White Plume Mountain has tentatively been identified as the “feathered mound” mentioned in the poem. Sages further agree that the “K” signature refers to Keraptis, but most insist that the writer must be an imposter. After all, who can believe the note really comes from the magician of legend after 1,300 years? The former owners of Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor have each outfitted a group of intrepid heroes to take up the challenge. The nearest village, Yellowreach, lies about 5 miles from the mountain long the Yellow Flow River (so named for the sulfurous deposits along its banks). The village can supply the party’s basic needs—rations, lantern oil, and inexpensive potions and scrolls—between forays, but any item costing more than 200 gp is unavailable here. The villagers know of the mountain and its surroundings, as well as details of the only entrance (see Beginning the Adventure, below), but they generally give the area a wide berth. Any adventurers bold enough to set out for White Plume Mountain are regarded as either very brave or very foolhardy. Upon clearing one of the three wings of the mythical dungeon and recovering the War hammer Whelm the adventures stand before great flanged doors from which humming sounds can be felt. What will they do next?


Hello all new Heroclix and fellow Heroclix players! This is Matt again, avid Heroclix player and sorta semi Judge at Other Realms (When Darren lets me out of the kindness of his heart). 

It is once again time for Other Realms GAMES DAY!!! And Heroclix will be having a tournament featuring the brand new DC ARKHAM ORIGINS!  So as every Games Day, ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE!

Our scenario is going to be a 400 POINT SEMI-CONSTRUCTED EVENT! These are the details.... 
•Everyone is to bring a 200 POINT CONSTRUCTED SILVER AGE TEAM to the event!
•Once you arrive at games day you are to purchase (and did I mention that all miniatures is 20% OFF!!!!!!) 4-6 SINGLE FIGURE BOOSTERS from the Batman Arkham Origins or any other single figure booster in stock! 
​ •As normal is the usual rap sheet.... Special Objects and ATA's are allowed
•NO Resources, Vehicles, Colossals, Team Bases, Battle Field Conditions, or Feats 

This event is open to all players new and old! Demos will be held all day to teach the game if anyone is interested!
​PRIZES WILL BE AT THE EVENT!!!!  Hope to see everyone there!

Search ye far or search ye near, You’ll find no trace of the three Unless you follow instructions clear, For the weapons abide with me. North past forest, farm, and furrow You must go to reach the feathered mound. Then down away from the sun you’ll burrow— Forget life, forget light, and forget sound. To rescue Wave, you must do battle With the Beast in the Boiling Bubble. Crost cavern vast, where chain-links rattle Lies Whelm, past waterspouts double.
Blackrazor yet remains to be won Underneath inverted ziggurat. That garnered, think not that you’re done, For now you’ll find you are caught. I care not, former owners brave, What heroes you seek to hire. Though mighty, each shall be my slave Or vanish into the fire.
​ ​K.
8 players up to 5 rounds aprox 4hrs-15mins
16 players up to 6 rounds aprox 5hrs

• Each player brings 3 packs from any magic set ever printed. 
​ • Everyone has access to unlimited basic lands. 
• Minimum 40 card deck. 
• Build a deck using the three packs you brought. 
• Each round is 45 mins best of three match. 
• When you lose your first match you give your opponent your side board. 
• Upon losing your second match you are eliminated from the blob and give your opponent your deck.  In between rounds you
​ are allowed to edit your deck and add any new cards won from the previous rounds. 
• The exception is the final round where the winner of that match takes all in a best of 3.  
​ • The Winner of the Blob, not only has the honor of total victory, but will also own every card played in the tournament.

WARHAMMER 40K BUNKER ASSAULT Players may field a Defence Force of 750 points, standard army list or an Attack  Force of 500 points, elites only.  Attacking players will attempt to destroy up to 3 bunkers being protected by the defending player.  ​We will have two tables open all day for this scenario • 4 players at a time.  • Games will be played on 4 X 4 battlefields  and should run quickly.  • You may play more than once and can switch between attacker and defender positions if you want. 


   • 8 players

   • 1000 points and one (1) strategic asset per player.  

   • Sign up at the shop.


Be the first in the state to experience the Eldritch Horror Boardgame as you and your trusted circle of colleagues must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror.  

Come down and play your favorite boardgame or learn how to play something new.  Tables will be set up with a large variety of games for you to check out and meet other players at.   


