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Gather your troops up and bring a 750 point force to Games Day.  We will run a 3-round tournament with rounds lasting 1.5 hours each.  Registration/games start at 10:30am.  Army lists must adhere to all codex rules, please have your army list ready before registration!  Your painted miniatures will be judged by your opponents and count towards your score.  Battle details will be given at Games Day.  Besides braging rights, the winner will walk away with a $25.00 Gift Certificate and a mention on our facebook/website.  Get warmed up for our full blown Rogue Trader Tournament on July 20.


Stay on target, stay on target!  Meet up with other Star Wars X-Wing players for a casual and fun tournament.  Just show up with your ships and details will be given at Games Day.  8 players maximum.  We have some Game NIght prizes provided by Fantasy Flight Games. 


1:00 PM - Munchkin players unite!  Don't miss out on this always amusing and geeky fun Munchkin Tournment event.


How many miniatures can you get to Games Day?  We will have a large terrain table set up for a massive Apocalypse battle.  Table will fill up on a 1st come, 1st served basis.  


11:00am - 1:30pm - 400 point Silver Age Teen Titans Floor Event 

Simply put, bring at least 200 points or more of figures from Teen Titans to be on your team and the rest can come from any   other previous set, as long as they had cards.

No Battlefield Conditions  •  No Feats  •  ATA's are allowed  •  No recourses

Maps will be provided but if you would like your own maps to be played on, be my guest

And lastly, for this tournament, NO TEAM DIALS


2:30pm - 5:00pm - 300 point Sealed Event

Buy two boosters from the store, which you will get a 20% discount because of it being Games Day!  

Assemble a 300 point team from those boosters.


Calling all  Lawmen, Mercenaries, Seditionists, Necrophiliacs and Creatures of the Night!  Wanna prove you got what it takes to hold your own in the unforgiving lands around Malifaux?  Come on down and show us what you got.


The tournament will be a 3 Round affair, 30 stones each round.  Crews will be selected using the Hiring Pool method:


Before the tournament select a single faction that you will represent.

Then select a 60ss pool of models that will constitute your available models for a given game.

Masters are not factored into the pool, but any master that you plan on taking should be listed.

The ability to manifest an avatar costs 2ss in general (ie you don't need to buy 3 avatars if you

have 3 listed masters)

Henchmen do not need to be factored in Unless you want them available as a minion in games.

Minions that cost variable amounts (Such as Mercenaries) are worth their base cost in your pool,

but cost the appropriate amount in a given game.


Minions that will be summoned over the course of a game do not need to be factored into the pool.


Each VP you secure and game you play earns you 1 guild scrip.  You should write your name on each scrip you earn as they will be collected and placed into a hat.  At the end of the tournament names will be drawn from the hat to determine winners and prizes.


There will also be an achievement 'sidebet'.  This will be a list of non-VP achievements that a player can earn over the course of the tournament.  Whoever accumulates the most achievements will win the side bet prize, which is either going to be a Miss Pack or a Miss Terious model.


What is Artemis?     Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. One computer runs the simulation and the “main screen”, while the others serve as workstations for the normal jobs a bridge officer might do, like Helm, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control. Artemis is a social game where several players are together in one room (“bridge”) , and while they all work together, one player plays the Captain, a person who sits in the middle, doesn’t have a workstation, and tells everyone what to do.

For more information on Artemis go to:

Cost for a 15 minute mission is $5.00 for a crew of 5 if you can show us an Other Realms receipt of a purchase made that day. Otherwise it will be $20 bucks for a crew of 5.  Games Day admission is required.

We will be maintaining a leader board of each crew that plays to see which captain and their crew does the best in their missions. 


Come down and play your favorite boardgame or learn how to play something new.  Tables will be set up with a large variety of games for you to check out and meet other players at. 


Come into the shop to register and purchase any boxed set of 3 or more figures.  Build, Paint, modify and bring down to Games Day and enter your figures.  Miniatures will be judged on painting skills, originality, and overall appeal. Those wishing to participate in the contests must bring their entries and register at Games Day by 12 noon.  

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Highlights - Games Day - June 01, 2013