Every Saturday Night 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Our Saturday Night Magic events are open to everyone and feature tournament style of play in Standard, Modern, Booster Draft, Commander, Pioneer and Pauper formats.

Other Realms Friday Night Magic on Arena -

May 22 & 29, 2020

Join our MtG Arena tournament for Stay-At-Home excitement and cool prizes

$7.00 entrance fee, Maximum 16 players

Register by 5:00pm HST - join our Discord Server with code https://discord.gg/dRWUCC

Send $7.00 through Paypal to Pay@other-realms.com


  • Everyone will receive today's WPN Arena code for one card-back style
  • Receive one pack per win of Ikoria when it becomes available in North America - pack(s) will be mailed to outside Oahu players
  • Top 8 will receive a promo card from past events - promo card will be mailed to outside Oahu players

We will retrun to our normally scheduled event programing once we are able.


**Schedule subject to change with out notice


Every Friday Night 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Are you looking for a way to play Magic while meeting new friends? Then Friday Night Magic is exactly what you're looking for! 

To make it easier to participate, Friday Night Magic events are open to anyone and feature the Standard, Modern, Tribal, Sealed Deck, Booster Draft, Commander or Two-Headed Giant (Standard or Sealed) formats.