& Poke Bowl Fundraiser

Welcome to the 3rd POP Swap & Sale! - The Poke and Pundraiser Edition!

Coordinator: Eric Young & Pop Funko Hawaii

I can't believe how big the group is already and I'm excited to see what people will bring!

This is a very low key casual event. The idea is to encourage people to swap POPs so collectors can fill their wish list inexpensively. Of course buy & sell is allowed and hope everyone can offer great prices and way below PPG.

With such a large group, it was only fitting to do some good within the community with a fundraiser. We'd like to use this event to help a fellow OG collector who got into an unfortunate car accident and stuck with bills to pay. Her name is Tamlyn, a former Hot Topic employee who helped many collectors in this group such as myself. If it wasnt for her, I wouldnt have collected pops nor started this group. I'm hoping we can come together to help her out.

One of my original goals for pop swap was to always keep it free for everyone. I still do, but this time we are asking for a minimum donation to preorder a table for selling pops. All donations collected will go 100% to Tamlyn. And those who donate for a table will be entered into a drawing for a prize. MORE DETAILS TBD.

We are also fortunate to have Supremos Hawaii selling some amazing poke that night, with partial proceeds being donated as well. They will have Classic Spicy, Spicy Ginger, and Hawaiian Style! First come, first serve and you know these will sell out. And to get a better headcount for food prep, we want everyone to preorder in person with cash or via PayPal. And for those who preorder, they will also be entered into a drawing for another prize.  See below for how to PREORDER your Poke Bowl.

The event will be held in the covered outdoor courtyard behind the store. Tables and chairs will be provided, but may run out depending on the donation preorder. Personal tables may be allowed, details are being worked out. It is not air-conditioned so please dress comfortably (I’m wearing speedos! Kidding). We might be able to get fans to keep the place semi cool, pray for a breeze. If you have industrial fans, please lmk. There are only 2 outlets so not really enough to go around (bring battery pack).

Parking is free inside the garage that’s behind the store, any stall is ok on the weekends. Please don’t park across the store that is reserved for those tenants, you could get towed. Also don’t park in the fire lane in front the store. Due to recent break-ins, please lock your car and don’t have any valuables exposed.

Other Realms is allowing us to use their place free of charge. They want to help the community of collectors, further the hobby, and hope to bring in new customers.

How to get a Poke Bowl perorder! 

  • Best bet is to preorder a Poke Bowl to guarantee it at Pop Swap. Three yummy options are Classic Spicy, Spicy Ginger, and Hawaiian Style for only $12 with a portion donated to a good cause mentioend above. A receipt will be given for redemption. Cash only unless noted, and all sales final. 
  • Supremos Hawaii will be taking preorders at their normal event locations such as Pearlridge Farmer's Market from 8am to 12pm tomorrow Sept10 (Saturday). Please follow them https://www.facebook.com/supremoshi to see if they may pop up elsewhere and to see delish photos.
  • I will try to pop up around the city to also take preorders, typially after 6 on the weekdays and random on the weekends. 
  • I will also take paypal. Please PM me your order and I can send you more paypal info. 
  • All preorders will be entered into a cool Pop giveaway! Thanks for supporting Supremos Hawaii and our member in need of help. 

All questions should be forwarded to me, Eric Young, at eyoung45@gmail.com


Saturday, September 24, 2016

5:00pm - 8:00pm