1:00 PM - Munchkin players unite!  Don't miss out on this always amusing and geeky fun Munchkin Tournment event.


We will have 3 (or 4 with enough players) battles and a combined battle at the end over Cardassia itself. 

The coalition players will each build fleets of 80 pts.  The dominion players will have 100 pts per player.  

However, the dominion forces must divide their fleets into 2 and use half their forces to fight the outer battles and the other half to defend Cardassia Prime. With some added space station support.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Several weeks ago, three highly valued magic weapons with the cryptic names Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor disappeared from the vaults of their owners in the midst of the city of Greyhawk. Rewards were posted, servants were hanged, and even the sanctuary of the Thieves’ Guild was violated in the frantic search for the priceless arms, but not a single clue turned up until the weapons’ former owners (all wealthy collectors) each received a copy of a strange note:

Save the dates for the next Games Day......

  • February 22, 2014
  • May 17, 2014
  • ​August 23, 2014
  • ​November 22, 2013

The next Games Day is.....

November 16, 2013

What is Games Day?

Games Day is the meeting of people who are interested in game playing and miniature painting.  On Games Day there will be role playing, miniature battles, card games, and miniature painting demonstrations run by experienced Game Masters for players to participate in.  The game room will also be open for any gamers to come and play whatever games they would like to or you can just come to watch.  Call 808-596-8236 with any questions about any of our activities.


Where is Games Day?
Games Day will be held at the Kaka'ako and Kewalo conference rooms at the Ward Warehouse.  They're on the second floor across from Other Realms.  The room will open at 10:00am.  The rooms will be open all day for people to come and go as they please. Games will end promptly at 5:30pm and the room must be cleared by 6:00pm.

There will be a $3.00 charge at the door per person. 
This door fee will be waived for game judges and referees for scheduled events.


Games Day Specials!
All persons attending Other Realms Games Day will be entitled to a 20% discount on all games and game accessories at the shop on that day (some restrictions apply).   There is also an Awesome Prize Drawing for over $300.00 of merchandise in the afternoon and special sales on games and accessories!!!



WHAT'S GOING ON........  

  UPDATED 11/13/2013.  More will be added as the date gets closer!


MINIATURE DEMO TABLE - Supervised by Master Painter, Kenneth Taba.

Bring down your paints, miniatures, models, and brushes.  The table will be open all day for any who wish to paint, build, or watch. Here is a chance to ask questions and share tips with other painters and builders.  Whether you are just beginning and would like to learn more, or you are a veteran who would like to exchange ideas, there will be something for all.


​Bring in your most creative work.
No entry fee.
This is a chance to show case your creativity.  Show off those pieces that have inspired you to do something different, conversions and/or creative paint schemes. 

This isn't a regular painting competition. We will be judging on creativity.  So, mastery of painting technique will be of little importance. A very creative conversion or creative and appealing paint scheme that is somewhat messy or uneven will beat a perfectly painted, perfectly shaded/highlighted figure with a typical paint scheme. 

Prizes will be awarded but not for the normal 1st, 2nd or 3rd places.  Nor will the prizes be the normal contest prizes.  Something different is being planned for prizes. . . could be kittens, could be rocks.  It won’t be gold bullion or a brand new car.  It’ll be smaller than a bread box but worth more than a penny.    

Prizes will be awarded for:  
•Creative, unique and well executed conversions.  Painted not necessary.
•Creative and appealing paint scheme.  The entry will not be judged on mold lines, basing etc.  Basically all the stuff we normally
cut people from competition for would not matter.  (example, A very creative and appealing paint scheme could easily beat a
perfectly painted Ultra Marine)
​ •Additionally there will be a large figure/monster/vehicle category. Any vehicle or any figure that normally uses a base of 40mm
​ or larger.  They haven't had much love lately. 

3 judging categories
•paint scheme   
•large figure/monster/vehicle

Entries do not have to be something recent, but they do need to be something you’ve done yourself.

MINIATURE BASING WORKSHOP A miniature's base can make or brake a finished model.  At a painting competition, on the field, in your display case,  a nicely done base will go a long way in the overall look and appeal of your miniature. Join us at at the miniature painting table for an ongoing basing workshop.  The experienced painters, will show you the ins and outs of miniature basing.   We will cover building materials, sculpting, painting techniques, applying grasses and turf, etc....  Bring down a base or two to work on or just have a look at what's there.  We will provide some materials for you to use.