to.  2 , 3, or 4 will continue as normal.  A 1 places an action token on the figure with no placement.

These markers do not impede Line of Fire, either as blocking or hindering terrain.
However, any character moving off of these markers have their printed Speed value cut in half.
The NOtes list will be active.
ID cards are not active.

November 25 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Turkey Hunting

Happy Thanksgiving!
You will eat your way through Thanksgiving Thursday.
You will storm your way through the big stores on Black Friday
You will shop your way through the small shops on Small Business Saturday.
Before racing online for Cyber Monday, What will you do Sunday?
Of course not, it's Sunday!  It's Heroclix Sunday!  It's the most important part of the whole weekend!

Players are invited to assemble a themed turkey team... wait that doesn't sound right...

  • Players are invited to assemble a 400 point Silver Age named-theme team.
  • On that team, ONE figure must be a bird-related character. 
  • This figure can either have a bird-name or actually look like a bird (with feathers, a beak, or at least an honest approximation).
  • This character will be the "turkey".
  • The "turkey" will have the following traits:
    • Gobble, Gobble:  If this character deals less than 3 damage, that character can use Steal Energy (protected from OUTWIT) for that attack.
    • Tom Fowlery:  After an attack misses this character, this character can automatically break away, will gain Earthbound until next turn, and take an immediate action to move up to half of its printed speed
    • Food Coma:  When this character is KOed, heal all opposing characters (except the opposng "turkey") within 6 squares, 3 clicks and place an action token on each of them.
    • Residential Pardon:  If this character is still on the board at the end of the game, the controlling player gains 100 victory points.

  • The NOtes list will be active.
  • No ID cards will be allowed.

November 11 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Veteran's Day Critical Celebration!

Happy Veteran's Day!

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month, players are invited to gather their forces in respectable competiition.

  • Teams need to be assembled as 500 point Silver Age squads worth of named theme team.  At least one of those characters must have the Soldier keyword.
  • Purple Heart: Once per game, after a Soldier character has been damaged, when that character starts a turn in their respective starting zone, heal that character to their second click at the end of that turn if they did not take an action that turn.
  • Honor the Fallen: After a Soldier character is KOed, any non-Soldier character friendly to that KOed Soldier can take an action without taking pushing damage until the end of their next turn.
  • All rolls of eleven will result in a critical hit!
  • The NOtes list will be active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

Unmasked By Scooby and the Gang

Hey Scooby!  Where are you?
Each player needs to assemble their version of Scooby and the gang.  Must have only 6 figures, one from each of these requirements.  Each figure will be designated to a specific character.

  • Fred - have front-loaded Leadership power
  • Daphne - must be a red-headed figure (with red hair, not an actual red head like Red Hulk)
  • Velma - have the Detective keyword OR the Scientist keyword AND be able to use Perplex
  • Shaggy - be able to use the Combat Reflexes power AND the Leap/Climb power (they do not have to been on the same click).
  • Scooby-Doo - have the Animal keyword and have a non-human-like sculpt
  • Masked Villain of the Week - have the Monster keyword starting with Shape Change and a point level in double digits or less
  • Optional: Mystery Machine - have the Vehicle keyword (having a vehicle will allow a team to break the only-6-figures rule, but only for this one additional figure)

If a team has characters that look like the actual Scooby gang, that team will gain an additional 100 victory points.
Scooby Team Up!

  • Scooby-Doo, where are you? - Shaggy gets the trait: POWER - place a friendly Scooby withing line of fire adjacent to this character.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang - Fred gets the trait: POWER - move all adjacent friendly Scooby gang characters as a free action up to half of their speed value.
  • Scooby-Dooby-Doo!: Scooby gains a trait to use Super Senses.  When the opposing Monster makes a MOVE action, the first 4 squares is towardsthe opposing Scooby.
  • Jeepers!: Daphne gains a trait to use the Probability Control power as a POWER action.
  • Jinkies!: Velma gains the carry ability, but only to carry the entire Scooby gang at the same time.
  • Meddling Kids!: When Fred and Velma are adjacent and friendly to each other, all members of the Scooby gang gains the Capture ability to target the opposing Monster.
  • Zoinks!: When Shaggy and Scooby are adjacent to each other, they can carry the other without penalty, and they can break away automatically for MOVE actions.
  • It's a M-M-Monster!: Monsters can use as a free action, the Mind Control ability with 3 targets (minimum 5 range), but only to force opposing characters to take movement actions.
  • Players win when they defeat the entire opposing gang of meddling kids.  If a player's team captures an opposing Monster figure and scores it in their starting zone, that player gains 100 victory points. Neither team's Monster figure can attack the opposing Monster figure.

