Day: Last Saturday of the Month

Time: 12 noon - 2:00pm

Next meeting: September 30th

Title: JLA Earth 2 TP

Why should Oprah have all the fun...

Join us the last Saturday of every month at noon to

meet fellow comic book and graphic novel readers,

discuss a great read and

maybe even learn a little something.

How will this crazy idea work?  Simple...

  • Other Realms will be choosing a graphic novel/trade each month for you to read. 
  • Please read the graphic novel prior to arriving for the book club group.
  • The book club will be moderated by Matt "Hazmat" Wells and he will have some interesting questions for you to ponder and discuss.

What if I don't already own the book?

  • Other Realms will make the book available for purchase up to 4 weeks prior to the book club discussion.
  • Purchase the book from us AND attend the book club discussion.  Keep your receipt.
  • At the conclusion of the discussion, you will receive a gift card for 50% of the title's purchase price (original receipt required).
  • The gift card may be used to purchase the next title on the graphic novel book club's list or on anything else!

What are we reading?

  • September 30th - Justice League Earth 2
  • October 28th - The Walking Dead Volume 1
  • November 25th - Unworthy Thor Volume 1

Geeks read a lot of books - We just like some of ours with pictures! 

Graphic Novel Book Club