June 14, 2015

12 noon

"“No need to plug me in, Daddy. I’m alive… just like you.” – Ultron-1
 - Avengers #54, Marvel Comics

All players are required to have a WizKids Event System [WES] account name to enter the tournament.  If a player signs up for the tournament and does not have a WES account, they must create an account prior to the start of the tournament.  All players will have their WES account registered to the tournament when the tournament starts if they have not pre-registered ahead of time.  

Pre-register at:  http://www.wizkidseventsystem.com

Ultron is back and more destructive than ever.  He is on a mission to rid the world of the Avengers and wipe out humanity.  Will you travel to the future and stop Ultron from effecting the present?  Will you go back to the past and kill Henry Pym so Ultron is never created?  Or, will you come up with your own plan to save the day.

In Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron you decide what happens to the future. Just remember, time is sensitive and the slightest change in history can be devastating.

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron is a four-month Storyline Organized Play so join the fight against Ultron and his army of robots.

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Registration Fee: Purchase of two (2) sealed boosters on the day of tourney.  

You will receive the following item(s):

  • Avengers Round Table 3D Resource Objects Participation Prizes
  • Iron Man Avengers ID Card Participation Prize
  • Grandmaster Limited Edition Figure  - for top finishers