NOtes list is in effect.
Bring your own figures, dice, tokens, maps, and Scooby Snacks (last one is optional).

Marvel Secret Wars Battleworld Marquee

Prepare to enter the patchwork world of Secret Wars: Battleworld!  Marvel Universes combine to form the collective Battleworld planet in this brand-new HeroClix 5-figure booster set! Dominate the tabletop with powerful “Barons” of each Battleworld domain! Explore uncharted territory with exciting characters from the Marvel Universe as you have never seen them before!

This Sunday at noon, players are invited to participate in the Secret Wars Battleworld marquee event!

  • This will be a two-booster 300 point sealed event.
  • Play with what is pulled.
  • Requirements:
    • Yourself
    • Dice
    • Tokens (action and object)
    • Spare Change for the buy-in
    • A friend or five.

Robots in Disguise

Quick question:  Autobot or Decepticon?

  • Players are to assemble a Modern Age 400 point team, where at least one figure has to have the Robot keyword and start with being able to use the Shape Change power (this specific character can be Golden Age).

  • The Robot character(s) has the following traits:
    • Transform And Roll Out: Whenever this character makes a successful Shape Change roll, this character can automatically break away and sidestep up to 3 squares away
    • You Would Have Made a Fine Decepticon: If this character can still use Shape Change, POWER: make an attack roll targetting a single opposing character with attack value modified by +1.
    • That's Not a Car:  If this character fails a Shape Change roll AND takes combat damage, all opposing characters gain +1 to their attack targetting this character until end of turn.

  • At the end of each game, each player gets a 25 victory point bonus for each KOed opposing Robot character and 25 for each surviving friendly Robot character(s).
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.
  • The NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards will not be allowed for this event.

Marvel Secret Wars Battleworld Pre-Release Event!

The Multiverse has collapsed!  Out of the nothingness comes a patchwork planet formed from the remnants of lost worlds!  The Marvel Universes combine to form the collective Battleworld planet in this brand-new HeroClix 5-figure booster set!

There will be something for everyone in this booster set with support for existing themes like Avengers (1,000,000 BC), Asgardians (The Thor Army), and Spider-Man Family (Spider-Island), as well as plenty of brand new shared traits, new Battleworld themed teams, and more never-before-clixed characters like Alex Wilder, Crystar, Erik Killmonger, and Stick!

Cost: Buy-in with a Two-booster sealed event.

Tokens (action and basic object)
Friends to join in the fun

This will be a three-round event.
Top place players will get first shot at buying up the remaining boosters.

Can you survive Battleworld?

September 30 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Clix Your Own Reality

Question: What do the following have in common?
Mirror Universes.
Alternate Realities.
Other Realms... 

Answer:  This week's theme of the week for Heroclix (like you didn't see this coming)!

  • Players are invited to bring a 400 point Silver Age team featuring at least 6 characters not in the typical mainstream reality of either Marvel or DC comics (at least 4 if they are part of a named theme team), but they must be from the present day.
  • The figures can be from any alternate reality, independent series, or other line of Heroclix-related games.  They cannot feature characters with either the Past or the Future keywords.
  • So examples of available figures can include the following sets:
    • TMNT
    • Assassin's Creed
    • Undead
    • Star Trek
    • any of the movie-based sets
    • Yu-Gi-Oh
    • Lord of the Rings
    • The Hobbit
  • Other examples of available figures will also include figures from the mainstream lines like the following:
    • Thrillkiller
    • Bombshells
    • Batman the Animated Series
    • What If figures
    • Elseworlds figures
  • ID cards are allowed, but they may only bring in characters that meet the scenario pre-requisites.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.


September 23 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT

It's the world of Pokémon (in Heroclix)!

Players are to assemble a 400 point Silver Age team, where  there must be exactly 6 characters on the starting squad.

  • 5 of the characters must have the Animal or Monster keyword.
  • The last may not have the Animal or Monster keyword.
  • The non-animal/monster character will have the following traits:
    • I Challenge You!: POWER - Target non-animal/monster character within line of fire.  Both characters choose a friendly animal/monster characters not chosen in the previous Challenge and place them next to themselves.  The challenger animal/monster character takes an action to attack the opposing animal/monster.  If the challenged animal/monster survives, that figures attacks the other animal/monster.  After both actions are completed, placed both animal/monsters in their respective starting zones 


  • The game ends when a player has all of its animal/monster characters KOed.
  • Characters may still attack each other as normal.
  • NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards are not allowed.

