Saturday, September 3, 2016

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Other Realms Welcomes

Emmy nominated, New York Times Best Selling author of the KABUKI Graphic Novels, the writer & artist of Daredevil from Marvel Comics, including DAREDEVIL: End of Days which debuted in hardcover as #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List (Co-written with Brian Michael Bendis), cover artist for FIGHT CLUB by Chuck Palahniuk (debuted #1 on New York Times list), and the author of his children’s book THE SHY CREATURES from MacMillan.

Mack created artwork for the opening titles of the new Jessica Jones Netflix TV series (winner of the Peabody Award), based on the book he was co-collaborator on. The opening titles he worked on with Imaginary Forces garnered an Emmy Nomination in the category of Outstanding Main Titles.

For the Academy Award nominated film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mack created the art & concept for the titles sequence with Sarofsky Designs, which received recognition for the Excellence in Titles Design Award.

In 2016 the US State Dept. honored Mack as an official Ambassador of Arts & Story selected to travel abroad to teach storytelling in other countries, beginning in Tblisi, Georgia, joining efforts with the US embassy there.

David Mack is one of the only creators to be listed in both the Top Ten Writers List, and the Top Ten Artists List in Wizard Magazine.

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