Joel DelaCruz-2nd, Jamie Lumsden-1st

Star Wars X-Wing

Chad Fujioka

WH 40K Apocalypse

Shane Sawyer & Zak Tom

Congratulations to the winners.......

Fun was had by all.......................


   •8 players

   •1000 points and one (1) strategic asset per player.  

   •Sign up at the shop.


   •Start time 12 noon

   •35 points

This Games Day, test your metal (or your claws) in a 35 point WarmaHordes tournament beginning at noon!  We will be using Steam Roller 2013 scenarios and list restrictions.  This means you are allowed 2 lists which CANNOT have overlapping characters (characters are any named pieces with the "C" trait -and- Warcasters, Warlocks, etc. count as the same piece in their original and epic forms), and that both lists must be the same faction.  You must play each list once!  

I expect intense competitiveness, so get ready to face off in a battle of fierce handshakes and brutal high-fives.  You'll be playing for medals, so be ready to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of the Agonizers.  


Red leader 6 look out behind you!...  too late...
•8 Players •This is a no named tournament, meaning no named pilots or unique upgrades.
•Players should bring 100 points of ships.
​ •There will be 4 rounds, 1 hour each with 10 min breaks and a lunch break. 
•Standard tourney rules apply.  
Fantasy Flight game night kit prizes we will be awarded.

Sign up at the shop.


Come down and play your favorite boardgame or learn how to play something new.  Tables will be set up with a large variety of games for you to check out and meet other players at.   Highlighting Fluxx The Boardgame.

MINIATURE DEMO TABLE - Supervised by Master Painter, Kenneth Taba.

Bring down your paints, miniatures, models, and brushes.  The table will be open all day for any who wish to paint, build, or watch. Here is a chance to ask questions and share tips with other painters and builders.  Whether you are just beginning and would like to learn more, or you are a veteran who would like to exchange ideas, there will be something for all.


Wolverine and the X-Men, is being released, so its time to celebrate this new set. The set features teams such as X-Men Blue and Gold Strike Force, Excalibur,  New Mutants,  Brotherhood of Mutants, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, and much more characters from the Marvel X-Men universe!

Here's what will go down......
   •Purchase 2 NEW Wolverine and the X-Men boosters (WHICH ARE %20 OFF ON GAMES DAY!) 
   •Assemble a 300pt team from what comes out of your boosters
That's it guys, along with the normal things
   •Bring your Dice, Tokens, Objects, Luck, and Yourself
   •NO battlefield contions, feats, bystander tokens, resourses, ATAs, and special objects

THIS EVENT WILL START AT 1130 SHARP! So if everyone can have their boosters bought by 11 so we can start on time. Don't forget to pay your entry fee to Games Day to get the 20% off.  


Learn how to play Flames of War on our open demonstration table. Expereinced players welcome.
Everything you need to play will be provided.  
Tank Aces is a small scale game focusing on tank battles in the Lorraine, in France using the Flames of War rule set.  Flames of War is a World War 2 themed miniatures war game focusing primarily on the European Theater of Operations. ​Featuring the likenesses of  Zeytsev, Rommel, Monty, Patton, and even senator Dan Inouye.
Check out the hottest WWII miniature games out there!


   •10 Players

   •Pre-generated characters will be provided. 

   •Sign up at the shop​

Several weeks ago, three highly valued magic weapons with the cryptic names Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor disappeared from the vaults of their owners in the midst of the city of Greyhawk. Rewards were posted, servants were hanged, and even the sanctuary of the Thieves’ Guild was violated in the frantic search for the priceless arms, but not a single clue turned up until the weapons’ former owners (all wealthy collectors) each received a copy of a strange note:

White Plume Mountain has tentatively been identified as the “feathered mound” mentioned in the poem. Sages further agree
that the “K” signature refers to Keraptis, but most insist that the writer must be an imposter. After all, who can believe the note really comes from the magician of legend after 1,300 years? The former owners of Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor have each outfitted a group of intrepid heroes to take up the challenge. The nearest village, Yellowreach, lies about 5 miles from the mountain long the Yellow Flow River (so named for the sulfurous deposits along its banks). The village can supply the party’s basic needs—rations, lantern oil, and inexpensive potions and scrolls—between forays, but any item costing more than 200 gp is unavailable here. The villagers know of the mountain and its surroundings, as well as details of the only entrance (see Beginning the Adventure, below), but they generally give the area a wide berth. Any adventurers bold enough to set out for White Plume Mountain are regarded as either very brave or very foolhardy.

Congratuations to Pat Ohta (Gold), Justin Thorp (Silver) and Tyler Woo (Bronze) 
Winners of the 2nd Annual Iron Brush Miniature Painting contest.

Thanks to the 22 entries that made judging very difficult.

Search ye far or search ye near,
You’ll find no trace of the three
Unless you follow instructions clear,
For the weapons abide with me.

North past forest, farm, and furrow
You must go to reach the feathered mound.
Then down away from the sun you’ll burrow—
Forget life, forget light, and forget sound.

​To rescue Wave, you must do battle
With the Beast in the Boiling Bubble.
Crost cavern vast, where chain-links rattle
Lies Whelm, past waterspouts double.
Blackrazor yet remains to be won
Underneath inverted ziggurat.
​That garnered, think not that you’re done,
​For now you’ll find you are caught.

​​I care not, former owners brave, What heroes you seek to hire. Though mighty, each shall be my slave Or vanish into the fire.


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  • November 16, 2013

What went on.....

August 24, 2013


   •Open Category: Enter a single figure, squad, vehicle, diorama, monster etc... from any manufacturer
   •Max Size: Entire entry including base should be able to fit into a 14” square box
   •Fee : $1.00 per entry
   •Artist: Entries must be painted by the person entering them and you must be present at Games Day

   •Entries will be judged primarily on painting skill. technique and overall look
   •A well painted single figure will win over a not as well painted squad or diorama
   •Your base will be judged as part of the entry, it needs to be as well finished as your figure(s)

Prizes: GOLD: $100.00 GIFT CARD - SILVER: $50.00 GIFT CARD - BRONZE: $25.00 GIFT CARD