September 16 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Marvel Heroclix: Days ofFuture Past Month 2 - Constructed

Yes, it's time for another opportunity to deal with the Days of Future Past.
It is the future.
New York City has become a nightmarish environment run by mutant-discriminatory Sentinels.
The only chance for the world not to be engulfed into war lies with the few surviving mutants to take the ultimate chance 

All players are invited to participate in the second part of the Days of Future Past storyline event.

  • This will be a part constructed, part sealed event.
  • Players will be allowed to bring up to 200 points of X-Men related figures.  These will include those characters with a direct tie to one of the many X-titled comics, or characters who have been a repetitive presence in the many series.
  • Players will purchase any one single 5-figure booster.
  • Teams will be 300 point Modern Age squads, with 125 points from the pack and the difference coming from the figures brought to the game.
  • So no figures will be allowed on a team beyond the 200 points brought to the game and the 125+ points that is assembled from the pack.
  • Should a pack not feature enough points to be equal or greater than the 125 required, that player must play with at least 4 figures from the pack and the remaining points are supplied from the 200 points worth of figures brought.
  • One ID card will be allowed per team.
  • The NOtes list is in effect.

September 09 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
How To Score Points In Football-clix

Time to put a little football in Heroclix (or is that a little Heroclix in the football?)!
Players are invited to assemble an 11 figure 500 point Silver Age theme team where 10 have to be less than or equal to 50 points, with the last being any number of points within the team build restriction.  There has to be exactly 11 figures starting on the team.  No more.  No less.  Only one bystander token will be allowed per team.
All players will need a scorecard - this will be supplied.
The player that completely KO's the opposing team gets the full 500 whether or not that player had that many points.
Each time a figure damages 3 or more characters simultaneously, add 2 points to the scoring player's victory total.
If a figure suffers knockback from an attack the active player adds 3 points to their victory total.
KOing a figure will add an additional 7 points to the scoring player's victory total along with the figure's points.
KOing a figure in one shot, will instead add an additional 8 points to the scoring player's total with the figure's points.
No ID cards unless allowed by a figure on the team (and only one of those are allowed).
The NOtes list is active.

September 02 2018 - HEROCLIX SUNDAY EVENT
Putting Things in Reverse

"Esrever ni krow laid eht nrut taht stceffe lla.  Enil neerg rieht tsap dekcilc nehw d’OK era dna kcilc lanif rieht no trats sretcarahc."

If Zatanna Zatara recorded a Heroclix scenario, what would that sound like?

"Active the NOtes list is.  When passing appropriate starting line, dial ends it does.  Multiple starting lines with appropriate point values still align."
If Yoda spoke with Bizarro, what would that conversation be like?
Bizarro says "Bizarro Loves bystander tokens and ID Cards.  Hates this scenario!"

Bizarro loves this scenario!  No bystander tokens and ID Cards.
Varying starting lines will still align with appropriate point values.  Dials end when clicking past the appropriate "starting" line.  The NOtes list is active.
Characters start on their final click and are KO’d when clicked past their green line.  All effects that turn the dial work in reverse.

Characters with the word “Bizarro”, "Zatanna", or Zatara" in their name are played as normal
The subliminal messages found in this backwards email has an event where players bring a 400 Silver Age team this Sunday at noon.



This week Heroclix will be taking a little break due to Hurricane Lane

Crafting War With Hoarded Figures Resisting A Lie Ants Heard

Tired of running out of points?  Frustrated by wanting to use larger point figures, but only having smaller point scenarios?  Dreaming about filling half the map with miniatures?  Who out there just wants an epic battle?
Here is everyone's chance to play at the awesome level with the bigger incarnations of comic book creations or swarming the field with more figures than many players own.

  • Players can assemble a 1000 point Silver Age theme team.  You read that correctly.  1000 whole points of Heroclix mayhem will be available for clix destruction!
  • Bring out the ridiculous point level powerhouses that only saw light of day on the shelf.  Dig out the horde of Heroclix that no one else can summon.
  • Why not do both?  There should be points enough for all.

