CheeHoo Books will be on hand to authenticate signatures and submit comics books to CGC.

Starting with February 25th we will be welcoming Daniel Brown from CheeHoo Books to the shop on a monthly basis to accept CGC submissions and redistribute completed CGC graded items.  We will post his next visit date soon!

Mog Park is the cover artist for I, Mage #7.  She has previously worked on a few projects with Tokyo Pop and has worked on HBO's Game of Throne series. She was also awarded a Daily Deviation from for her portrayal of “Yeine” from the novel “Hundred Thousand Kingdoms” by author N.K.Jemisin.

I, Mage #7 will be pre-released at Other Realms exclusively on Saturday, February 25th.  Don't miss out on your opportunity to get a hold of a copy and have the writer and cover artist signatures!

Gary Turner & Mog Park

What is I, Mage about?

A Scientific mission to study a primitive world of magic encounters catastrophe. All aboard escape in life pods... all except one boy. With the protection of a robot, an apprentice, and her quirky mentor, Kai must survive the savagery of dragons, warriors, and the all-powerful Overq'sai long enough to return home.

Gary Turner is a father of twin girls, and Hawaii TV commercial Producer/Animator, as well as creator, writer, and letterer on "I, Mage" with Action Lab Entertainment. If you have any questions about breaking in, or about the challenges in producing a graphic series he's more than happy to share.

Other Realms


Gary Turner and Mog Park

Saturday, February 25, 2016

12 noon to 3:00pm