July 19, 2015

12 noon

These ID cards allow the player to bring in support characters to help during HeroClix games, and will only be available as prizes during the Ant-Man Micro-tourneys, so don’t miss out!

All players are required to have a WizKids Event System [WES] account name to enter the tournament.  If a player signs up for the tournament and does not have a WES account, they must create an account prior to the start of the tournament.  All players will have their WES account registered to the tournament when the tournament starts if they have not pre-registered ahead of time.  

Pre-register at:  http://www.wizkidseventsystem.com

Marvel is releasing a new movie this weekend!  Heroclix is celebrating with an exclusive tournament event!  Players at Other Realms get a chance at that exclusive offering!  How cool is this?

To celebrate the new Ant-Man movie, Other Realms will be holding the Ant-Man micro tournament this Sunday!  What is a micro tournament?  It’s like a regular heroclix tournament but it’s limited to four players per event. This means you could play (and WIN!) multiple tournaments that day!  It is a sealed tournament and the price is the cost of one booster, and you and your immediate competitors play with the figures in that booster. You get to keep the figures you draft, so there’s nothing to lose. What if you win? You get a limited edition Ant-Man ID card that is only available at the tournament!

Format: Draft.  4 player single elimination tournament. Sealed, force constructed from all the models drafted from the pooled boosters. Each team build total is considered to be 300 points for activation purposes.  For detailed information on the draft format, the following is a description of the activity in the event as indicated in the Heroclix Comprehensive Tournament Rules (with a few clarifications regarding the Ant-Man micro tournament).Draft Format:
Players are assigned to a pod of players. Pods may be made up of any number of people including the entire set of tournament players, though for this event, pod totals will be 4 players. Within a pod, players open their booster at the direction of the judge. Between each event below, the judge may direct players to pass the remaining contents of the booster to another player.
Open booster.
Verify figures are not illegal.  If a player opens a booster with an illegal character in a Limited event, the player can choose to continue without the illegal character or to replace the entire booster. Partial replacements can’t be made. Illegal characters are those for which the character number on the base and the combat dial (left of the green starting line) do not match. A character that is missing a print-and-play element, has errata, or is broken is not considered an illegal character.
If the player chooses to play the booster with the illegal figures, that player must select one of those illegal figures for each of his selections in step 0 until all of the illegal figures have been selected.
All characters are turned to their starting click (no other clicking is permitted until after all elements have been drafted).
A game element is selected by a player (this step typically begins with the player who opened the booster), then the remainder of the booster is passed to the player to the left.
Repeat until all game elements have been selected by the players, this includes any miscellaneous special objects, constructs, ID cards, in addition to the figures.  Note that any bystander tokens or objects found that are directly associated with a specific figure from the booster will be passed to the same player that had drafted the specific figure.  Any figures chosen will also retain their respective character card.
After all game elements from all boosters have been selected, all players have their potential force. Each player would now build their force from the game elements they now have (to the build total of the event).
At that point games progress under standard tournament play.
Now that sounds easy enough.  Simply show up this Sunday with your some spare change, dice, tokens, and maps.  Players will be randomly mixed into pods.  Each player gets to choose a 5 figure booster to put into the draft.  Each player walks away with their drafted figures.  Each pod champion gets a prize!
If there are any questions about the event, send them.  All will be answered.  Nothing too small.

See you at the store!

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Registration Fee: Purchase of one (1) sealed boosters on the day of tourney.  

You will receive the following item(s):

  • EVERYONE will go home with a special prize!
  • 1 Exclusive Ant-Man ID Card will be awarded to the winner of each micro-tournament