What is Games Day?

Games Day is the meeting of people who are interested in game playing and miniature painting.  On Games Day there will be role playing, miniature battles, card games, and miniature painting demonstrations run by experienced Game Masters for players to participate in.  The game room will also be open for any gamers to come and play whatever games they would like to or you can just come to watch.  Call 808-596-8236 with any questions about any of our activities.

Where is Games Day?
The August 29th Games Day will be held within our 2 dedicated game rooms in the store along with a 2500 square foot room on the 3rd floor.  Start time will be at 11:00am.  The rooms will be open all day for people to come and go as they please. Games will end promptly at 6:30pm and the room must be cleared by 7:00pm.

There will be a $3.00 charge at the door per person. 
This door fee will be waived for game judges and referees for scheduled events.

Games Day Specials!
All persons attending Other Realms Games Day will be entitled to a 10% discount on all games and game accessories at the shop on that day (some restrictions apply).   There is also an Awesome Prize Drawing for over $250.00 of merchandise in the afternoon and special sales on games and accessories!!!

WHAT'S GOING ON........  

..... more will be added as the information becomes available


   •Open Category: Enter a single figure, squad, vehicle, diorama, monster etc... from any manufacturer
   •Max Size: Entire entry including base should be able to fit into a 14” square box
   •Fee : $1.00 per entry
   •Artist: Entries must be painted by the person entering them and you must be present at Games Day

   •Entries will be judged primarily on painting skill. technique and overall look
   •A well painted single figure will win over a not as well painted squad or diorama
   •Your base will be judged as part of the entry, it needs to be as well finished as your figure(s)

Prizes: GOLD: $100.00 GIFT CARD - SILVER: $50.00 GIFT CARD - BRONZE: $25.00 GIFT CARD

D&D 5th EDITION ROLE PLAY GAME (beginner friendly)
Want to give Dungeons & Dragons RPG a try? The 5th Edition rules are out and we will have an open table running.

  • 5 Players - First-come, first served basis.
  • The adventure starts promptly at 11:30 AM.
  • Players may bring a 1st level character, OR choose from a variety of pre-made characters. OR come at 11:00am and you can learn how to make your own character.


  • 11:00am - Conspiracy   $10 buy-in
  • 3:00pm - Modern Masters II   $30 buy-in
  • Maximum of 12 players at each session
  • Pre-sign-ups at Other Realms via in-person or phone
  • Conspiracy is Multiplayer and Modern Masters II is casual round-robin style of play 
  • Prizes for the top 3 finishers!

Bring down your paints, miniatures, models, and brushes.  The table will be open all day for any who wish to paint, build, or watch. Here is a chance to ask questions and share tips with other painters and builders.  Whether you are just beginning and would like to learn more, or you are a veteran who would like to exchange ideas, there will be something for all.​


Come down and play your favorite boardgame or learn how to play something new.  Tables will be set up with a large variety of games for you to check out and meet other players at.​​

  • VAN THE DEMO GUY  Come down and play your favorite boardgame or learn how to play something new.  Tables will be set up with a large variety of games for you to check out and meet other players.   Highlighting Munchkin, Splendor, and Elysium!

  • CHAOSMOS with PETER 11am - 1pm - Chaosmos uses an open-world exploration system called “area-caching.” There is no draw deck; all the cards are distributed amongst the players’ hands and planet envelopes. The Chaos Clock counts down clockwise from 48 (36 for a shorter game), and each player’s turn brings the Chaos Clock one step closer to zero. For more information on Chaosmos visit: http://www.mirrorboxgames.com/chaosmos/

  • MICE & MYSTICS with PETER 1pm - 3pm - Mice & Mystics is a cooperative adventure game in which the players work together to save an imperiled kingdom. They will face countless adversaries such as rats, cockroaches, and spiders, and of course the greatest of all horrors: the castle's housecat, Brodie.  For more information on Mice & Mystics visit:  http://www.plaidhatgames.com/games/mice-and-mystics

  • SUMMONER WARS with PETER3pm - 5pm - Summoner Wars is the exciting card game of fantastic battlefield combat that puts you in the grandiose role of a Summoner. Strategy shapes the composition of each deck of cards and how they are used. Fore more information on Summoner Wars visit:http://www.plaidhatgames.com/games/summoner-wars


  • Maximum 8 players
  • Bring down 100 points of starships for this tournament. 
  • We will run 3 rounds.  ​
  • All participants will receive a prize!


  • Maximum 12 players - sign up at Other Realms
  • $10 buy-in (includes $3 Games Day entrance fee)
  • 750 points
  • Four (4) -  90 minute rounds
  • No Lord of War
  • No Super Heavy
  • No Duplicate Detachments
  • No Come the Apocalypse Allies
  • No Forge World
  • 4 X 4 Terrain will be used
  • ITC FAQ can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NkfW26mcJHaqDKlaZyA3PB-prM0k17-DuTifGv2mOG4/pub
  • Submit list by August 22nd to Other Realms (in person or email to otherrealms@hawaii.rr.com)



Games Day

August 29, 2015