We stock a variety of Table Top Games which includes Miniature, Card, Board and Role Play Games.  We are constantly updating our stock with the hottest and most popular game systems along with our customer and staff favorites.


Our Game deliveries arrive throughout the week.  Each day we will post the expected new releases and restocks here on our website. 


Most game companies have scheduled release days for their new releases:

     •Fantasy Flight/Asmodee Games - Friday

     •Games Workshop - Saturday

     •Wizards of the Coast - MTG Friday

     •Wizards of the Coast - D&D Tuesday

     •Wizkids - Wednesday


If you want to make sure we've got what you're looking for, call ahead (808-596-8236) and talk to our courteous team.


Check out our links above for the most up-to-date information on New Releases & Restocks, In-Store Gaming, Friday Night Magic and Saturday Night Magic.


Our Events link at the top will keep you informed on our hosted events throughout the year!