  • Now as novel as it would be to run a swarm team, it is a rare horde that can take full advantage of the one thing that they clearly have over their opponents; namely their numbers.
  • To make things interesting for the swarm, there will be some tweaks to a certain power.
  • Actions will be set at 5 per turn, but Leadership will be allowed to stack additional actions beyond the +1 bonus normally allotted.  That's right, each successful Leadership roll will result in an additional action not restricted by the rule of three!  However, each Leadership roll that results in a 1, will take away one action for the turn.
  • Bring extra d6 dice for each figure with Leadership.  Leadership dice rolls will be rolled simultaneously to speed up the game.  Where the dice land will determine which character the roll belongs.  The die landing the furthest to the left will belong to the character furthest to the left, and the next die will belong to the first figure to the right of that one.  If characters are in the same column as each other, the die will belong to the figure furthest away from their starting zone, followed by the next furthest away until all the characters in a column are assigned a die.  Characters who are not chosen to roll for Leadership must be declared so BEFORE the roll.

  • The 1000 point army MUST have an apparent identity, which generally is a theme team.  If a team has no matching keywords for a standard theme team, send a request to see if that list will be acceptable (name of figures and quantities and reasoning why are required).  Be very convincing, like this-needs-to-be-an-actual-thing convincing.

  • Now, to make things even more interesting, the characters with Leadership will be able to use the following ability:

  • Stay in Formation!:  When this character takes a MOVE action, any adjacent characters may move along as long as at the end of the movement, they are in the same adjacent position they were when they started.  All characters moving in this fashion must move as if they all have the standard foot icon, regardless if they actually have any other symbol.  Characters moving this way cannot take any further action (free or non-free), but will only take away one action from the action total.
  • Breakaway rolls are still required, but gain +1 if part of a Formation move.  If the breakaway roll fails, the adjacent figure(s) cannot move, but the non-adjacent figures will still be able to move with a movement penalty of -2.


  • Format will be determined by the number of players.
  • Do not go too crazy.  There is a time limit. 
  • The NOtes list will be active. 
  • Colossal Figures larger than the 2x2 based ones will be allowed but will have their movement reduced to zero, unless it is the last friendly figure on the map.

Marvel Days of Future Past Month 1 - Sealed

The cover of Uncanny X-Men 141 is one of the most iconic pieces of art in all of comics – the cover to part 1 of Days of Future Past quickly communicates to the observer what a dire situation the X-Men are facing.

Players will get a chance to play at their local gaming store to earn Days of Future Past Wanted Poster ID cards.
If players amass enough points across the entire event to become the winner of the entire Storyline OP Event and earn a terrifying and never-before-Clixed Tri-Sentinel!

  • Players are invited to this event featuring a 2 booster sealed game. 
    • The players will purchase one booster of either Deadpool and X-Force OR Xavier's School AND one booster of any other set available on the shelves! 
    • This will bring Marvel's mighty mutants into a mix with the mayhem manifested by this muddled mashup!

  • Players will assemble a 300 point team with at least 100 points coming from the X-related booster pack.
  • No outside game elements are allowed.  Tokens may be used to represent any bystanders or objects created by the figures pulled from the packs.
  • This will be a three-round event.
  • Bring down your dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.

Comic Book Covers

The Honolulu Comic Con weekend has arrived!
Time to test out how much of a comic fan there is in a Heroclix player.

  • Players need to assemble the best comic-accurate cover team for a 300 point Silver Age team.  
    • Only standard monthly comic covers are allowed.  No TPBs, posters, novels, or ads.  
    • The exception to that would be if the TPB, poster, novel, or ad employs the same cover art as a monthly issue.  
    • Proof of individual issue will be required (actual book would be awesome, but a digital image will suffice).  
    • Closest matching costumes will be accepted in lieu of inexact comic cover matches.  
    • The team played must be part of the same team depicted on the cover and not include the opposing character(s).  
    • Though not all characters on the cover have to be on the team, a team must feature a minimum of 3 recognizable characters (bystanders do not count toward this requirement).  
    • A team that perfectly matches a cover (exact number of team members + exact costumes) will be recognized as a theme team, even if there is no matching keyword, and each member will gain +1 to their defense for the game.
  • NOtes list is active.
  • ID cards will not be active.
  • Bring down your figures, dice, tokens (action and object), and maps.


All players are required to have a WizKids Info Nestwork [WIN] account name to enter the tournament.  If a player signs up for the tournament and does not have a WES account, they must create an account prior to the start of the tournament.  All players will have their WES account registered to the tournament when the tournament starts if they have not pre-registered ahead of time.  

Pre-register at: