Day: Last Saturday of the Month

Time: 12 noon - 1:30pm

Next meeting: January 25th

  • Wicked & Divine TP Vol 01 & Bitter Root TP Vol 01

Why should Oprah have all the fun...

Join us the last Saturday of every month at noon to

meet fellow comic book and graphic novel readers,

discuss a great read and

maybe even learn a little something.

How will this crazy idea work?  Simple...

  • Other Realms will be choosing a graphic novel/trade each month for you to read. 
  • Please read the graphic novel prior to arriving for the book club group.
  • The book club will be moderated by Matt "Hazmat" Wells and he will have some interesting questions for you to ponder and discuss.

What if I don't already own the book?

  • Other Realms will make the book available for purchase up to 4 weeks prior to the book club discussion.
  • Purchase the book from us AND attend the book club discussion.  Keep your receipt.
  • At the conclusion of the discussion, you will receive 50% off the next month's title.

What are we reading?​​

December - skip month - Happy Holidays

January - The Wicked + Divine TP The Faust Act & Bitter Root TP Vol 01 Family Business

February - Thanos Wins by Donny Cates

Geeks read a lot of books - We just like some of ours with pictures!

Graphic Novel

Book Club