Get ready to clean up the streets of Gotham City

as the multi-Emmy award winning series makes its debut in HeroClix!

Players will have a chance to play and re-enact some of their favorite scenes or episodes from this iconic TV series.

For the first time DC Comics HeroClix: Batman The Animated Series will feature never before clixed characters like Clock King, Zeta, and Baby-Doll. As well as highlight sub-themes such as Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, and the Super-Friends for all to enjoy.
Cartoons are coming to 'clix!
Players are invited to participate in the early release event showcasing the new upcoming set featuring the long-awaited characters from the iconic animated series!
This will be a sealed event where each player must assemble the best 300 point team they can from their purchase of two of the new boosters.
Bring down your dice, tokens (action and object), maps, and enough to purchase two boosters.




All players are required to have a WizKids Info Nestwork [WIN] account name to enter the tournament.  If a player signs up for the tournament and does not have a WES account, they must create an account prior to the start of the tournament.  All players will have their WES account registered to the tournament when the tournament starts if they have not pre-registered ahead of time.  

Pre-register at: